Thinking of a wedding in San Sebastián? Take note of these unique spaces to celebrate a wedding in the Gipuzkoan capital

Knowing the wedding venues in San Sebastián will only happen to you: you will not know which one to choose. Discover the best in this article!

If you are looking for wedding venues in San Sebastián, you want to know what the gastronomy that the place offers, and the places to visit in the capital, this is your article.

Why? Because below you will find a mini guide with all the opportunities that the city offers when it comes to celebrating your wedding.

It is true that both in Donostia (San Sebastián), in the province of Guipúzcoa and even throughout the Basque Country (Basque Country), you can find many charming places to celebrate your wedding, but… these are the best!

Put them all down, because they are all unique in their essence!

Murguia Palace

Palacio de Murguia - Perfect Venue

This space is unique, full of magic and charm, is located a few kilometers from Donosti, in Astigarraga. The Palacio de Murguía was originally the Tower-House of the lords of Murguía, and whose origins date back to the 11th century.

Surely if you have been enraptured in front of this palace it is because you cannot resist the warm stone of a palace, the change of the colors of its gardens or the history of the palace thinking about every step you take through its halls and interior spaces.

The palace also has an annexed church, that of Santa María de Murguía, with private access to the estate to celebrate, if desired, a religious ceremony. Civil ceremonies can also be performed, both in its gardens and in its interior rooms.

Itxas Bide Igeldo

We are facing the horizon that separates the sky from the sea, a space intended for all those who seek to be in contact with the waters of the Cantabrian Sea at their wedding.

In the gardens of this farm you can see the sun hiding on the horizon, hear the soft sound of the waves and notice the sea breeze brushing the skin.

Itxas Bide Igeldo becomes the ideal place also for the most special dinner of your life, they also have a dance floor with a disco service to make this an unforgettable night under the stars of Guipúzcoa.

Hika Bodega (Hika Winery)

Hika Bodega - Perfect Venue

Hika Bodega, twenty minutes from the center of Donostia-San Sebastián and 15 minutes from Tolosa, is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Guipúzcoa, since it has a modern design building and is located among beautiful vineyards.

This is a private farm and exclusive estate with a comfortable location and idyllic setting of mountainous landscapes, vineyards and extensive gardens that makes the winery a perfect place for your wedding.

During your big day, between the outdoor areas and the gardens that surround the vineyards, you will be enveloped in a unique, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Torre Satrustegui (Satrustegui Tower)

Located on the slopes of Mount Igueldo, the Satrustegui Tower bathes Ondarreta beach and forms part of one of the most important areas of the Gipuzkoan capital.

This space is surrounded by a garden with trees, roundabouts and pathways, originally designed by Ducassé, but without a doubt, the main charm lies in the access to it, which is carried out by the double staircase that ascends from the garden to the porch, on which the terrace joins the two towers.

Inside the building you can find a distribution on the main floor that develops around the central stairwell, which is covered on the roof by a large skylight and where the flooring and paneling stands out.

Bokado Mikel Santamaría

This unique space offers the possibility of holding an outdoor wedding with a 360º panoramic view over the magical bay of La Concha.

Nothing like a main dining room with a terrace and these fantastic views to taste the best flavors of the gastronomic proposals of Bokado Mikel Santamaría, which is also linked to the culinary roots of San Sebastían while still being a current and modern product.

It takes very little to remember this wedding as an authentic event that was undoubtedly “up to the task”!

Bodega Katxiña (Katxiña winery)

Bodega Katxiña - Perfect Venue

The Weddings in wineries are one of our favorites, and there is nothing better than enjoying a good wine in the gardens of the Katxiña winery, while contemplating a beautiful landscape and whetting your appetite by seeing live how to make a good grilled fish through a show cooking barbeque.

The Katxiña Winery is ideal for both the ceremony, the welcome or the treat. Combining good gastronomy with txakoli Katxiña, made in-house at the winery, is a real success.

And then … everyone to the dance hall or the cool zone area to continue the party!

Finca Bauskain (Bauskain farm)

Finca Bauskain - Perfect Venue

The Bauskain farmhouse, an old restored farmhouse from the 15th century with more than 900 useful square meters, belongs to the lands of the medieval Tower of Barroeta, which is half a kilometer away.

This Tower already existed before 1350, and the granaries of the Bauskain farmhouse were conditioned in 1856, so they endow the place with history and culture to make the wedding a much more special moment.

This space has 48 hectares of land, which are surrounded by native vegetation and large fenced meadows.

For the most rustic and rural bride and groom!

Casa Rual Larrakoetxea (Larrakoetxea Rural Cottage)

Casa Rual Larrakoetxea- Perfect Venue

The Casa Rural Larrakoetxea is located on a hill above the beautiful Bay of Plencia, in this Biscayan municipality with the same name. Built on the old farmhouse, with high quality materials and noble woods, the house has 6 luxurious double rooms, two spacious living rooms, a porch, a café-bar, a garden, outdoor terraces and surrounding fields.

One of its great attractions is being located in front of the sea, surrounded by fields, trees and farmhouses. Nature and sea for the most special day of your lives.

It also has an incredible restaurant that specializes in grilled meat and fish and typical homemade desserts.


Machoenia- Perfect Venue

This farm located in Urrugne, just 20 kms from San Sebastián, has a magnificent 18th century farmhouse and old renovated stables perfect for any couple who dreams of a dream environment, in the midst of nature, under the watchful eye of horses and with spectacular views of the mountains for your wedding.

Machoenia has a large flat land and manicured wooded gardens ideal for a ceremony and welcome cocktail outdoors.

A unique environment and a professional sea team make this farm the ideal place for an unforgettable celebration, since the dining room can also be customized to suit the client.

Hotel Maria Cristina

Wedding Hotel Maria Cristina

Known for the golden age of San Sebastián, the Hotel María Cristina was inaugurated in 1912, with art details and suitable touches of decoration that combine comfort and discretion with a high level of elegance.

The gastronomy shows, in its luxurious restaurant, a popular influx of people, since it presents regional dishes in a delicate way and in an exclusive and luxurious environment.

This hotel, although it is more than a century old, still continues to house in its spaces the most important stars of the socialite, among which their rooms stand out, the best example of comfort and tranquility where rest is guaranteed.

London Hotel

London Hotel - Perfect Venue

The Hotel Londres in San Sebastián offers a classic setting with charm. This 19th century building is an icon of San Sebastián and Guipúzcoa and the decoration of its rooms give an atmosphere with an unforgettable style.

In addition, all your guests will be able to enjoy stunning views of the famous bay of La Concha from their room and from the room during the banquet.

A privileged venue for events with natural light and breathtaking views!

Restaurant Arzak

Restaurant Arzak - Perfect Venue

The history of the Arzak Restaurant begins in 1897, the year in which Juan Mari Arzak’s grandparents began the construction of this house, which to this day continues to have its original Restaurant.

In the first place, it was a wine cellar and tavern, but later Juan Mari Arzak’s parents turned it into a food house of some relevance and refinement, where their stews and basic elaborations of the Basque and Donostiarran recipes stand out.

Palace Arbaisenea

palacio de arbaisenea - Perfect Venue

Located in the heart of San Sebastián, in a bucolic landscape and thought to be the setting for a fairytale wedding, this palace was built in 1881, by order of the Duke of Sotomayor, Don Carlos Martínez de Irujo and del Alcázar.

In a park of more than fifteen hectares of landscaped garden, surrounded by the region’s own trees and walks framed by hydrangea hedges, this place has always sought to be somewhat exotic and far from the bustle of the city, being exquisite and elegant in its set.

Mirador de Ulía (Ulía viewpoint)

Mirador de Ulía - Perfect Venue

With complete arrangement of all the facilities, the Mirador de Ulía stands out for its gardens, considered an authentic oasis in the heart of Mount Ulía.

These are prepared to adapt to the needs of your wedding and thus offer a whole experience to your guests.

In the gardens you can carry out the ceremony, the welcome cocktail, the banquet and even the after party.

All the links in full and with the best views of San Sebastián!

Mercure Monte Igueldo Hotel ( Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo)

Mercure Monte Igueldo Hotel - Perfect Venue

Located in an exceptional watchtower from which you can enjoy a spectacular view over the bay of the La Concha, the hotel has rooms from which you can see the sea, with panoramic facilities capable of hosting any event and with a splendid outdoor swimming pool .

The Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo shares space with a beautiful amusement park that can be accessed through an old funicular from the beginning of the 20th century.

Its gastronomy will also convince you

Donostia cuisine is wide and varied, and the best thing is that it uses natural and local ingredients from both its Cantabrian Sea and its orchards and inland pastures, always using the best products, quality and seasonal, so that also remember your wedding day for the banquet.

If your wedding is in summer, get ready to taste its famous pods, peppers, cod omelets, Ibarra chillies, tomatoes and sardines, while, if your wedding is in spring, your palate will hallucinate with anchovies and verdel, with Young broad beans, asparagus, artichoke, marmitako and green caviar.

If, on the other hand, you are from colder climates, don’t worry! Because your treat will be filled in the autumn with sausages, mushrooms, zizas, perretxikos, cod with pil pil, roasted sea bream, black pudding and game products. And in winter it will be full of Tolosa beans, baked txangurro, hake kokotxas in sauce and elvers bathed in cider and txakoli.

And yes, whatever the time of year it is … desserts are guaranteed! Like, for example, sheep’s milk curd, roasted or compote apples, walnuts with cheese or in intxaursaltsa, and even chestnuts!

But how could we forget the greatest wealth of San Sebastian’s gastronomy? Those are its famous pintxos, the famous Basque tapas found in any bar or restaurant in San Sebastián, you can count on miniature haute cuisine creations for the starters of your treat!

Take advantage of your wedding stay … and get to know the city!

Because this place really is a real gem, not to be missed! So, if your wedding is in the city of San Sebastián, you can not stop enjoying it.

How? Taking a dip with your partner in Playa de la Concha that, although the water is a little cold …, it will be an unforgettable memory! Otherwise, you can always go to the impressive La Perla Spa, built in the early 20th century and turned into the largest and most modern thermal center in the world. The highest European aristocracy came to him!

The Miramar Palace is another of the most famous buildings in the city that you cannot miss, since it is the residence where the Spanish monarchy used to spend their summers in the past. Visiting it will make you feel like real kings!

Touring the historic center of San Sebastián and its Calle Mayor (Kale Nagusia) is another of the obligatory activities, where you can also visit the Basilica of Santa María del Coro.

Strolling along its incredible promenade and taking a photo among the famous and historic white fences is also a tradition, as well as walking to the end of the Bahía de la Concha, on Ondarreta Beach, and discovering another of the symbols of San Sebastian: the Peine del Viento, a set of sculptures by Eduardo Chillida.

And finally … go up to the Mirador del Monte Igueldo! There are no excuses not to take the funicular and enjoy the spectacular views of the city. But that’s not all, because when you arrive you will find an old amusement park that still stands. Guaranteed fun!

Any of the unique spaces we have collected, any of the dishes from San Sebastian or any of the places you visit in the area, will undoubtedly make celebrating your wedding here a success.

You have already seen that the north catches wherever you go, but it is that San Sebastián has that special charm that Perfect Venue makes us fall in love with. Come visit us and tell us about your dream wedding in San Sebastián!


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