Catering for birthday parties: we take care of surprising your guests’ palate

This is the Perfect Plan to have a birthday party catering on the most special day of the year.

This is the Perfect Plan to have a birthday party catering on the most special day of the year.


If you’re wondering how to carry out catering for birthday parties… we have it! Nothing like this Perfect Plan to surprise all your guests through the palate, both children’s and adults’!

Yes, that’s what we’re here for, to do everything for you so you can have a most memorable celebration without having to worry about anything. We adapt to the birthday theme, your tastes, the space you want… You just have to relax.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything about what’s included in this plan: delicious food for the most demanding palates (children’s), table decoration, food for adults, cake, attention at all times, and much more!

Let’s get started! It’s time to celebrate a fun birthday while you taste the best delicacies!

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First things first: We bring your catering wherever you need it

There are no borders between Autonomous Communities! And we travel throughout the country. No matter which region of Spain your child is going to blow out the candles in, we set course to serve you the best catering for birthday parties.

The whole team moves to work in any region where you need us, wherever you want to hold your birthday party: Mallorca, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville… There are no limits!

If you’re thinking of celebrating your birthday at home or in a space in your urbanization, we take care of it! And if you prefer a celebration in a space like a farm or a zoo, we’ll also take care of it!

If you’re still not sure where to carry out your catering for birthday parties, in Perfect Venue, you have incredible spaces throughout Spain where you can celebrate your birthday with catering included and surprise not only your palate but all your senses.

The catering food, rich and varied

For your little one’s birthday, you can customize the menu you like the most or have a tasting menu with the best specialties from the catering, which can come in handy to have a great variety of food.

What is clear is that the catering won’t only have the typical food served at children’s birthday parties (burgers, pizzas, or hot dogs) but you can also choose healthier options if you wish.

In addition to the food, we can also take care of serving sweets: cookies, macarons, kinder eggs, smarties, gummy bears, a sweet food station that will fascinate everyone!

A corner for adult pleasure

You read that right! If you are one of those parents who also want to invite other children’s parents…great! Because we also take care of preparing a corner for adults to enjoy delicious food.

In a more informal way, you can count on having canapés and anything else you want to include, just let us know your preferences!

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Not only is food included

Yes, we take care of getting the tastiest, healthiest, and most appetizing food and displaying it at your event, but we also take care of much more to make your birthday party a success.

Keep reading and discover everything we offer!

Cake and piñata…of course!

What is a birthday party catering without cake? Nothing! The best thing is that we know the best bakeries so that no one misses out on a piece of cake at the birthday party.

That’s why we’ll get you a cake tailored to your tastes, with fondant, chocolate, cream, cartoons…and, above all, candles to make a wish.

The piñata is also something that children usually love, so if you wish, we can also include it in your birthday party catering. Fun guaranteed!

Decoration of the tables at your birthday party catering

Table decoration is essential at every party. That’s why we’ll decorate the tables with the birthday party theme, and we know everything about event decoration trends.

Giant Lego pieces, figures of their favorite character, printed tablecloths, colorful balloons…We adapt to tastes and the age of the birthday boy/girl.

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A photographer at your birthday party catering

No one leaves an event without taking lots of photos for memories, and for the birthday party, we hire a professional photographer for you.

Photos are essential at both children’s and adult events, so there’s nothing better than having a photographer to professionally capture the smiles and faces of children while they enjoy delicious food.

Nothing like photos to remember one of the happiest days of their life!

Organization and Coordination

Yes, we want everything to be perfect, that’s why we are present on the day of the birthday, organizing everything in advance and coordinating everything throughout the day so that your birthday party catering is spectacular. 

You will have a person there from beginning to end to attend to the children and their needs, so that parents don’t have to worry about anything. Professionals take care of everything for you and are attentive to every detail!

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Price, to be consulted

The price of birthday party catering depends on different factors such as the location of the party, the number of guests you have, the date on which it will be prepared, and the exact elements you need. 

That’s why we recommend that you contact us so that we can give you a personalized quote.

As parents who embark on the adventure of organizing a birthday party catering, you surely don’t want to miss any detail when organizing it. 

That’s why, as we love children’s parties at Perfect Venue, we will do everything for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are already waiting for you to start working on the preparations.