Wedding Planner course. Starts in Feb 2024

Become a wedding and event planner today! With our five-star courses you can enjoy an exciting new career in wedding and event planning.


Become a wedding and event planner today! With our five-star courses you can enjoy an exciting new career in wedding and event planning.


People who love each other always dream of getting married, so forget that “weddings are going to disappear”, on the contrary, the figure of the Wedding Planning is becoming increasingly necessary, because couples need someone to help them realise their dream of wedding in style.

So yes, the profession of Wedding Planner is a profession that is booming, so we must consider carrying out specific training to be the best.

What could be better than dedicating ourselves to something that we like, that interests us, motivates and excites us? There is nothing like dedicating time to something we believe in and with which we feel identified, which allows us to evolve as people and professionals and which helps to make life easier for couples.

Learn more than just how to organise weddings

Yes, you read that right, in this Wedding Planner course you will learn not only how to organise an ordinary wedding, but you will also learn all about planning destination weddings.

Nowadays there are many brides and grooms who come from abroad and organising a wedding for them is not the same, because they don’t know the country, language and regions of the country, so the manner of organising their wedding is different.

In addition, you will also know how to deal with all kinds of situations and unforeseen events, providing advice to the bride and groom, interacting with your suppliers, etc.

Best professionals on Wedding Planner course

Yes, the best thing is that you will learn everything with the best professionals in the sector who have extensive experience.

Your Wedding Planner course will be taught by the founder of the Weddings in Spain by Natalia Ortiz agency and the Perfect Venue team.

Natalia Ortiz is the director of the company Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, and she has been working in the wedding and event organisation sector for more than 10 yearsHer projects can be seen in the best international wedding blogs, such as Green Wedding Shoes, BLOVED, Bridal Musings, etc. Therefore, as she is recognised in different parts of the world, many of her clients come from different countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, France, Mexico, etc.

And after this course… You too can be a professional in the sector!

In addition, you will also learn about one of the most exclusive and unique marketplaces: Perfect Venue, where you will find the most charming venues for weddings and events in Spain, each of them have 4 and 5 stars. This marketplaces is classified by the name of the venue, by region and by theme of the event.

How and where I can attend for the Wedding Planner course?

In-person: At our offices in Las Rozas de Madrid, located at Calle de Teruel 3.

Duration of the course

The Wedding Planner course lasts 3 months in the classroom mode.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts 19 of Feb 2024 and finishes 17 of May 2024, offline classes.


The course consists of 300 theoretical and practical hours in class, a minimum 200 practical hours, where students will be able to apply what they have learnt in the theoretical classes.

Individual and group work, individual tutorials, mentoring sessions and professional internships in the best companies in the sector, designed specifically for each student.

Students will carry out individual and group practice sessions during the course, and the teachers will check and evaluate them to help them in their academic progression, in order to certify that they have reached the minimum level required to obtain the qualification/diploma.

With this methodology, used in the most advanced educational systems, students learn everything they need to achieve their main objective: to work as wedding and event planners and succeed with it.

Limited access program for 8 students

It is a proved fact that learning in small groups can improve the results of education, because it provides with a series of benefits and helps them to learn better. For this reason, our groups are limited up to 8 people.

Each and every one of them will receive personalised attention.

If you want to make a change in your life and become a successful Wedding Planner… We have what you are looking for! A Wedding Planner course that has everything you need to achieve it. Are you ready to be one of the 8 students?

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