The country house Cutamilla

The country house was built at the end of the 19th century by the Duke of Pastrana and was visited by important members of royalty
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Cutamilla is a natural historical reserve situated very close to the medieval city of Siguenza, an hour away from Madrid. It has 1200 hectares of grounds and a private entrance to the country house, controlled by security guards 24 hours a day.

The country house was built at the end of the 19th century by the Duke of Pastrana and was visited by important members of royalty and politics of that time. The building consists of 3 floors and a small wine cellar below. Surrounding the mansion is a garden with more than 500 m2 of greenery and land. Furthermore, the garden is home to a chapel from the 19th century, where you can organise a mass or a civil ceremony.

Weddings and Events

The challenge for those who celebrate their wedding or an event in this country house is to organise it like it’s their own house. They greet their guests at the entrance to the mansion’s gardens where they will stay, amongst the natural private scenery and unique surroundings. To surprise your guests, you can choose between the rows of meadows and trees, or the banks of the river Henares. Each detail of the service and catering will be chosen by the head chef Mara Onses, trained at the Cordon Bleu Paris, alongside her team Maracatering.


The mansion has 14 bedrooms, thus accommodating 32 people. All of the rooms are spacious, decorated with furniture from the 19th century and with a bathroom too. Each room is prepared with amenities, a hairdryer and towels to make the guests’ stay as comfortable as possible.


The kitchen at country house Monte de Cutamilla is run by chef Mara Onses (from Cordon Bleu Paris) who is also one of the owners of the country estate, alongside her team Maracatering. She is in charge of designing the menus, mixing different creations with more traditional cuisine.


  • Do you celebrate more than one event per day? No
  • What does the menu include? It includes: cocktail party + sit-down dinner + an open bar for 3 hours
  • Is it possible to only rent the venue, without using the catering service? Yes
  • Do they have their own catering service/kitchen? Yes, both
  • What type of food do you serve? Homemade, traditional, typical of the region, independent, fusion.
  • Is it possible to adapt or change the menus? Yes
  • Do you have special menus? Yes; vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, hypertensive, gluten free, and more (organic and ecological). Yes, all
  • Do you also serve wedding cake? Yes, we can offer various types of cakes, French style ones.
  • Can I bring my own wedding cake? Do you have a fee for that? Yes, you can, and without a fee.  
  • How does the open bar work? It is included in the menu for 3 hours
  • Do you have a limit on the time the celebrations can go on until? No

How to get there

The country house Monte de Cutamilla is found in Guadalajara, in the valley of the river Henares, 117 km from Madrid, very close to Siguenza and only an hour from Barajas Airport. If you need transport, the house can organise buses for you.

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