We’ve got them! These are the bridal makeup trends for brides in 2025

One of the things to think about in advance is bridal makeup, that's why in this post we tell you what are all the makeup trends for brides in 2025.

One of the things we think about first is the wedding dress, you probably already know the trends in wedding dresses for 2025, but there is something just as important: the makeup trends for brides in 2025. 

Yes, it’s time to start with the fittings, to choose what you like the most and what suits you the best. 

And this year, as with hairstyles, we will continue to bet on very natural makeup looks.

We won’t make you wait any longer, we’ll tell you what are the makeup trends for brides in 2025:

tendencias de maquillaje en las novias de 2025
Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Low coverage 

If last year the skins were much more resplendent and minimalist, this year will not be less.

Yes, in 2025, translucent textures and the washed face effect are back, so brides will wear skin made up with products with less coverage. In other words, just enough to cover imperfections but not without leaving a dull result on the skin.

Say hello to glow

Among the makeup trends for brides in 2025, we see that mattes are disappearing. Now the focus will be on a fully illuminated face that gives a juicy look.

To achieve this effect and look healthy, the preparation of the skin will be key, since the goal is to achieve a luminous, fresh and full of vitality skin

To achieve this, makeup professionals will work more with cream-textured products.

Tendencias maquillaje 2025
Photo via Alex Jack

Natural eyelashes

In the makeup trends for brides in 2025, eyelash extensions and huge false eyelashes with volume will be left behind, and in 2025 the focus will be on simpler eyelashes.

For example, with hair-by-hair techniques, since the aim is to shape the eye in a natural way and without looking too artificial.

Juicy lips

Brides getting married in 2025 will opt for more nude shades: pink or brownish. 

Also to give that “glow” effect, lipsticks such as gloss will be used, so that the lips look fleshy, shiny, juicy and moisturized.

Tendencias maquillaje novia 2025
Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Casual eyebrows

The eyebrows will also be part of a good makeup and will also show naturalness. 

The eyebrow makeup strokes will be hair by hair, with a tone identical to the natural one, avoiding thin eyebrows and opting for thicker and more casual ones. 

Illuminating shadows

If naturalness, glow and a washed-out face effect are among the makeup trends for brides in 2025, the shadows to be applied will be luminous and in the area of the mobile eyelid to give more freshness and light to the look.

Tendencias maquillaje 2025
Photo via mc-weddings.com

Shimmering blushes

As with the shadows, the blushers that will predominate will be those with color and shine, such as pinks, peaches, bronzes, corals..

Very subtle smoky shades

The smoky shades will always occupy the first podiums of bridal makeup, and it is that they look good on every bride! But this year no dark, black or gray, this 2025 the smoky colors are very soft, with nude tones like brown, beige, pink …

And lots of light! Because to give that luminous and dewy look, we will opt more for satin and gloss and less for matte.

Beach wedding - Perfect Venue
Photo via: Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Now that you know all the makeup trends for brides in 2025, don’t forget to take care of your skin from months before the wedding, putting yourself in the hands of professionals who will make a good study and diagnosis of the state of your skin, and recommend the products and treatments best suited to your needs. 

And it is key to have experienced professionals and we know the best, do not hesitate to contact us to help you throughout the process.


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