Private Chef in your villa: an exclusive experience to enjoy across Spain

Having a private chef in your villa is one of the most exclusive plans that you can experience arranged by Perfect Venue.

Having a private chef in your villa is one of the most exclusive plans that you can experience arranged by Perfect Venue.


If cooking is not your thing, but you like eating and you want to enjoy a food-filled experience in the comfort of your home, without a doubt you should hire a private chef in your villa.

If you want a romantic dinner, to invite friends over for lunch, to celebrate a special event with family, without a doubt hiring a chef will save you a predicament.

The chef and their team of kitchen professionals will sort it out for you and can be found across Spain, a country that has seen the birth of the greatest chefs across the world. 

Either for a weekend, during your holiday or just for a special night, having a private chef in your villa is possible and in this article we will tell you everything about this incredible experience.

Get comfortable and we will begin! However, we aren’t responsible for making your mouth water.

The experience of converting your villa into a restaurant

There is nothing more exclusive than having a private chef and seeing your villa filled with a professional team as if it were a restaurant.

The chef will arrive some time before to develop the menu that you have designed together. Him and his team will order all the products needed to make the dishes, and also sort out the table service, explaining the details of each dish so that you can enjoy a unique experience in the comfort of your villa.

And the best part is that before leaving, the chef and their team will leave the kitchen spotless, like the utensils and the used dishes.

A discreet and professional service that guarantees that you will enjoy your company without worrying about anything. Enjoy an unhurried table service, knowing that the chef is in charge of everything!

Furthermore, if you are passionate about cooking, enjoy this great opportunity to learn together with a renowned chef while he prepares the menu, A 2-in-1 deal!

Hire a private chef in your villa for an event

As we have mentioned before, a private chef can be hired for a couples dinner, as well as for friends or family, but if you want something even better, you can also hire them for a big-scale event in your villa.

There are loads of private chefs that you can hire for an event or party who will work in the same way as if it were a smaller event: they will move around the event with everything they need, they will serve the food and afterwards they will leave the kitchen spotless. 

You just have to tell them the number of guests that will be there and they will take charge of everything else! And you, in the meantime, just have to enjoy being the host.

Renowned chefs across Spain

There are no borders between Autonomous Communities! There are an infinity of chefs across the country. 

They can travel to work in any region necessary whatever the location of your villa be: Valencia, Andalucía, Basque Country… There are no limits!

It is important to highlight that the menus are made with the help of the client and together they create all types of dishes, always taking into consideration possible allergies and preferences. 

Spanish chefs triumph across the world

Spanish cuisine is one of the best known by all the people that know it and have been able to try it, and, along with it, many famous Spanish chefs have surfaced and have made history. 

In Spain, we find well-renowned chefs that are not only considered the best chefs in Spain, but their names are found amongst the best in the world, who have managed to conquer the palates of millions of people.

The chefs of our country continue to reinvent themselves, they find new techniques, flavours and products to reach the peak, which has meant that many of them have important awards like the Repsol Guide, Michelin stars Zagat Awards, etc. 

Whether it be products, creativity, techniques, services… Spanish cuisine even triumphs in “The Best Chef Awards” because even the best chef in the world is Spanish

Chefs that specialise in all cuisines

When we travel across the world, as well as finding beautiful landscapes, historical places or a magic spot, we also want to eat well. For this reason, food tourism has more and more followers. 

Well now hiring a private chef in your villa will let you have a journey of flavours without having to leave the house, since the chefs that come from all across Spain are specialised in all types of cuisines.

So, you will not stop being surprised with tasty dishes from any cuisine that you would like: Japanese, Thai, American, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, French…

Whatever region it be that you want your palette to travel to, your private chef will take you there with aromas and flavours!

Having a private chef has many advantages

Can you think of any disadvantages? Because we can’t! Because experiencing this will make you forget the stress of designing a menu, going to buy the products, cooking it, serving it, cleaning everything after…

The same chef will take charge of everything! A unique and exclusive experience that few can say they have done and that without a doubt will surprise your partner, your friends or your family with some delicious dishes and an unbeatable service.

A completely “perfect” plan

If you are tired of making the same plans and you are immersed in the day to day routine, at Perfect Venue we have loads of ideas to keep the dream and interest alive, either for a partner, family or with friends, we have the perfect plan.

As well as enjoying the service of a private chef in your villa, you can also do yoga classes beside the sea in Mallorca, fly in a hot air balloon, do wine tastings, spend the day with a personal shopper, fly in a helicopter… and the best part is we can adapt each plan to your likes and preferences.

We are at your service to listen to your dreams and desires and try to offer you the perfect plan so that your dreams will become reality. Contact us so that we can put in motion and so that your experience is even more successful! +34 722 47 60 27