Romantic marriage proposal at sunset in Madrid

A marriage proposal at sunset in Madrid will be the most unforgettable event for your beloved. Take the big step on the terrace overlooking the city.

We think every girl has at least once imagined what her proposal would be like. What will she wear? In what atmosphere everything will take place: cozy and home or solemn, in a beautiful place? Our heroine did not limit herself to one option. Having asked her companion to marry at home, in the United States, she decided to repeat the ritual and during a vacation in Spain. And made a marriage proposal at sunset in Madrid.

Samantha and Tanya have been dating for five years. They adore their dogs, who shared the joyful moment together at home.

For their marriage proposal at sunset in Madrid, Tanya chose an outdoor terrace overlooking the city. We decorated it in the style of “Winter Fairy Tale”: we used pampas grass, white twigs, decorated the space with pink and white roses and candles. And prepared a bouquet of roses in soft pink colors.

Live music was playing…The girls walked along the path, bathing in the rays of the setting sun. They looked at the printed photos. Samantha and Tanya took a picture every year as a keepsake, so we put them on either side of the walkway. There was also a picture of their favorite pets, which especially touched the bride-to-be.

The big moment came. Tanya proposed to her date at sunset in Madrid. It was insanely romantic and touching! Samantha did not hesitate and said yes.

Then the girls had a photo shoot where they captured the important moment. And they celebrated the event with champagne right on the terrace. They continued their evening in the restaurant.

If you are inspired by such stories, read the article further. We will tell you how to organize an unforgettable proposal.

Attractive and romantic Salamanca: the perfect place for a proposal

Salamanca is the oldest and most beautiful city in Spain. Attractive, with striking architecture, it falls in love with you from the first minute you are there. Ancient universities, monasteries, medieval streets… The city is steeped in history, mystery and romance. You can organize a proposal in the stunning castle of Buen Amor. Enjoy the quiet, peaceful atmosphere, the tart wine and the views.

Salamanca Cathedral is considered the main attraction of the city. Its tower can be climbed, and why not take advantage of this opportunity? Imagine how thrilled your significant other will be to hear you ask the question while admiring the beautiful city from above.

Palominos Street is designed for true romantics. It offers a wonderful view of the Pontifical University and the House of Shells. The neighboring street has Michelin-starred restaurants. So after a touching proposal, you can go there and enjoy the delicious dishes.

Balmes Street is also perfect for a proposal. Especially in spring, when the delicate purple wisteria blossoms bloom and wrap around the metal arch. Romance!

If you want something special, exclusive, you can always tell us about it. We’ll be sure to find a venue to suit you. Salamanca has several terraces that are located on the premises. You will make a proposal and enjoy the views, drinks and food from the chef.

Still undecided about the place for the best proposal? Choose Salina Palace. Laconic design, semicircular arches – the perfect place to seal your fate with your chosen one for life!

Málaga: a center of attraction for true romantics

Málaga is a southern Spanish city, which is one of the oldest seaports. There are many historical sights in the city: the Cathedral, built in the 17th century, Alcazaba (ancient Moorish fortress), Picasso Museum (yes, yes, the artist was born in Málaga) and many others.

Málaga has a mild Mediterranean climate, delicious food: those who love fish will be especially lucky. There is plenty of it here! If you’re not a fan of fish, try the local tapas, clams in wine and jamon. We think you’ll love it!

If you’re planning a vacation and want to propose to your other half, Málaga is perfect for both. You can get down on one knee in a beautiful garden with over 25,000 species of plants. You can propose overlooking the sea: what could be more romantic? Just you, the sound of the sea and the gentle sun at sunset.

Since the city is steeped in history, you can propose in a real castle or in any beautiful medieval street, where mansions and houses are set up like a fairy tale. Such a proposal will be especially memorable.

Seville, beautiful Seville!

Seville is another young city that beckons travelers from all over the world. It blends both Eastern and Western cultures, Moorish and Spanish historical heritage. Seville is considered the most important commercial port and artistic center of Southern Europe. The city is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cathedral.

The summers are very hot and the winters are warm and mild. Seville has great food, amazing wine, and plenty of cafes and restaurants. Therefore, you will never go hungry.

You can make a romantic marriage proposal in the Plaza de España by taking a boat ride along the canal, or in the pedestrianized Plaza Elvira. A beautiful celebration will be a proposal in the gardens of Murillo: in small gazebos, in the shade of luxurious trees. You can also get down on one knee on a terrace overlooking the marvelous city. There are extreme and exclusive options: a proposal while skydiving! Choose what your half will like.

Make a marriage proposal in Barcelona

Barcelona is the largest industrial and commercial city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. It is located in the north-east. It is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The second largest in the country: the population is over 1.5 million people.

What makes Barcelona attractive? Its 2000 years of history: every street attracts attention with medieval cathedrals, masterpieces of modernism. You can also have fun here at night: the city doesn’t sleep, there are bars and clubs in every neighborhood.

Summers are dry and humid, and winters are dry and warm. Barcelona is famous for its Catalan cuisine (a type of Mediterranean cuisine): soups, salads, meat, fish and, of course, seafood predominate.

Where to propose? Well, of course, on the beach! There are many decent, famous beaches in the city and your imagination here is not limited to a proposal at sunset. You can make an important step while enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner or sailing on a yacht.

Of course, you can propose in one of the ancient castles, which are shrouded in an aura of mystery and romance. If you like a riot of colors and the splendor of nature, Barcelona’s parks are made for you. In the Citadel Park, you’ll enjoy 19th century architecture, a lake for strolling, and sculptures. A luxurious place for a memorable proposal.

Parque de Ciutadella - Proposal Barcelona
Parque de Ciutadella. Photo via:

Marriage proposal at sunset in Madrid

If you liked how Samantha and Tanya’s proposal went, we think you will like the story of another couple from the USA. It took a long time for a young man to decide how to pop the big question to his girlfriend. Even the ring, bought two years ago, was still waiting for its time.

When the guy turned to us, we showed him all the different options. The young man immediately chose the terrace overlooking Madrid. This is a great place, because you can make the holiday intimate, without prying eyes, and after the engagement have a real celebration, ordering food in a restaurant. By the way, with ideas for decor for the guy a friend helped us. We realized all the ideas: we prepared big letters Marry me, a red carpet, hundreds of rose petals and candles. The girl was delighted!

To learn more about how to organize a stunning marriage proposal at sunset in Madrid, you can read our article. Let’s tell you about which restaurants and hotels have a covered terrace overlooking the city center.

Do you want your proposal to be so beautiful, and most importantly, that everything goes without problems and you do not worry about anything? Contact us. We will gladly create the most magical holiday for your second half.


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