These are the innovative ideas that the wedding ceremonies of 2021 will bring us

The expected weddings of this next year will not leave you indifferent, and less after knowing these trends in ceremony ideas for 2021.

In 2020 has been a break in the world of celebrations, events, and important dates. But this only helps us gain momentum and start thinking about all the ceremony ideas for 2021, which are coming in very strongly!

The act of getting married, and becoming husband and wife, husband and husband or wife and wife, is a moment full of symbolism and with a special meaning that makes it one of the most unforgettable moments in any person’s life.

And it is that, as we have already seen, in the wedding dresses in 2021, in the groom suits of 2021, in the decoration of 2021 and in the makeup of 2021, the keys will be in the informality, the wild and the rebellious, that go beyond the established and the protocols, because the same will happen with the ceremonies of 2021!

For this reason, in this article, we have anticipated and collected what will be all the trends that the scenes will witness “yes I do”. Do not miss it!

Sunset ceremonies

Photo by May Iosotaluno Photography

Because, even if the weddings in the morning or in the afternoon are just as beautiful, a ceremony at sunset gives a lot of play, romance, and warmth. And don’t worry about lighting! Because with the fall of the sun you can create a very dim environment with lights that flood the space.

From the altar to lantern candles along the entire central aisle, place them at the end of the chairs and benches and create a path to the altar, as well as garlands of lights around the trunks of the trees or palm trees of the space, also using this natural decoration to hang lanterns from the branches, glass or paper.

Another very original idea is to launch lanterns or flying lanterns into the air, a symbol of good luck attraction perfect to end the ceremony with a sky full of lights of good wishes for marriage.

Remember to use lighting in yellow and not in white, as it provides a more romantic, cozy, and warm effect. Because lighting will be key in wedding decoration 2021!

Intimate destination weddings in special places

Olivar Santa Teresa - Perfect Venue
 Olivar Santa Teresa. Photo by Kaleidos Wedding

In the spaces where the most intimate privacy is breathed, the excellent thing will be to have few guests, as happens in destination weddings, where the couple together with the closest loved ones gets married in another point of geography.

And this 2021, where the natural, the daring and the original will prevail, we do not wait for other ceremonies that are not in a castle, farm or farmhouse, to say ‘yes I do’ in the most welcoming way among ancient stone architecture in secret towns, hidden and full of charm.

Also on small beaches with a lot of peace, in the middle of a bewitching forest, or even in the middle of the desert, the opportunities are endless and, better yet, all possible! Do you know all the exclusive places we have in Perfect Venue?

And don’t let the rest of your friends and loved ones stay off the guest list! Because this 2021 there is a trend that will not leave them out of your wedding:

Weddings will be broadcast on social media

Wedding ceremony 2021
Photo by Memory Box Photography

Thus, your loved ones will feel that they are with you, accompanying you on this special day. You only have to have a small team that is in charge of capturing the most special moments of the great day, such as the arrival of the bride and the expression of the groom upon seeing her, the exchange of the rings, the reading of the vows, the kiss of the couple and the departure of the ceremony as newlyweds.

Share everything you want, and also save yourself some moments of intimacy, just broadcast everything that the rest of you want me to see! Remember to start your loved ones with your wedding in advance, such as creating a hashtag, sharing photos of the decoration, the dishes or the menu, etc.

No one can say that he was not present at your wedding!

Different, renovated and fresh altars

Cavaller de Vidra. Photo by Elina borodulina

As we saw last season, the altars are renewed by appearing in the shape of a hexagon, circle, triangle, suspended in the air, and even on the ground, but this 2021 the figures will not come alone.

Because the altars will be accompanied by fabrics, woods, velvets, leaves, flowers … yes, in a more subtle and simple way, through wild and aromatic floral arrangements, such as daisies, ears of corn, lilacs, eucalyptus, rosemary, dahlias … that give a very rural, informal and wild touch as well as impregnating the ceremony with a natural fragrance. One of the decoration trends of 2021!

The little ones in the house, more present than ever

Wedding ceremony ideas 2021
Photo by Sergio Alcala Photography

Do you already know what the pages are for? And it is that, whether they are children or pets, they will be part of the main cast of the ceremony, becoming almost indispensable when it comes to delivering rings, earnest money or offerings.

And in a very original way! Because children can get there by tying in a small carriage, wheelbarrow, or even an electric stroller.

The same happens with the pets, who are also members of the family and who can not be not have a role on this great day of their owners: with a bow tie, small sign, or basket to carry the rings.

Alternatives for not using rice

Wedding ceremony ideas 2021
Photo by Fran Gribodo Fotografía

We want differentiation, originality, and informality, that’s why this 2021 … no rice at the end of the ceremony! Anything that occurs to you and that is according to your personality, taste or style, will be valid

Perhaps you are more of dried flowers, rose petals, feathers, autumn leaves, seeds, helium balloons, paper planes, or even confetti and soap bubbles. Will it be for options?

And after launching some of these symbolic elements, the ceremony concludes, and … the banquet can begin! It is time for the couple to pose before the camera as a couple and the guests enjoy cocktails and snacks.

We are waiting for you in Perfect Venue to shout with you: “Long live the bride and groom!


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