Now you are going to know how important it is to celebrate a pre-wedding party and a post-wedding party!

Now, celebrating a pre and post-wedding party, your guests will have what they have always wanted: that your wedding day never ends.

Has it ever happened to you that you go to a wedding and the day flies by? How many times have you thought that you wish it had lasted longer? Well now, celebrating a pre and post-wedding party, your guests will have what they ask for!

With one of these parties, or with both, you will succeed, so much so that all the couples who marry after you will do the same! Do you know that a study indicated that 8 out of 10 people already have a pre and/or post-wedding party?

As a general rule, the main couples who choose to celebrate this type of party are those who live abroad and go to Spain to get married, because no one can leave our country without spending time here!

We already anticipate that; with a pre-wedding party the guests get to know each other and the couple relaxes and with a post-wedding party the guests return home with the best of memories and say goodbye to the weekend. That is why more and more weddings are held on Fridays or Saturdays, to extend the wedding further!

So, without further ado, we will tell you everything you need to know about these parties and give you a few ideas.

Mas de Sant Llei - Perfect Venue
Mas de Sant Lleí, photo by Perfect Venue

The best things about a pre-wedding party:

A first contact

When the bride and groom arrive in Spain, in most cases, the guests do not know each other, so it is best that they meet before the wedding day with a pre-wedding party.

This helps a lot for the guests coming from outside to settle in, relax and also fully integrate into the wedding.

It’s the perfect excuse!

Soto de Gracia - Perfect Venue
Soto de Gracia

Say goodbye to all of the stress!

A pre-wedding party doesn’t imply formalities, it is a relaxed and calm atmosphere that allows the bride and groom to forget all the stress and nerves and have a good time enjoying themselves with their loved ones.

In addition, meeting with friends and family is a way to chat with everyone without having to do it on the wedding day. Talking to everyone at the pre-wedding party and asking them how everything is going and how they are doing, on the wedding you will only have to worry about dancing, singing and enjoying your day.

Castillo del Buen Amor

What can the wedding welcome party be like?

Any way that surprises! Being a calm and relaxed environment, a cocktail-style party is usually held, in which the guests are standing so they can move and talk with one another.

It can also be through a dinner or a dance, but the important thing is to bring everyone together to welcome them with a wonderful reception.

Next to the sea, in a castle, on a private estate…keep reading, we’ll give you ideas at the end! The matter is to amaze everyone.

La Finca Resort

The best things about a post-wedding party:

May the party never end!

After the wedding, everyone always wants more, so it is best to organise a party to finish off the weekend in Spain.

With this, you will remember the anecdotes of the wedding, you will look at all the photos you captured the day before. Remember, if someone doesn’t show up at the party, they are hungover, so don’t hesitate to wake them up!

And what is best to beat a hangover? Indeed, food!

Castillo Peralada

Gastronomy, the best ally on day 2

Food offers endless variants when organising a party, who doesn’t like to eat? Whether organising a brunch, street food or any picnic or barbecue, you will delight everyone.

You can always offer local and international gastronomy, flavours of the Mediterranean or typical dishes of your country, play with all the varieties and fill your stomach after the big day!

Bodegas Francisco Gomez, Photo via Perfect Venue

Themed parties, a guaranteed success!

We like show business in Spain! Give us some costumes and accessories, we don’t need anything else!

Well, surely your guests, with a themed party, will also have a great time, such as a hippie, boho, costume, Hawaiian, Ibizan, Mexican, 80s or a western party.

You just have to get hold of a series of accessories set for the occasion and your guests will rush to put on hats, glasses and necklaces! In a post-wedding party there are no rules, anything goes!

Benidorm - Perfect Venue
Restaurante Belvedere, Photo via Perfect Venue

Always a variety of venues

No, neither you nor your guests want to repeat the same venue, so if you have the chance, changing the environment will make a much more memorable memory.

We recommend that, if you are getting married in a castle, choose to have the pre or post-wedding party in an environment with views of the sea or on a yacht, just as if the wedding is held by the sea, it is best to celebrate the pre or post-wedding party in a historic or indoor place.

Luckily, at Perfect Venue we have an endless amount of options!

Finca Concepcion - Perfect Venue
Finca La Concepcion

Have you seen the Perfect Venue venues?

The Finca Mas de Sant Lleí, the ME Ibiza, the Castle of Belmonte, the Nacarum Restaurant, the Masía el Cavaller de Vidrá, the Royal Tapestry Factory, the Hotel Meliá Princesa, the Finca Aldeallana…We have everything you are looking for!

Take a look at our website, where you can see our list with the best venues, you can select by the type of event that you want to celebrate, according to the number of guests, by the type of venue, by geographical area…we make it easy for you!

Experiences are also a good option

Yes, you can also have experiences in pre-wedding and post-wedding parties, at Perfect Venue we have a lot to experience as a family or as a couple!

Hot air balloon flights, wine tastings, sailing, paragliding, horse riding, river trips, flamenco shows, making your own perfume…your wedding in Spain will become a unique memory!

Remember that at Perfect Venue we accompany you throughout the entire wedding process, we not only organise your wedding, but we also carry out your pre and post-wedding party.

Will you come and meet us?

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