Celebrate your Hindu wedding in Spain

An Hindu wedding symbolizes the union between two families by the means of a ritual. The Brahman, who is a member of the priestly caste, must approve the union beforehand and will be the person to choose the date and time of the union.   These weddings are known to be a huge celebration which takes […]

An Hindu wedding symbolizes the union between two families by the means of a ritual. The Brahman, who is a member of the priestly caste, must approve the union beforehand and will be the person to choose the date and time of the union. 

 These weddings are known to be a huge celebration which takes place over several days, usually three. 

 Celebrating your Hindu wedding in Spain is now possible with Perfect Venue, as it has a great number of ideal spaces to celebrate your Indian destination wedding

Castillo Peralada - Perfect Venue

Castillo de Peralada

 This is why, below you will find the details of the different ideal spaces for each day of this celebration, as well as the rituals or traditions led during each of them.

 On the first day, the groom has to go to the bride, whose family receives him as if he was already part of them. Previously, the women of both families will have met to help prepare the future bride for the Sangeet ceremony and make her pretty and radiant for when the groom arrives. The preparation of the future bride consists in painting her skin with henna, also name Mehndi. 

 After the reception, all the men are received during the night, which they will spend dancing and realizing charade games. 

Royal Tapestry Factory - Perfect Venue

 An ideal place to spend the first day is the Real Fábrica de Tapices, in the heart of Madrid. This venue has an impressive neo-mudejar style linked to tradition and design, ideal to celebrate this ritual. It has the adequate halls and a colorful garden. The Bayeu Room is the most suitable for this type of celebration as its decoration is based on carpets and tapestries. 

 The following day, a private ceremony takes place with both families but separately. During this ceremony, they organize a ritual during which the bride is smeared with curcuma to symbolize good luck and fertility and the older men offer her bracelets and gold. 

 The venues that we recommend to celebrate this type of private event are the following. In the first place, the Castillo de Viñuelas, since its colored decorations enable you to travel to India through pink and fuchsia prints, just like the large carpet that leads to the entrance, ideal for an Hindu ceremony since it also features a glass patio and a garden that will make the environment more mimetice with this culture. 

 The Hotel Palacio de los Duques would also be perfect to celebrate your luxury and exclusive Hindu wedding. It is a 5 star-hotel located in the center of Madrid and which has kept its stately, original and classic structure of the nineteenth century.

 It features a huge garden perfect for this ceremony, in addition to a transparent glass roof and a large central lamp in golden tones which will make the environment and the decoration ideal for this moment. 

Belmond castle - Perfect Venue

Belmond castle

 The third day is when the wedding ceremony takes place. The groom usually arrives on a horse, accompanied by his family, picks up the bride and both of them move on to where the wedding will be officialized. The couple get married after the sacred trust, named Samskara. When they meet again for the first time at the alter, they exchange a flower crown and amulets. The groom ties a necklace of flowers around the bride’s neck, and the bride pours red powder on the groom’s hair. 

 This wedding is full of symbolism such as reincarnation and universalism, and it teaches life lessons to the couple during the ceremony through three rituals: homa, panigrahena and satapadi. The homa is a fire offering, the panigrahena indicates the union between the fiancés and the satapadi makes the bride and groom turn 7 times around the sacred fire. 

 Afterwards, the couple and their guests chant mantras and read sacred texts. Once they are married, they throw handfuls of rice at them as a symbol of prosperity. 

 The clothing is characterized by embroidery, the colors change several times and are completed with lots of jewelry and beads. 

Monte de Cutamilla - Perfect Venue

 The ideal place to celebrate the wedding is of course Palacete del Monte de Cutamilla in Guadalajara, where you can enjoy traditional and international gastronomy of your choice, giving your own Hindu touch to the wedding ceremony. 

 The gardens of this palace represent more than 500 square meters. The entrance is ideal to receive guests and the gardens make up a perfect unordinary natural landscape to celebrate your Hindu wedding, since it benefits from a great tradition and history and was once visited by members of the royalty. 

 It is worth mentioning the large carpets placed in the entry, thus providing the ceremony with a colorful and typical Hindu touch. 

 After the wedding celebration, the bride moves over to the groom’s house which now becomes her new home and where, after several days, they will start their honeymoon. 

Olivar de Santa Teresa - Perfect Venue

Olivar de Santa Teresa

 Here are the different propositions we have selected to make your Hindu wedding a unique and special day in one of the countries with the best climate and landscapes of the world, with a great quantity of spaces where you can celebrate this ritual and be completely satisfied. 

 This group of professionals will be able to condition all the spaces to adapt them to your tastes and needs to enable you to celebrate this ritual in Spain. 


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