Perfect Venue Manager is not just a company, it is a group of professionals committed to their work. People, who not only understand, but who feel each task they perform and that leads them to give the best of themselves in the search for venues, in working with customers and in offering the finest services to the highest quality.

Perfect Venue was born out of a need to find truly exclusive and unique locations, that meet the expectations of the most sophisticated clients, foreign clients looking for their idyllic event in the perfect venue.

We work relentlessly to offer you dream places, where every moment is unique and unrepeatable. We like to know the places, with which we work, their owners and managers, and thus be able to share with you all the beauty, services and options they can offer for your social or corporate event.

Our team is multidisciplinary, covering all the fields necessary to give greater visibility and quality to the place.

Also, we have professionals dedicated to listen to your needs and preferences, and help you, not only, to find your ideal venue, but to celebrate your dream event. All this in Spanish, English, French, Russian and Italian, because there is nothing more important to us than communication and fulfilling the wishes of our customers.

Perfect Venue

What makes us different?

Perfect Venue only works with exclusive, luxury, charming, or singular events…If you are looking to make a difference and hold a memorable event, Perfect Venue is your browser.

On the other hand, we work with international clients of high purchasing level who wish, not only, to realize their event, but to live an authentic experience, dedicating several days in the spaces or places and ready to enjoy all the gastronomic, cultural, tourist or ludic benefits that the venue and its surroundings can offer.

This type of client gives us the possibility of celebrating the events in low season and during the week, which optimizes and makes the spaces profitable, with which we work, giving the option of complementing the national market with the international one.

What do we offer?

An elaborated work with affection and a feeling for quality. An exquisite care to our clients, both to the spaces and to the customers, who are looking for a place to celebrate their events. A constant follow-up and contact so that everything goes as you had dreamed, without unforeseen events, without worries…

Because all we do, we do with heart, so that the result will be perfect: our contents, our photographs, our advice and of course the organisation of your event.

Who do we work with?

Perfect Venue has been in the sector for more than 15 years and surrounds itself with the best suppliers, professionals, wedding planners, agencies, operators and of course spaces, so that your event and stay in Spain is optimal and unforgettable.

Contact us

If you want to find the best venue for your event, just enter our browser, indicate your criteria and parameters and we will show you the spaces, that best suit your requirements so you can choose the ideal for you.

If you would like more information or if we can help you personally, we are at your disposal. You can contact us by writing to:, we will be delighted to help you.