We spoke with Bequerul, wedding photographers in Zaragoza

This team of photographers with 25 years of experience gave us an insight into their world of work and passion, wedding photography.

Bequerul is a studio for wedding photographers in Zaragoza. It has a history of the most interesting work, marked by talent, passion and ability to adapt to change. Next year they will celebrate 25 years doing what they love the most: photographing unique moments.

When we contacted them to get to know them better, we already knew their work was amazing, but what we didn’t know was that in addition to being great professionals, they are a team of amazing people who are so easy to talk to about anything and build exciting ideas and projects.

This interesting interview arose from our meeting in which we asked about how the company began, their experience and the way in which they work. They recently received an award from Wedding Photographers, which doesn’t surprise us! We’ll leave you with the team, so that you can get to know them and their most special photographs better.

Bequerul Wedding Photographer in Zaragoza

Who is behind Bequerul?

There is a team of photographers and equipped helpers who are capable of producing huge work. The team is made up of four photographers, Conchi, Manuel, Cecilia and Susana, and two helpers, Jorge and Olga.

Conchi and Manuel always had the hobby and calling for photography. Slowly entering into this world of work, we fell in love with photography, and we started to feel sensations that you can only reach through images.

Susan studied at art school, where she had always had a passion for photography and where she made her first steps as an amateur. Later on, she had the opportunity to join a team where she continued to learn the basics and she started training more specifically in wedding photography, with the great professionals of this sector in Spain.

Bequerul Wedding Photographer in Zaragoza

You have a lot of history and experience in this career behind you, we’d love to know more about it!

Bequerel started in 1994. The owners at the time had jobs that weren’t making them happy, so they were already thinking about this idea. They were preparing and training in different areas of Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid, and other places where they could find photography  workshops that focused on different styles. They always stuck with the essence of adapting things to the way you personally see them.

They started with old and archaic analogical photography, and they progressed more and more until they had passed through all of the great changes that had taken place in photography and Zaragoza’s society. Not only have we been present for the transition from analog to digital, but we have also accompanied the evolution of the people of Zaragoza, who are becoming more and more demanding as each day goes by. We love this because they set goals, and we reach them together. Nowadays, everyone has their own identity which we must reflect within the moments we capture. It’s imperative that we know beforehand what the client wants each of us to capture, since we’re not a chain and each of us have our own style; we believe this offers a real and clear depiction of each moment.

Bequerul Wedding Photographer in Zaragoza

Can you tell us more about your history so we can see how you’ve reinvented yourself over the years, adapting to new trends and techniques? How do you deal with these changes?

Really, I think there are two complicated milestones to face. The first and most well known is the change from analog to digital. When this took place, many colleagues chose to close their studies because they did not like the change. I think at that time, it was hard to believe that computers could do the things they’re capable of doing today, even when we take a moment to look back, we see it and we say ‘wow’.

The other change is the one that has given people the option to click, the need to write on images, to feel the photograph, to feel the moment but to also be unique. This is what makes our work complicated and exciting, no wedding is the same, even the ones that have the same time, place and format. We are proud to say that because we organise our weddings so specifically, they are totally unique and exclusive.

Bequerul Wedding Photographer in Zaragoza

On August 1, 2018 you received a prize from Wedding Photographers, Congratulations! What does this mean for a photographer? Do you think that being given a prize increases your client database or your viability?

When it happened, it was an incredible rush for the whole team. We were under the impression that the prize is only given to a select few, and that it’s rigged etc. But we decided to investigate the different prize categories, and we entered ourselves in the round that suited us, and next thing you know..a prize!

Furthermore, a huge sum of people have congratulated us on social media: photographers, already existing clients and new clients. Since then we introduced ourselves to the group fearless, inspired by Brazil and mywed, where they accepted us instantly and congratulated us on our prize winning. We now hope to continue working within this line, because we’ve discovered how real it is and the level of strength and energy it gives us to make something unique is incredible.

In actual fact, one of our photographers is working towards the ultimate goal of achieving a Goya in photography. She says that the path towards getting it would be an enriching experience for her and her team, one which she’d love to achieve.

De hecho una de nuestras fotógrafas tiene como meta conseguir un Goya en fotografía, nos comenta que el recorrer el camino hasta poder conseguirlo, sería una experiencia de enriquecimiento personal y para él equipo, que le gustaría lograr.

What qualities do you think a wedding photographer needs to have?

From our experience, apart from being a professional, needs to be a friend, a confidant and an accomplice for the couple on one of the most important days of their lives. If you’re all of this, it’s a lot easier to win over the couple that have hired you, and they win our hearts too, as we’re living the moment as if it’s our own.

Bequerul Wedding Photographer in Zaragoza

Where do you usually work? Do you travel through Spain or abroad?

The usual way of having a studio in the streets of Zaragoza is that people come from the region of Aragon. They contact us more and more frequently everyday from different parts of Spain. Since we received the national prize, people have been asking for more information on the rest of Europe.

Bequerul Wedding Photographer in Zaragoza

Do you have experience with mixed weddings? We would love for you to tell us any anecdotes.

The truth is that this could almost make a whole book. Telling every experience and anecdote would be impossible.

For Conchi and Manuel, the anecdote that will forever stay in his memory is a couple of girls from Senegal and a Londoner. It was the first wedding that we actually filmed which made everything a lot more complicated. We were surprised by the traditional dances that the friends of the bride were doing, mixed with their typical London style and seriousness. This mix eventually created an extraordinarily unique wedding.

Susana laughs when she tells us her memory of when they kidnapped the Romanian girlfriend and put her in a car in some hidden park, whilst they danced and then gave her back to the groom half an hour later on the farm to let the party continue.

Cecilia’s had goosebumps when she heard Paula sing. Even when the microphone broke, she continued to sing without assistance in open air, and her impressively strong voice was still heard perfectly by all of the guests.

Bequerul Wedding Photographer in Zaragoza

So you’re a team of 6. How do you organise yourselves? How many of you go to each wedding?

We organise ourselves into two teams of two photographers and one assistant. Within these teams, we work in such an effective way that at any moment we can communicate accurately through as little as a look or a sign.

Bequerul Wedding Photographer in Zaragoza

In addition to weddings, you are experts in photographing couples. What is the main challenge with this type of work? How do you manage to reflect the chemistry and love that a couple share in a few pictures?

The most important and hardest part is to achieve a look of complicity between the couple. One way or another, we figure out how to connect with the people…even the most serious boyfriends and photo-haters end up having a great time with us! This element of fun is so important because the best photographs are the ones that are fuelled on love, humour and a very natural tone.

Bequerul Wedding Photographer in Zaragoza

How far in advance should couples contact you?

We’re currently filling in the final gaps of the 2019 season, and preparing for the 2020 season.

The best thing you can do to ensure you can book with us is to book as soon as possible. This is because nowadays we have people contacting and hiring us usually 12-15 months before the wedding, and in some cases up to two years before!

Thank you so much to the Bequerul Team for opening their doors to their company and their passion!

If you’d like to know more about these wedding photographers in Zaragoza, don’t forget to visit their website and their social media pages.


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