Finca Soto de Gracia

Country house Soto de Gracia is an impressive farm located very close to the Jarama River. Ideal for weddings with a large number of guests
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Soto de Gracia is a beautiful rustic country house that has been completely renovated. Formerly named the Valverde country house, it is located at the edge of the famous Jarama river and has unique natural surroundings. It has impressive architectural structures from the 19th century such as its Almazara Station.

The country house has various areas and open plan rooms to offer, all with incredible natural light that are connected to one another. It also has a beautiful landscaped garden with views of the surroundings where a marquee can be placed to host any type of celebration.

Weddings and Events

The Soto de Gracia country house has all the necessary facilities to celebrate any type of wedding or event. It has the capacity for up to 500 people and a large variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. In its landscaped areas, you can celebrate with an aperitif or a cocktail and  appreciate the nature and climate of the area.

Furthermore, Soto de Gracia has a team of professionals responsible for helping and advising you at all times; not only with the decoration and the small details, but also with the creation of a comfortable environment that suits the bride and groom’s tastes.

It also has it own catering by Leal Maese; a business that has 15 years of experience in the sector, is specialised in regional dishes and perfectly fuses traditional cooking with modernity and originality.


  • What sort of events are celebrated at the venue?: Weddings, business events, family events.
  • Rental price : from €8000 to €12000
  • Menu price per person: from €100 to €150
  • Do you have your own kitchen? What sort of food do you serve?:  Yes, Mediterranean food. We can adapt and provide any sort of international food.
  • Do you have accommodation?: 1 room; mainly used for the bride and groom.
  • How many rooms do you have? 1 room.
  • Number of guests?: up to 500 people.
  • What is the surplus charge if the minimum number of guests is not reached?: If the rent is paid for there is no surplus. If only the menu is paid for, then the minimum is 100 guests.
  • What time do the celebrations have to end?: There is no specific time the celebrations have to end.
  • Do you celebrate more than event per day?: No
  • Do you have an exclusive photographer/florist and exclusive music?: No photographer, but there is the option of having an exclusive florist and exclusive music.
  • How is the payment made?: Via a transfer the day before the event.
  • Do you have access for the disabled?: Yes
  • Do you accept pets?: Yes

How to get to Soto de Gracia

Finca Soto de Gracia is located on the banks of the Jarama River, a short distance from Madrid.

  • Latitude: 40º 41’ 42.949’’
  • Longitude: 3º 30’ 49.072’’
  • Altitude: 643 metros
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