Here are a few plans to make with your kids at Christmas!

If you want to make plans with children at Christmas, you cannot miss this article full of lots of fun ideas.

If you are looking for plans with your children at Christmas, this is the place to be. And it is that during a time in which the illusion, magic and Christmas spirit overflows, children are the main protagonists.

As the Christmas holidays are the most fun for the little ones in the house, since they do not have to go to school and instead they can go to parties and family lunches and dinners, as well as plenty of gifts to fill their coldest days…

It’s time to renew your enthusiasm and excitement by doing a lot of activities and plans as a family! Either way the little ones will have a great time.

We won’t make you wait any longer, we will start giving you a few ideas, and don’t miss any!

Arts and crafts at home

If you are a bit of a handyman and your children also love spending hours cutting, drawing, painting and decorating, a perfect plan for those Christmas afternoons is to do crafts at home. You can colour Christmas pictures, make Christmas decorations, etc. This is entertaining and they will certainly learn something!

It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree and the whole house

There is nothing like decorating the tree as a family! So, with Christmas music in the background and a hot chocolate in hand, you and your children can set off to decorate the Christmas tree, as well as the whole house, and put your handmade decorations out! Whose turn is it to place the star on the top of the tree this year?

Navidad con niños - Perfect Venue
Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Write a letter to the Three Wise Men!

It is time to sit down with them and ask them if they have been good this year, take stock of all their achievements and victories and reward them, which is why looking at toy magazines and writing their letter to the Kings will make them stay excited until the most magical night of the year.

Read Christmas stories

What do kids not love to read? Therefore, sitting down as a family to read children’s stories about Christmas and all the customs and traditions that this special date brings with it, is a very beneficial option for the youngest of the house.

Donate toys and clothes

Why not? Christmas is also a time for giving, giving gifts and helping those most in need, that is why we can always teach our children values ​​as good as giving a little of what we have. We can spend an afternoon selecting toys and clothes that are no longer needed to donate. They will learn what generosity and solidarity is.

Ice skating

Surely you would have thought of this by now, but we couldn’t write this article without mentioning one of the most traditional activities that children love. Fun is guaranteed! In addition, it is a way of doing sport in an incomparable setting, due to the lights and the Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas carol singing and cooking

Something that all children love is singing. So, why not take advantage of the musical repertoire that Christmas has to offer and spend a fun afternoon singing Christmas carols as a family?

But before singing… how can you not have lots of treats out on the table prepared by you and your children? All hands to the kitchen! Time to make Christmas cookies or apple gingerbread, yummy!

Photo by Tanya Vasiluk

Advent Calendar

You can surely understand how long the wait for Christmas is for your children! Therefore, to make the days more bearable, you can start an Advent calendar on December 1 so that your children can count the days until they receive their gifts. This activity allows them to open the window corresponding to the day, in which you can meet every morning and discover the surprise that is inside. Excitement every morning!

Watching Christmas movies with the family

On cold and snowy days, another plan that they would most want is to stay on the sofa at home, with popcorn, a hot chocolate and a blanket to do a Christmas movie marathon. Therefore, children will not be able to say no to being together on the sofa having a blast with the Christmas movies of “Home Alone.”

A visit to the Royal Botanical Garden!

What? A Botanical Garden at Christmas? Yes! In Madrid this space opens up every Christmas night to switch it up between music, Christmas lights, figures of light, etc. The entire garden is transformed into a typical landscape from a fairy tale!

Escape to the snow!

Snow is par excellence one of the best parts of the Christmas season and one of the elements that children enjoy the most, so… pack your bags and head over to a small hotel or rural house that is on the shores of the snow, to be able to go skiing, sledging, and to be able to throw lots of snowballs at each other! Laughter is guaranteed.

Visiting a Christmas market

Yes, although this year the capacity is limited and there are numerous security measures, these special markets will continue to appear in the cities. And, who can resist an afternoon among coloured lights, music, food stalls, Christmas decorations and Christmas carols? Your kids will love it!

You already know that at Perfect Venue we can help you organise your activities, so don’t hesitate to contact us. And if you need ideas for Christmas plans as a couple, have you thought about celebrating a New Year’s Eve in a unique space or spending Christmas in a castle… you can’t miss these articles!


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