Bridal Pilar Gil, glamor, elegance and distinction in each design

Your fairy tale day is here, your wedding day. You want everything to be special and unique, including the dress that you will wear for one of the most important days of your life. You are looking for an innovative design that adapts to your tastes, personality and charisma and, at the same time, is […]

Your fairy tale day is here, your wedding day. You want everything to be special and unique, including the dress that you will wear for one of the most important days of your life. You are looking for an innovative design that adapts to your tastes, personality and charisma and, at the same time, is made with the best fabrics and designed with professionalism, care and delicacy.

The best thing, in these cases, is that you go to reference stores and designers that ensure you find what you are looking for. Our suggestion? Visit Pilar Gil’s atelier and let yourself fall in love with one of the spectacular models found in her collections.

Whether you are looking for a classic or current design, in Pilar Gil you will find unique haute couture designs that will surely meet the expectations for your dream day.

We think it is a great idea to personally visit this boutique, founded in 2007, in the heart of Logroño. Walking, we approach its cozy and elegant facilities. As we enter through the door of the store, we can perceive a modern and innovative environment where the customer is comfortable and relaxed from the first moment. We are kindly received by one of the personal vendors, who directs us to the workshop, where Pilar Gil is waiting for us, working on one of her designs.

San Patrick 2020

– Good morning, what dresses, and how charming! They are beautiful…

-Good morning thank you very much. Well, I have many more things to teach you …

– Yes, I think that you do not only dedicate yourself to the design of wedding dresses, what other types of clothing and accessories do you work with?

-That’s right, we also work all the fashion that revolves around a wedding. We dress the bridesmaid, the mother of the bride and the closest guests, like the sister. For all of them that day is also very special.

We also work on all accessories such as veils, wedges, headdresses, jewelry, … For us they are very important to achieve a balanced set. A harmonious “total look”.

Jesús Peiró 2020

– And tell us, the store opened in 2007 but your work started much earlier, in 1991. What were your origins like and where was your passion for haute couture forged?

-Curiously, I studied business management, but in my family there was a relationship with the bridal world and I had always been educated in this world, which seemed much more attractive to me. When I had to decide, I did not hesitate for a minute and made the world of brides my project which are almost 30 years old.

– What would you say are the three basic ideas on which your work is based?

-From the first moment we have prioritized three ideas. Innovation first. We want to offer different things, the best designs for today’s bride, modern and dynamic, and made with the best fabrics. Secondly, professionalism, based on our experience of almost 30 years and with a team of first-rate advisers, testers, pattern makers and dressmakers. And finally, the orientation towards the client and the vocation of service, striving with enthusiasm so that the dress chosen by each bride turns out as she has always dreamed of.


-I understand that you personalize the designs, making them unique and with character. What do you base on and inspire when carrying out your creations?

-Most especially in listening to the bride. She has been dreaming about her dress for years and knows better than anyone what she wants. But not all dresses fit all brides, that’s where our experience comes in. With our advice we give shape to your dreams, integrating everything into a harmonious and spectacular ensemble.

– I observe that you have several design lines in relation to wedding dresses. What is each one based on and what type of client is it aimed at?

-The wedding dress has to be a continuity of the bride herself. She has to feel herself and we almost have as many dress lines as personalities. The romantic bride is still very strong and always in fashion. The bohemian style is perfectly suited for beach weddings and wineries. Our Diva line is geared towards feminine dresses. And we are specialists in dresses that we call “renewed classics” that keep all the glamor of classic haute couture, discreet and elegant, fully updated with current tastes.

Jesús Peiró 2020

– You also have your own sewing workshop, how is the process when a bride asks you for a tailored dress until the work is finished?

-Our work begins at the time of sale. We have that vocation of service that distinguishes us. We customize all the dresses according to the measurements of the bride, her tastes, making variations on the initial design. This degree of personalization can only be achieved with an own workshop, in the same store, with direct contact with the client.

We do all the tests that are necessary until the end result is the dream and the dress feels perfectly.

– I suppose you have had something original or important requested or designed if so what was it?

-Yes, there have been several. But, with the perspective of time, we are particularly excited by those cases in which we have solved problems. This is the case of brides with some physical conditioner that required very specialized solutions. And brides who for various reasons did not have a dress within a week of the wedding. We have done work that seemed impossible, and the illusion we have seen in those cases is priceless.

We are also especially excited for brides from distant places who have given us their trust.

St Patrick 2020

– What parameters or characteristics do you think differentiate your designs from the rest and why should our brides choose you?

-The quality both in the designs and in the fabrics. The quality of the service, reaching as far as it is difficult to reach. And something as immaterial as trust. We like our girlfriends and our work, and we think that shows in the result.

– You also work with other designers, if so, which ones?

-We collaborate with the best companies in the bridal world. At the moment we have the exclusive for our city of the three leading designers in Spain. Supporting us with their vision and their work is fundamental for us. With our customization and adaptation work, the result is incredible.

Novias Pilar Gil

– In fact, I know that this month you have presented the St Patrick collection, a very important bridal collection. What was this collection based on and to what does it pay tribute?

-San Patrick is the benchmark company worldwide. For the upcoming season he presents a timeless collection that covers all possible ideas from a perspective inspired by the buildings on the streets of Paris, and lines imbued with all the Italian romanticism. We also want to quote Aire Barcelona, always current, romantic and sweet, with Jesús Peiró, with his renovated classic dresses that are the greatest exponent of class and style, Inmaculada García, one of the discoverers of the bohemian dress. And José María Peiró, one of the greats of Spanish fashion.

For us, collaborating with the best designers is 50% of the success of a wedding dress. The attention in store and the service we give at Novias Pilar Gil is the other 50%.

– What would you say, from your experience, what will be the trends in wedding dresses for the next season?

-Talking about trends is complicated because there are as many as brides, and to respond to that need, we are there. Yes it is seen, and we love this trend, comfortable dresses, whatever the line they are, that do not weigh, that are enjoyed. The dress has to accompany the bride for many hours. We keep that in mind. Often we summarize it in that they are dresses that the bride does not want to take off.

Novias Pilar Gil

– One last question that I consider interesting for our readers, how long in advance should brides contact you to get the dress of your dreams?

-In order not to be in a hurry or nervous, between 6 and 9 months before the wedding is the ideal period. But our team and our way of working allow us to seek solutions to any case that arises.

– Thank you very much for your time and attention. A pleasure to walk among so much glamor, elegance and distinction.

The pleasure has been mine, you are in your house.

We left the Pilar Gil boutique and with it her wonderful fabrics, designs and, of course, her exquisite treatment.

We invite you to know, first hand, all the possibilities that this space can offer you for one of the most important days of your life, your wedding, and how you can highlight your own beauty with an exclusive confection designed for each one of you. . You will fall in love at first sight.


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