How can I choose the best communion suit or dress for my son or daughter?

If you are thinking about the communion suit or dress that your little one will wear on this special day, don’t miss these tips!

First communion, both for the protagonist and for their family, is one of the most important events to celebrate. It is a most memorable day for everyone.

After the religious celebration, the banquet and the party that no one will forget begins, but before that, a few months are spent preparing so that when the day comes, everything is perfect: choosing the venue, the menu, the entertainment, the gifts….and of course: the suit or dress that the little one will wear.

So, choosing the outfit for the first communion is not an easy task. Below we will provide you with some tips to make the right choice.

Take a look at these tips!

1. Set a maximum budget 

Before starting the with the fittings, it is best to set a maximum budget so you don’t fall in love with some unattainable clothing!

Also, if you have a limited budget, you can be practical and get yourself a dress or a suit, like the classic one, that can be reused for future events. A true investment! 

2. Think about the time of year

When thinking about the communion outfit, you should think about the time of year in which the communion will take place, as many dresses can be beautiful, but not suitable for the season of the celebration.

As the most ideal thing is that the child feels comfortable in any situation, you can always count on a jacket, bolero or bullfighter jacket in case it gets cold at some point of the day so the child can put it on or take it off whenever they want.

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3. Decide on the wardrobe style 

There are different communion suits for children (sailor, classic, admiral, etc…) and they are also available in different colours, such as navy-blue, black, beige, etc…

The most common thing is to choose a navy-blue suit with a tie, as for girls the most common thing is to wear a long white dress, but there are plenty of options that you should think about. 

But, for this, you always have to take into account the type of communion you want to celebrate, its theme, style, type of venue, and even if it is a more intimate or large celebration. 

4. Choose the shop based on your needs

Although it may not seem like it, the choice of the shop is quite relevant, since depending on where the suit or dress is purchased there will be a big difference in price, style, etc.

For example, in communion clothing shops like El Corte Inglés, you can find more elegant, luxurious and distinctive suits, while in businesses like Rubio Kids, you can find more casual and informal styles.

Have you thought about second-hand shops? These shops are becoming more and more fashionable since they allow you to save a lot for a suit that will only be used once in a lifetime, like online shops they are much cheaper and whose suits only have to be adapted to the child’s figure.

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5. Choose the right accessories

When you have already chosen the suit, it is time to think about accessories and, in this case, when dealing with children…less is more!

Little ones, who are not used to wearing too much jewellery, will feel more comfortable and lighter with simple and youthful elements.

However, it is important that all accessories go in harmony with the chosen suit or dress, according to the range of colours and reflect the personality of each child.

6. Avoid excesses, it is not a wedding

For this reason, you should avoid dressing the girl in dresses full of decorations, ostentatious fabrics, overloaded accessories, etc since they are little girls and they must maintain their innocence.

The same goes with makeup, it is best not to do makeup as they don’t need it, long live natural beauty!

7. Choose a suit that everyone likes

Unlike the christening, in a communion the child already has the power to decide about their clothing, so they will have to give their opinion about what they think, which one they like the most…since ultimately the child will be the one who wears it. 

Although the final decision is made by the parents, you have to think about the child’s tastes, their comfort and that they feel comfortable and happy when they look in the mirror to have such an important day.

When the child is in front of the mirror, tries it on and you all smile…you will have already found the perfect suit or dress.


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