16 essential questions to ask before choosing your wedding reception menu

16 essential questions to ask before choosing your wedding reception menu.

Choosing the menu for your big day is important as getting the perfect venue for your wedding reception.

Yes, and the dishes you choose will be the key to achieving the spectacular wedding you have been dreaming of for so long, because, without a doubt, all your guests will remember the taste in their mouths from the wedding banquet.

But how to choose the right menu? Very easy! The test menu will help you. This way you will have the opportunity to taste several of the chef’s recommendations, as well as the dishes that you consider most suitable or that you simply want to include in your wedding banquet.

Do you want to know which questions are essential when choosing the menu? Then take note of them all!

Cala Rotja - Perfect Venue
Sa Cala Rotja, Mallorca

1. When should I do the test menu?

We recommend holding the menu tasting about three months before the wedding. Once you know the exact date of the tasting, you should ask the guests if there are any special requirements: type of diet, dietary restrictions and intolerance… to inform about it the wedding banquet team.

2. What is the best time to have the test?

Ideally, it should be done at the same time of the day as the wedding reception is going to be. If you are planning a daytime wedding, it is better to schedule it at lunchtime. However, if your wedding is in the evening, it is better to go to the menu tasting at the same time. This way, you will know if the portions are right for the time of day and if the food is light or heavy enough to be able to enjoy dancing on the party.

3. With whom can I participate in the menu tasting?

With the persons, you are most excited about, as the menu tasting will also be a unique memory.

Your parents, brothers and sisters or best friends, for example, will be happy to participate in the organisation of the wedding. And what could be better than involving them in the wedding menu tasting?

Sometimes the bride and groom decide to go to the menu tasting themselves so to make it a surprise for everyone. What would you prefer?

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Restaurante Carmen de los Chapiteles

4. What is a menu tasting like?

Just like on the day of the banquet, during the tasting of the menu the different dishes will be served one after the other: the appetizers, the first and second courses that you have selected to taste and the dessert…

You should decide beforehand, together with your guests, what aspects you value in all of the dishes and take notes and photographs of the dishes…

5. What should be taken into account during the tasting?

The menu tasting is not only about eating what the caterer offers, but also about assessing, paying attention to the quality of the ingredients, the taste, the presentation, the quantities, your own preferences… Everything must be taken into account! 

6. Everything will be the same on the day of the wedding?

Though you should not doubt the professionalism of your caterer, you should make sure that the food you taste during the wedding menu tasting will be the same as the food that will be served at the wedding reception, in terms of quality, presentation and portions.

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Castillo Batres

7. How many waiters will there be on my wedding day?

Another important aspect to take care of during the previous tasting of the menu is to define with the supplier how many waiters will serve during the wedding and to confirm that the service will be exactly the same.

8. Meat, fish or both?

When choosing meat or fish our recommendation is not to be guided by personal preferences. Serving uncommon fish or meat, or menus with unusual or extravagant ingredients is risky as guests may not like it.

A good tip is definitely to take advice from the catering team, as they have extensive experience in wedding celebrations.

9. Does the season of the year influence my wedding menu?

When choosing the menu, it is very important to take into account the time of year when you get married, in order to opt for seasonal dishes.

Most weddings are usually held in spring and refreshing and light dishes are more attractive for this type of event where people usually eat a lot. And if you opt for a winter wedding, the ideal is to opt for a menu based on more substantial dishes.

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Real Fabrica de Tapices. Photo via: Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

10. What desserts and drinks go best with the menu?

When the menu has been decided, it is time to talk about the desserts and the wine service. Which dessert combines perfectly with the menu? What is the best wedding cake? Is there a possibility of including a candy bar?

The same questions should be asked about the drinks menu: wines, champagnes, cocktails, soft drinks, water, juices, coffees… 

11. What special wedding menu options do you offer?

When it comes to special wedding menus, you can choose from a wide variety. There are more and more suppliers who, aware of the different dietary needs of the bride and groom and their guests, offer the possibility of adapting the menu to the required diet. Thus, you will find vegetarian, vegan, low-salt, gluten-free, and other wedding menus… Don’t forget about potential allergies or food intolerances. 

12. Is there anything else to choose apart from the menu?

It depends on the venue or catering service contracted. While in some venues or with some companies during the wedding menu tasting you will only focus on choosing the dishes for the banquet, in others you may be asked to decide on other details of the staging. We are talking about the decorations, tableware, glassware, cutlery, table centrepieces

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Palacio Cibeles. Photo via Weddings and events by Natalia Ortiz

13. Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests allowed?

When it comes to a restaurant, this number is usually fixed and there is a minimum number of guests required. Catering usually gives a little more freedom in this respect, depending on where the wedding reception is organised. 

14. How does the open bar work?

Most caterers offer open bar service. If during the wedding reception the drinks run out, will they bring bottles to cover unforeseen events? This is a detail that you can’t overlook. Check the hours of the open bar and the surcharge for the extra time. 

15. Do you offer an evening snack?

Whether it is a daytime or evening wedding, the reception must be present. It could be sweet, savory, or mixed. A snack will give that extra boost of energy to the guests after party time. They are usually less copious than the cocktail, but no less appetising for that: a sweet snack, a hot dog or hamburger stand, popcorn, assorted fruits, or the delicious churros with chocolate. Ask for this service!

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Photo by Juanlu Rojano

16. What is the method of payment?

Although talking about money is always awkward, during the trial is the time to start talking about the contract, the products and services offered by the caterer, the price, the payment methods, the instalments to cover this payment, the total number of guests… The more things you make clear, the better the experience during the wedding day will be.


As you can see, there are a few questions to keep in mind when choosing the menu to ensure that you don’t miss anything and that everything turns out just as you dreamed it would. Think about everything you want to include in order to enjoy a perfect wedding reception!

And remember, at Perfect Venue we will help you choose your dream venue, the most professional catering service and the most delicious dishes. We are waiting for you!


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