Here are some ideas for a very unique communion!

Here you will find the best ideas for communions, because we want your little one to have a unique day with their loved ones.

Here you will find the best ideas for communions, because we want your little one to have a unique day with their loved ones.

Is your son or your daughter’s communion just around the corner and you need communion ideas? Well, this is the article you were looking for! In this article we have compiled a lot of details so that the protagonist of the big day has a very unique and special celebration.

A communion is a very family event, attended by guests of all ages, that is why it must have spaces and elements for everyone. The most important thing is to have a great time!

Have you thought about a communion with a specific theme? Or perhaps celebrating it in a unique venue? Have you thought about organising family games and activities? And in placing lemonade and dessert stands?

These are only some of the ideas that you will find below, don’t forget the details and your son or daughter will have a communion like no other!

Let’s begin!

Choose a theme

Like weddings, communions can also have a theme and create a most charming harmony throughout the venue.

Like, for example, a rustic, vintage, naval, football, sustainable, spring communion, the theme that everyone likes the most and in which the protagonist of the big day feels best!

If your child is a basketball lover, why can’t they have their first communion with baskets, ball-shaped cakes and a lot of orange colours?

Think about the venue of the celebration

What is there that children like more than the outdoors and contact with nature? Nothing! That’s why it is best to find a venue that is successful among the little ones, as well as among adults.

Surely you know of very few communions that have been celebrated in estates, country houses, gardens, palaces or even in castles. Well, now your little one will be able to have it there! Because at Perfect Venue, we always have the venue you are looking for.

Have you seen our communion venues in Madrid, Valencia and in Málaga? We have venues all over Spain!

Balloons can’t be missing

At every party that children attend, balloons have to be present, because everyone likes them!

A decoration that is a lot of fun, and that, in addition, is very cheap. With them it is possible to create a party atmosphere instantly: thrown on the floor, glued to the ceiling with helium, in the form of bouquets for the centrepieces…

Remember not to overload the venue with these elements and have balloons in the colours of the theme.

Let it rain petals and confetti!

You don’t want a conventional communion, do you? Well then at some point during the celebration it has to rain confetti and petals on your guests and on the main protagonist of the day!

After falling, they will also decorate the corners of the venue, so the balloons will also be accompanied by these small elements on the tables, chairs and the floor.

Fabrics, among the favourite decorative elements

It’s not surprising, because in recent times fabrics have given a lot to talk about at celebrations. And now they will also do so at your child’s communion!

With them you can decorate corners, cover walls, create centrepieces, make bows on chairs…they completely change the venue giving it a touch of magic and charm!

Communion figures, a very present tradition

We have always seen those communion figures on cakes or centrepieces that later serve as souvenirs, because let us tell you that these figures not only refuse to disappear; but are modernised!

How? In the form of a caricature of the boy or girl, with the same features and nods that allude to the protagonist’s personality and physique. They even appear in the form of piggy banks or photo frames!

A most unique and perfect souvenir to give to the guests.

Garlands, another alternative

And even more so if the celebration is outdoors, since the garlands give a most charming touch when they are placed between trees, on the roof of the tent, on the edge of the tables, in the food corners, decorating the photocall

The whole venue will be a great party that no one will want to miss!

Why not pompoms?

However, they must be open, luxurious and rounded, not oval or squashed. So, take your time so that the result is fabulous.

The pompoms can simulate bouquets of flowers, hang from the ceiling, form a row on the wall, hang from chairs, cross diagonally from corner to corner of the ceiling…unleash your imagination and hang pompoms of the chosen colour range!

A photocall: fun guaranteed for everyone

We all like to put a lot of accessories on and pose for the camera! No matter how old we are, no one can resist a fun-filled photocall.

Therefore, for a party like a communion, it is almost essential. Have you thought about doing a DIY photocall? This way you will make the child participate!

Don’t forget to create some sandwiches with communion phrases, objects that allude to this celebration, with a lot of colourful props and the chosen theme…

The photos will turn out to be the most funny and witty!

Activities for everyone

Playing with friends and family is one of the most fun things for everyone, who doesn’t like it?

One way to achieve an unforgettable day for the child is by organising a series of activities for everyone to have a great time. For example…? Keep reading!

A mini disco

Get everyone moving! With lively songs for all ages, with games like musical chairs, steal the handkerchief, karaoke, limbo, musical statues or doing a competition.

Do you think it’ll be only the children who play? Of course not!

A bouncy castle

Yes, we are not only talking about children. So, if you have the opportunity, get yourself a bouncy castle, so that both parents and children can burn the cake off jumping!

How about a magician?

The starring appearance of a magician is more than a plus, and we are not talking about the typical magician who acts like a clown, since it can be quite childish, but about a real magician, with his wand and his top hat.

Everyone will be speechless watching the tricks! Can we help you hire the most entertaining one?

Lemonade and desserts stand

Between games, dances and a lot of fun…there’s nothing like fresh lemonade!

And, after finishing the banquet, do you know where they will run to? That’s right, to the Candy Bar! What they have always causes such frenzy!

You just have to get a small table or cart and fill it with desserts, lemonade, chocolate milkshakes, ice cream, fruit smoothies, sweets and the cake. Of course, always decorated with the theme of this special day for your little one.

You now have a lot of communion ideas, now you just have to put them into practice and make sure your little one has an unforgettable day with their friends and family.

Do you need help with the preparations? We’re waiting for you at Perfect Venue!


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