The wedding menus of 2022 will make your mouth water!

If you’ve come here because you want to know about the wedding menu trends for 2022, then your search is over!

If you’ve come here because you want to know about the wedding menu trends for 2022, then your search is over! Because you are going to learn everything here. We will teach you about all the food that you will love!

We always celebrate by eating, this is how we are. What’s more, we do not settle for mediocre, as nowadays the quality of the cuisine available to us gets better and better, and the development of new flavours and skills make this even more exquisite. This is what your guests are craving!

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without an incredible banquet!

Are you ready to learn about what wedding menus will be like in 2022? Well, let’s start!

Cortijo Los Agustinos

Now, dishes will involve a fusion of cultures

The rise in multicultural or mixed weddings is undeniable, because no one decides who they fall in love with! So, the new trend is to mix both of the bride and groom’s separate countries and even include dishes from the place where the wedding is held.

Because the best way to make the two customs or cultures come together is through the banquet, the perfect moment to mix cultures and offer all of the guests the opportunity to taste dishes from both nationalities.

Italian pasta, Greek moussaka, Chinese noodles, Japanese sushi, French cheeses, German beers, Mexican tacos, Norwegian salmon… it’s all about options!

For example, in a wedding between an Italian woman and a Mexican man in Spain, you can’t miss the Tuscan wines, the tacos with chili and the tortilla with potatoes and Serrano ham!

The best thing is to get in contact directly with chefs who specialise in making dishes from each culture, although there is also another much more novel option: to hire expert chefs in fusion cuisine, to fuse the best of each culture into one dish.

Finca Torrefiel

Personalized menus for all tastes and needs

Couples have to take into account the needs of all of their guests, which is why they are increasingly involved in the preparation of the menu, designing detailed proposals for coeliacs, vegans, vegetarians, allergy sufferers or those with an eating intolerance.

Vegetable creams, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrot cake, salmorejo, soups…

Veganism and environmentalism can feature in almost all weddings without sacrificing haute cuisine, so they are increasingly requested from the menus.

Mas de Sant Llei - Perfect Venue
Mas de Sant Llei . Photo by Perfect Venue

Showcooking? yes, I do!

Something that will guarantee success is to see the chef cook live, within sight of all the guests!

From using the classic ham cutter, to the preparation of sushi, rice or cheese, you see more and more of the preparations at weddings nowadays.

Cocktails all day long

Say goodbye to tradition and the non-stop serving of food, now the trend is to start with the cocktail party and keep it going, to keep all the guests in a more relaxed environment and come to the table only to eat the main course.

The trend this 2022 is to reduce the time that everyone spends at the table, and therefore spend more time with the rest of the guests, although there can be seats for older people.

3 caterings de renombre con sello Mediterráneo
3 caterings de renombre con sello Mediterráneo

And this leads to another new trend:

The culinary corners, set up all over the venue.

A cheese table, a vegan corner, hot dog or hamburger food trucks, the candy corner, lemonade stands and craft beer bars.

The idea is that guests do not start the after-party bloated and tired from spending so much time sitting, as in 2022 we reject the traditional banquet. The protocol changes, and food is served throughout the venue!

Photo via Tabatha pasteleria

Desserts and More Desserts

We say goodbye to the giant cakes that the bride and groom usually cut at the end of the banquet with the large knife and then hand them out and serve them to the guests.

The desserts will now be presented in buffet form, with a great variety of versatile options to taste, so that the guests will be happy because they will be able to choose from many options.

Cupcakes, profiteroles, crepes, donuts, chocolates, macaroons… and even churros with chocolate!

This way, it’s easier to taste everything, and we won’t leave anything on the plate as the portions are small!

A Charming Wedding in Mallorca

A snack break, perfect for the after-party

After many hours of dancing, no one would say no to a hamburger or a hot dog.

And that’s exactly what’s new: midnight fast food.

With all these trends, your guests will remember your wedding for the incredible flavours. At Perfect Venue we help you.


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