Travelling after COVID-19 should still go ahead! Here’s what to expect in 2021

We can all agree that unfortunately, our travel plans for 2020 have taken a hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you were looking forward to embarking on an action-packed city break or couldn’t wait to flop down on a beach towel and relax under the warm sun, everyone’s plans have unfortunately had […]

We can all agree that unfortunately, our travel plans for 2020 have taken a hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you were looking forward to embarking on an action-packed city break or couldn’t wait to flop down on a beach towel and relax under the warm sun, everyone’s plans have unfortunately had to be put on hold as travel restrictions have been put in place and everyone has been asked to stay at home. But this doesn’t mean that travelling is cancelled forever! Because this challenging time shall pass, and soon we will all be able to flock to our favourite holiday destinations again and have the time of our lives. That said, it is likely that we will have to adapt our holidays as a result of the pandemic, both in practical and sentimental forms, so that our trips are as safe as possible and also even more enjoyable to make up for lost time. Now that 2020 has become the year of staying at home, the travel trends of 2021 will feature more lavish, culturally enriching and sociable trips. Travel will no longer be taken for granted, and so in 2021 we will want to make the most of our holidays and truly take full advantage of everything our destination has to offer. In this article, we present to you the travel trends for 2021 and show you the ways in which our travel habits are going to change. So, keep your city guides close and your flip flops at the ready, as you’ll be travelling to your dream destination in no time! 2021 will come faster than you think.

Majorca wedding - Aljosa Petric photography
Mallorca. Photo via Aljosa Petric

In 2021 our priorities will change when it comes to travel

As we have said, these uncertain times shall pass, and with this comes an exciting new and much-needed wave of tourism. However, we can expect to experience our holidays at a much slower pace, as tourists will be visiting their favourite destinations for longer so they can live each moment to the fullest.

A travel trend for 2021 will be a new focus on honouring local communities and the environment. As a result of the pandemic, tourist hotspots will most definitely have taken a hit, and therefore we should use our new travel opportunities as a way to support the communities that inhabit our favourite places. However, in the past there has often been conflict between the tourists and the locals, and therefore in 2021 this tension will hopefully be resolved, as tourists dedicate more time to contributing to the communities that keep their favourite destinations alive.

What to do in Asturias during the days of your wedding
Asturias. Photo via Alla Yachkulo

Explore your own backyard

As the pandemic restrictions begin to ease, we will eventually have the opportunity to take a trip to another part of our own country. Make the most of our own kingdom and enjoy our own cities, mountains, beaches and countryside, because you will be surprised to find that there is no need to travel overseas if you are looking for the perfect holiday! It is also predicted that holidaymakers will opt for lesser-known, less crowded locations so that they can feel safer on their trip, and so people will be more focussed on finding the hidden gems of their country. Discover what makes your country special and fall in love with it all over again, as well as help to boost your own country’s economy.

Barcelona. Photo via Tanya Vasiliuk

Travel to untouched locations

On the other hand, instead of travelling closer to home, tourists may choose to venture to faraway, lesser-known locations in order to get away from the crowded tourist hotspots. We believe that this will be one of the biggest travel trends for 2021, as people will feel motivated to explore new and undiscovered places, offering them a quiet and relaxing holiday as well as the chance to explore new and exotic parts of the world. It has been predicted that far away islands will be very popular, as these unique, calm and untouched locations will offer us the opportunity to enjoy our dream holiday whilst also social distancing.

Ibiza. Photo via Aljosa Petric

Favour the sustainable

As we have already mentioned, local economies have been hugely affected by the results of the pandemic as tourism is put on hold. Consequently, once lockdown ends it will be of great importance to ensure that the communities who inhabit our favourite holiday destinations are well supported and able to rebuild their livelihoods. This means that holidaymakers will ensure to focus on contributing directly to the local communities, from staying in smaller, family-run boutique hotels to frequenting bars and restaurants that are ran by locals.

Modes of transport are also likely to change, as we have seen that as a result of the lockdown, the environment is beginning to recover from the damage that humans have caused due to air pollution. In 2021, holidaymakers will try their best to find the most sustainable modes of travel, and only catch a plane when it is truly necessary.

Castilla La Mancha. Photo via Tanya Vasiluk

Embrace the natural world

After months of confinement and limited opportunities to spend time outside amongst nature, the holidays of 2021 will most certainly involve taking advantage of everything our incredible natural world has to offer. It has been predicted that Scandinavia will be particularly popular, with tourists flocking to breathe in the fresh air of the mountains and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. You are also certain to find some stunning natural beauty-spots in your own country too!

Photo via Anna Alekseenko

Take your friends and family along with you!

It is undeniable that once the restrictions are eased, everyone will be desperate to spend more time with family and friends. So, why not take a trip together and enjoy a special holiday with all of your loved ones? You could rent a large cottage or a villa and enjoy each other’s company, play sports on the beach or take a hike across the mountains, and sit in a field and make a toast to your new post-lockdown lives as you watch the sun go down. It is predicted that groups will want to choose remote, natural locations to enjoy each other’s company in complete privacy. There are so many new memories to be made!

Gran Canaria. Photo via Aljosa Petric

Take the trip of a lifetime

Amongst all of the travel trends for 2021, this one truly stands out: Take a trip that you will remember forever and travel to a location that has always been on your bucket list. As the lockdown restrictions have forced us to only venture out if it is absolutely necessary, we can apply this to our holidays once the restrictions have been lifted. If you do choose to go on holiday, make sure that you make the absolute most of this opportunity and visit your dream location. Whether that’s a safari holiday in Africa, a trip to see the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the opportunity to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights in Iceland… Go for it! Now is the time to take the holiday of your dreams and live in the moment.

Fly across the pond

It has been predicted that 2021 will involve a boom in trips to the United States of America, with locations such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Orlando being the most popular. As we have already mentioned, bucket list destinations will be the ideal holiday locations, and therefore tourists from across the world will flock to the USA to enjoy everything that this exciting country has to offer. Don’t miss out!

Mallorca. Photo via Tanya Vasiluk

Mediterranean holidays will still be a hit

After a break from tourism as a result of the pandemic, Mediterranean destinations will be welcoming tourists in order to help get their economies back on track, and you should most definitely take advantage of this! However, expect your trip to be more focussed on enjoying outdoor experiences with a slower pace of life, making the most even of the countryside of the isolated beach towns where social distancing is easier. Furthermore, large chain hotels are likely to be less popular and take a back seat in comparison to smaller, locally-run boutique hotels or even private villas. This means that your holiday under the Mediterranean sun will be even more intimate and exclusive.

Villas Sitges Can Parès - Perfect Venue

Villa Can Parès, Sitges

As you can see, the tourism industry will be back up and running once these awful times have passed, and you should certainly take advantage of it! However, don’t expect travel habits to simply go back to how they were. In 2021, we will need to make adjustments to ensure that our travel is safer and more respectful of the communities that live in the destinations that we visit. The travel trends of 2021 encourage us to make the most of every opportunity and live in the moment, to ensure that we make memories that will live on in our hearts forever, after months of uncertainty and sadness.

Here at Perfect Venue, we can’t wait to see everybody living their best lives on holiday with their loved ones whilst respecting our new circumstances. In fact, why not consider hosting a destination wedding or other event where you can make the most of a stunning new destination and celebrate your marriage with your loved ones by your side? If this sounds like a wonderful idea to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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