These are the best rural hotels in the middle of nowhere for your getaway in Spain!

These are the best rural hotels for a getaway in Spain and thus escape from the hustle and bustle and the noise of the city in order to rest and disconnect.

Are you weighing up the option of packing your bags and heading to one of the best rural hotels for a getaway in Spain? If what comes to mind is a quiet, magical and charming place where silence reigns…then you’re thinking of rural Spain!

Does COVID-19 have something to do with it? Surely it does, because the coronavirus has paused our lives, changed our course and it has even modified our preferences when going on a trip, because now what is sought is to flee from the crowds and the masses of tourism and opt for places that are in the middle of nowhere.

If what you want is to escape from the city and rest, then here we will present to you the best rural hotels in the middle of nowhere so that, in this new normal, you can rest and disconnect with total safety in the Autonomous Community of your choice.

Rural Spain has endless attractive corners where you can eat well, sleep like a dormouse, relax and unwind. 

Read to the end and tell us which of all these hotels you will choose first!

The best rural hotels in the Community of Madrid

Box Art Hotel, Collado Mediano

Photo via Box Art Hotel – La Torre

This most charming hotel is a mansion from the 19th century that houses an endless number of works of art, designed spaces, a fireplace, a swimming pool and a garden called “The Glass Box”. All this makes this hotel and its good restaurant, Koma, a unique place for all of those who are looking for a getaway near the mountains and the town.

Roqueo de Chavela

Roqueo de Chavela
Photo via Roqueo de Chavela

This beautiful accommodation is located in the middle of the Imperial Route, so it has many places of historical and cultural interest. It is surrounded by protected mountains, marked routes, areas of special protection for birds and is very close to a horse ranch. Ideal for a romantic or family getaway, as well as to also enjoy the company of your pets.

The best rural hotels in Castilla La Mancha

Place du Port (Alocén, Guadalajara)

Photo via Place du Port

This house-hotel in Alcarria is reminiscent of the landscapes of Provence and Tuscany thanks to its stone construction, its wine cellar, its glazed courtyard and the piles of wood for the fireplace that surround the premises. Located in the square of this small town, the details will never cease to amaze you, such as the beer tap or the full breakfast basket that is provided. 

Molino de Alcuneza, Relais & Châteux (Alcuneza, Guadalajara)

Photo via Molino de Alcuneza

The Moreno family has been responsible for turning this 14th century mill into a charming hotel, turning it into a Michelin-star gastronomic destination. In its restaurant, bread and pastries are made with the same traditional craftsmanship, thus recalling times gone by and stimulating the senses through the aromas of flour and freshly baked bread. 

Miluna (Hormigos, Toledo)

Photo via Miluna

Can you fall asleep watching the stars inside a bubble? It’s possible! And just 90 km from Madrid, because in any of these seven 30-square-metre inflatable spheres you can enjoy privacy, tranquillity and connection to nature. In addition, you will have a telescope on each moon (bubble) to get closer to the universe.


Valdepalacios (Torrico, Toledo)

Photo via Valdepalacios

Considered one of the best hotels in Spain, this 19th century stately home features exquisite English-style décor. Away from the tourist routes, in this environment you will only see the horizon while you taste a renowned gastronomy thanks to its restaurant, Tierra, which has a Michelin star and is suitable for all seasons of the year.


Luz de Alba (Argamasilla de Alba, Ciudad Real)

Photo via

This most “eco-chic” hotel, and very close to the Lagunas de Ruidera, takes advantage of the natural resources of the place at all times, since it uses solar energy and generates low light pollution. In it you can enjoy open-air baths by candlelight, as well as good oil for both for meals and cosmetics, since the olive trees in the area have their own stamp.

La Caminera (Torrenueva, Ciudad Real)

Photo via La Caminera

This hotel in Castilla La Mancha has won the award for the best ‘Luxury Wellness Spa’ in Spain at the World Luxury Hotel Awards thanks to its 800m² spa that revolves around olive oil, the Olive Oil Spa Sommelier, with its own different EVOOs and an endless number of spaces and therapies, such as steam baths, ice fountains, loungers with thermal contrasts, chromotherapy, Irish sauna and intensity showers, etc.


The best rural hotels in Castilla y León

Fuente Techada (Sotosablos, Segovia)

Photo via Hotel Finca Fuente Techada

Going to Fuente Techada is to spend a weekend in a house where you don’t have to go out to enjoy good wine, hearty snacks and the relaxation and tranquillity that the environment offers. Although if you wish, and you want to leave the place, the romantic-style church of San Miguel is very close, which can be visited. Did you know that this house is built with materials from other buildings

Hacienda Zorita (Valverdón, Salamanca)

Photo via Hacienda Zorita

If you are lovers of cheese, wine and Iberian ham, this is your hotel. In addition to enjoying these delicacies, in this Dominican estate from 1366 you can also rest and enjoy well-being while you soak up the history of the place.

Castillo del Buen Amor (Topas, Salamanca)

Photo via Castillo del Buen Amor

With more than 1000 years of history, this castle that houses many battles and legends, allows its thick walls, its labyrinthine garden and its moat to invite you to disconnect and relax in any of its rooms. It should be noted that one of the rooms allows one to enter a Renaissance cloister in which luxury is the main protagonist.

Quinta San Cayetano (Candeleda, Ávila)

Photo via Quinta San Cayetano

Going to Quinta San Cayetano is not heading to a simple hotel, but rather entering an authentic holiday spot in the Sierra de Gredos. The natural environment with a swimming pool, the incredible conservatory and the porch with fabulous views of this luxury country house invites you to disconnect from the city and relax.

Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine (Sardoncillo, Valladolid)

Photo via Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine

This hotel, which has received a number of awards, brings together history with silence and good wine. Its spectacular spa makes it stand out from others as it presents the Spa Sommelier concept, where many treatments are carried out with wine. Mindfulness retreats are also organised at Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine, so who is not going to disconnect?

Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena (San Bernardo, Valladolid)

Photo via Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena

This is not a simple hotel, as this 12th century Cistercian monastery is a luxurious spa, the first 5-star spa in Castilla y León. The place in the heart of the Ribera del Duero has 2000m² dedicated to well-being, among which are sixteen treatment cabins, indoor pools, saunas and everything we dream of. 

The best rural hotels in La Rioja

Palacio Tondón, Briñas

Photo via Palacio Tondón

This palace is next to the river Ebro where you can sleep in fully glazed rooms after having dined in its exquisite restaurant, which has local ingredients. With a serene decoration and views of the Tondón vineyards, this space invites you to relax and rest.

Marqués de Riscal, Elciego

Photo via Marqués de Riscal, Elciego

Frank Gehry, the artist of the Guggenheim of Bilbao, is also the artist of this hotel in La Rioja. One of the Marriott International brands that opened in 2006. Not only is the architecture here top tier, but the wine is, too. It has 61 rooms, of which 18 are designed with recyclable materials that also reduce the hotel’s energy consumption.

Casa Josephine, Sorzano

Photo via Casa Josephine

This warm and elegant accommodation opened in March 2007 and is a 19th century family home, restored and decorated by Íñigo Aragón and Pablo López, in order to offer comfort, pleasure and rest to their guests. The furniture in the in the five bedrooms, the two large living rooms with dining rooms, the four bathrooms and the kitchen are made up of Provencal and Italian pieces. 

The best rural hotels in Extremadura

Vaquería CantaElGallo (Jaraiz de la Vera, Cáceres)

Photo via Vaquería CantaElGallo

In the south of Gredos is the Vaquería CantaElGallo, a group of houses with French and English style. This personal project is run by its owner, who fills the rooms with fresh flowers, lit fireplaces and prepares food as if it were for her own family.

The best rural hotels in Aragón

Terra Eco Hotel Bonansa (Bonansa, Huesca)

Photo via

In this town in the Pyrenees there is a bioclimatic architecture, a project by a local architect, Alejandro. He wanted to build a contemporary place based on ecology and the use of local and natural resources, from materials to food. The result is the Terra Eco Hotel Bonansa, a construction in which wood and glass allow one to fit in with the environment and open up to it.

La Torre del Visco (Fuentespalda, Teruel)

Photo via La Torre del Visco

This 15th century country house that has 100 hectares is located in the beautiful valley of the Tastavins river. The gardens are shady, there are terraces, patios and fountains, and hundreds of ancient rose bushes, aromatic plants and thousands of daffodils in spring. Its furniture of different styles ranges from medieval times to modern times.

Consolación (Monroyo, Teruel)

Photo via Consolación

Work of the architects Camprubi i Santacana, this hotel is a restored 16th century hermitage, which has been complemented by ten newly built cabins. Each of them, called kubos, work as a room. Consolación offers views, contact with nature and great gastronomy. 

The best rural hotels in Navarra

Aire de Bardenas, Tudela

Photo via Aire de Bardenas

Located in the Bardenas Natural Park, this hotel offers wonderful views that inspire peace and tranquillity. The rooms of the Hotel Aire de Bardenas are a real luxury, since in this place you will be able to enjoy the moon, the stars and the sunrise, since all of its rooms offer a charming landscape. Do you know that you can even take a bath in the outdoor bathtub? And with absolute privacy!

The best rural hotels in Catalonia 

Hotel Boutique Can Pico (Pelacalç, Girona)

Photo by Hotel Boutique Can

In Catalonia, located 4km from Ruïnes d’Empúries and 85 minutes by car from Barcelona. This hotel with a cosy lounge with a fireplace is a privileged place to relax accompanied by a good bottle of wine. In addition, it has a swimming pool in one of its garden areas to take a bath in summer.

Villa Can Parès (Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona)

Photo via Sitges Hills Villas

This old manor house that still preserves the original elements of the time is surrounded by vineyards where the monks planted their grapes in the 15th century. This space is perfect for a getaway with the warmth of the fireplace, enjoying the spaces of the cosy library, the decoration of the more than 20,000m² garden among which are ponds, an orchard, patios, a fountain, barbecue and a pool surrounded by grass, hammocks and sunshades.



What do you think of these hotels? Tell us at Perfect Venue Manager which one you’ll choose first for your getaway in Spain in one of the best rural hotels in the middle of nowhere!


We help you to disconnect from the noise, the hustle and bustle of the city and routine. After this incredibly different year…you’ll need it!


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