Celebrate a wedding of authentic kings, in Belmonte Castle

At Perfect Venue we are passionate about romantic weddings held in historic settings. Unique venues where a wedding takes on its own personality and becomes an unforgettable dream day. In this particular case we would like to present to you one of our favourites, el Castillo de Belmonte. An emblematic medieval fortress dating back to […]

At Perfect Venue we are passionate about romantic weddings held in historic settings. Unique venues where a wedding takes on its own personality and becomes an unforgettable dream day.

In this particular case we would like to present to you one of our favourites, el Castillo de Belmonte. An emblematic medieval fortress dating back to the fifteenth century that has been declared a Historic and Artistic Monument as well as a National Artistic Treasure. Without a doubt, this venue is a true cultural jewel that allows us to travel back to the time of kings, queens and battles, and all in an unbeatable setting.

This castle is located at the top of the hill of San Cristóbal, on the outskirts of Belmonte, a town that you can see beautiful views of from the towers and walls of the castle.

We set off for this town in the province of Cuenca. We travel through the lands of La Mancha with its plains, its olive trees, its pine forests and its windmills, to reach this magnificent fortress dating from 1456, the Castillo de Belmonte.

At first sight, it is instantly impressive, a perfectly maintained and restored castle with a wonderful stone wall, accompanied by its towers and battlements which surround and protect this historic building.

We cross the main gate, one of the three entrances that give access to the walled courtyard, and before us stands the magnificent keep with its flags flying in the air. A little further on, a new gate gives us access to the spectacular triangular-shaped arms courtyard surrounded by two galleries, with their respective porticoes and arches, which still house an old well and fireplace from the Medieval times. We feel that we have really been transported to the Middle Ages, to a magical place where any couple would be eager to celebrate their wedding.

From one of the galleries, the events manager of this fortress walks down a beautiful Mudejar staircase. She welcomes us with a smile, ready to share all of the mysteries and wonders of the Castillo de Belmonte. Do you dare to follow us on this journey through the Middle Ages? Do not miss our interview and experience at the Castillo de Belmonte.

Castillo Belmonte - Perfect Venue

-Good afternoon. Welcome to Castillo de Belmonte.

-Good afternoon. Thank you for inviting us.  It’s wonderful.

– You are yet to see the interior, the castle has original furniture and decoration from its time and perfectly maintained architecture. You can’t miss a visit to the dungeons and basements or, of course, to the castle’s tavern. If you like, we can visit the facilities and you can ask me what you want to know about our venue and how we organize our events.

-It seems like a fantastic idea.

We walk through different rooms consisting of walls, beams and stone floors, wooden ceilings in Mudejar style, spiral staircases and unique furniture, decoration and belongings from the medieval period. We also find traces of decoration from the 19th century, from the Spanish aristocrats who lived in the castle during this period. The atmosphere surrounding us is truly enchanting.

Castillo Belmonte -Perfect Venue

– We would love it if you could tell us about the history that surrounds the Castillo de Belmonte from its origins to the present day. Who has lived within its walls? What historical milestones have taken place around it?

The Castillo de Belmonte stands out for the many historical events that took place here and for the famous personalities, such as Don Juan Pacheco, first Marquis of Villena and III Lord of Belmonte, who ordered the construction of the Castle in 1456; his protégée, Princess Juana la Beltraneja and, taking a leap in time, the last French Empress, Eugenia de Montijo.

It was during Don Juan Pacheco’s lifetime that the Marquisate of Villena reached its maximum territorial splendour, Belmonte and its castle being the head of the Marquisate at that time from 1445 to 1480. Its marquisate was the largest feudal demarcation of Castile during those years and with its end, which coincides with the beginning of the reign of the Catholic kings after the war of succession for the throne of Castile (1475-80), the heyday of the great feudal lords ends.

The lord of this castle played a very important role in the war of succession of Castile between Princess Juana de Trastámara, “La Beltraneja”, and her aunt Isabel, later known as “La Católica”. The result of the conflict, which definitively united Castile and Aragon, determined the unification of Spain in 1492 with the fall of the kingdom of Granada, where the lords of the Castillo de Belmonte also played a part, with Diego López Pacheco, second Marquis of Villena, being the captain general of the border in the reconquest of Granada.

Guests will also travel to the second half of the 19th century, where they will see how the owner of the castle lived at that time, Eugenia de Montijo, Empress of France. During the tour of these rooms, they will learn about the exciting life of this Spanish noblewoman who became regent of the French empire on three occasions and who ordered the restoration of the Belmonte castle in the mid-19th century.

As you can see, there are many important historical moments that make the Castle a magnificent space to host any event.

Castillo Belmonte -Perfect Venue

– I understand that it was rehabilitated and reopened in 2010 since when have you been assigned to social and corporate events?

Yes, the Belmonte Castle reopened its doors to the public in July 2010 after different phases of rehabilitation and offers visitors a cultural journey through the history of this emblematic monument, from the 15th century to the present day. In addition, visitors have the possibility to experience history through our events: Historical Reenactments, Medieval Combat Championships, even ghost walks and live Cluedo, all very popular nowadays! Our most recent addition is Trebuchet Park, the world’s largest historic full-scale siege engine theme park, which we opened in August 2018 and is located at the foot of the fortress. As you can see, there is a wide range of entertainment and fun for all ages. Social and corporate events are an important part of our day to day, and we work hard to always offer and deliver the highest quality services.

The first wedding was held at the Castle on October 5, 2010. It was a traditional Japanese wedding held at the castle and among the guests were the people of the village of Belmonte who attended out of curiosity. From that day forward, in the months of May to October almost every Saturday a wedding banquet is held in the courtyard or in the interior halls of the castle and then continues with the disco until the early hours of the morning.

Castillo Belmonte -Perfect Venue

– There are very typical products of the land that I suppose cannot be missing from your menus such as cheese and good Manchego wine … But, what else do you offer our groom and bride at the gastronomic level for their big day? should they be lost?

-Although our catering service has a restaurant in Madrid, we pay the utmost attention to the products that we use, trying to promote and enhance our region, as we are in an area with more than 20 products with designations of origin, the typical products of Castilla-La Mancha are of the highest quality and this is evident in the menus that we prepare.

The gastronomy of Castilla-La Mancha is based on traditional Mediterranean food, with a simple style, making perfect use of the land’s resources. Today, this cuisine, which was originally basic and simple, has been transformed into a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Casa de Pías offers the bride and groom a signature cuisine, with a great selection of wines that stand out from the crowd, along with traditional fresh ingredients and great respect for their produce.

Dishes that you have to try? The truth is that I could not choose between them… they are all delicious. We offer the bride and groom the fantastic opportunity to customize the menu according to their tastes and preferences. Ideally, they should try everything so they can decide!

Castillo Belmonte -Perfect Venue

– We have seen different halls, galleries and outdoor spaces, all original from the period. Which of them are used for events and what characterizes each of them?

As you have seen, the Castle has preserved its magnificent 15th century halls and galleries, covered by the Mudejar ceilings that are unique in Spain, thus creating an exclusive, welcoming and unbeatable atmosphere for such a special occasion. We could especially highlight three halls:

– The Government Hall – “It is the main hall of the Castle, whose Mudejar coffered ceiling and flamboyant Gothic doors will leave any visitor in awe”.

– The Ambassadors’ Hall – “In this hall, the Marquis of Villena welcomed his most distinguished visitors, and they witnessed the ostentation of his power as they contemplated his magnificent dome. Original work from the 15th century”

– The Hall of Fireplaces – “A fabulous gallery from whose 19th century arcade you can enjoy magnificent views of the Castle’s courtyard. For many, the best coffered ceilings of the Castle are located in this space”

Castillo Belmonte -Perfect Venue

– What comforts and services do you have for the great day of the link? What does Castillo de Belmonte offer our couples to make their wedding an unforgettable experience?

At the Castillo de Belmonte we have a capacity for up to 700 guests, who will be able to enjoy the beauty of one of the most charming castles in Spain. Our Catering, as I mentioned, will offer a sit-down personalized set menu; signature cuisine with a home-made style at an excellent high standard.

Also, the wonderful hotels in the area allow guests to stay comfortably in this beautiful town without having to return home after the wedding.

– What options do you offer to celebrate the ceremony in Castillo de Belmonte? Do you have spaces to carry out civil or religious liaison?

-Yes, the castle is completely prepared for the celebration of the civil ceremony if the bride and groom require it. The event will be unforgettable, romantic, in a dream environment and with delicate decoration.

For the religious ceremonies we have the Collegiate Church of San Bartolomé, known as the Collegiate Church of Belmonte, a spectacular 5th century parish church located in the upper quarter of the town of Belmonte, within the walled enclosure and 5 minutes from the Castle. The Collegiate Church of Belmonte has been a National Monument since July 27th 1943 and has kept the richness of the faith and religion in the history and art of the town for more than five centuries.

Castillo Belmonte -Perfect Venue

 What would you say makes the Castillo de Belmonte special or different from any other venue and why would our bride and groom fall in love with it?

As you can see, the Castle is an unbeatable setting for the celebration of such an important day. It is an idyllic location, full of history and unparalleled beauty. Moreover, at night the castle and its walls are illuminated, making the celebration a unique moment.

We could name many differentiating factors that make the Castle of Belmonte a privileged place, but if I have to list some I would emphasize:

– At just one venue we offer different environments for the celebration of the ceremony, the cocktail party, the banquet and the disco without having to move to other venues.

– The bride and groom will be able to enjoy their wedding in complete privacy, as we close to the public on the wedding day so that the bride, groom and their guests can enjoy their celebration together in an intimate and exclusive way.

– And I must mention our team. Professionals with a great deal of experience capable of adapting to the tastes and needs of each couple and all of their guests; thanks to their effort and motivation, every wedding here is a great success.

Castillo Belmonte -Perfect Venue

We are in a very privileged part of the world, what suggestions would you give to the couples, in terms of complementary activities to carry out in the area, whether they are cultural, sports or leisure activities? Do you also organize these activities for our clients?

– Exactly, getting married at the Castillo de Belmonte gives you the opportunity to enjoy a whole host of activities, not just on your special day. It is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of what this region has to offer and get to know the area with your family and closest friends. Many of our couples decide to spend the whole weekend or several days in the area to enjoy a more complete experience.

As we have mentioned, the Castle itself offers multiple opportunities in terms of visits and activities, but it also highlights the environment that surrounds us. The bride, groom and their guests can enjoy the town of Belmonte, stroll through its streets, squares and monuments tasting the excellent cuisine of La Mancha or participating in wine tourism. In addition, we are located within routes of exceptional historical interest, like the route of Don Quixote de la Mancha (on which you can visit the famous places mentioned in the international Cervantes novel. From our Castle we can see several of the famous Windmills) or the Route of the Castles of the Marquess of Villena (through 3 Castles: Belmonte, Alarcón and Garcimuñoz we can see the different conservation and innovation methods of a historical monument. It is a route full of tradition and modernity).

Castillo Belmonte -Perfect Venue

 – Finally, what is the best date to get married at the Castillo de Belmonte and how far in advance should the bride and groom contact you?

– Normally the couples prefer to hold their wedding in the summer months due to the good weather. In the Castle any celebration outdoors is unique but we cannot forget the magic that surrounds getting married in the colder months. All of our halls and galleries are heated, but what makes these events more spectacular are the fantastic gothic fireplaces that when lit, give a very special glow to the event.

Even so, the most requested dates are from May to October, and during those months on most Saturdays we have a celebration, so the sooner the bride and groom book the dates, the better.

– We end our interview here. We have been fascinated by both the space and the services you offer for a wedding or other event. Thank you very much for your kindness.

Thank you for coming and discovering, first hand, the magic of the Castillo de Belmonte. I’m very happy that you liked it. As I said at the beginning, you can’t leave without visiting our tavern. Would you like some of that cheese and wine from La Mancha that you mentioned before?

Castillo Belmonte -Perfect Venue

– Of course, thank you very much.

After tasting the exquisite cheese and local wine, we left Castillo de Belmonte, even more, beautiful if possible, thanks to the interior lighting of its patio and the exterior of its wall.

We walk away, leaving behind this emblematic monument and exclusive space for weddings.

We encourage you to also get to know Castillo de Belmonte, it will not fail to amaze you all that it can offer for a wedding of authentic kings, yours.

If you want to know more about Castillo de Belmonte or how to celebrate your link in it, we will be happy to answer your requests at info@perfectvenue.es


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Wedding Planner :@nataliaortizwed  , @perfectvenue// Venue : Castillo de Belmonte
// Photography : @nachodelriobodas// Flowers : @azaleafloristeria// Bride dress : @jesuspeiroofficial// Muah: @arpa_art// Grooms attire: @berecasillasoficial// Cetrero : Julian Meneses


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