Looking for bridal hairstyle trends for 2025? Here you will find them all!

Look no further, we have found them, here you have all the hairstyle trends for brides in 2025. Get ready for natural, tousled, and windblown hair.

Surely you already know all the trends in wedding dresses for 2025 and all the makeup trends for brides in 2025, well, it’s time to know the hairstyle trends for brides in 2025.

So, for you to shine in the most special moment of your life, and also go to the last, we have made us with all the trends. But we’ve already told you that the key this season will lie in naturalness.

It’s time for you to choose the hairstyle you like the most, or the two you like the most… and if many brides have a second dress… why not also a second hairstyle?

Grab your comb and hairspray because we’re starting to inspire you!

Wedding in Mallorca - Perfect Venue
Photo via: Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Unbridled in the form of hairstyle

Loose and carefree updos are a trend that will continue to boom and gain ground, and this type of hairstyle makes you look sophisticated and natural, as well as relaxed and elegant, they have it all!

A very popular trend will be the loose strands around the face, to give that slightly tousled look. They also add a romantic, bohemian feel.

Mermaid mane

Waves are always a hit in any hairstyle, but this year the waves that will triumph this year will be the open ones, those that look loose and natural, as if it were a mermaid!

To achieve them, you have to make very pronounced waves, but all of them must be opened with a wide-tooth comb!

Wedding in Madrid - Perfect Venue
Photo via: Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Wet look

The wet finish will be a trend for brides in 2025, and the truth is that so far few brides have dared to wear this type of look for their big day.

The idea is to create a wet hair effect, as if just out of the shower – perfect for brides who want to get married with a view of the sea, on the beach or in a humid environment!

Super original braids

Braids are already almost a classic in bridal hairstyles, but this 2025 they are going to triumph for their creativity and originality.

For example: Dutch braids, root braids, herringbone braids… the options are endless.

Wedding in Sierra Nevada - Perfect Venue
Photo by Rosa Garrido

Tousled effect

The tousled style updos will make the difference, how to get them? Very simple: leaving strands loose, playing with volume and not leaving a perfect finish.

For example, a bun that we love with this effect is the nest bun, and the charm of this updo lies in the fact that it is an elaborate hairstyle but with a clear casual finish, as the hair seems to be combed as if it were finger-combed. The nest bun is wide and slightly undone.

Ponytails with waves

Ponytails are as elegant as any updo and the ones we will see most next season are the ones with more volume in the length of the ponytail which can be achieved by slightly backcombing the hair and creating waves from mid-lengths to ends.

Wedding Elopement - Perfect Venue
Photo by Tanya Vasiliuk, Photo via: Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Low bows

Low bows have always been very popular among brides, as they are very elegant and refined, and they highlight any back neckline.

Something very characteristic is to add accessories, such as brooches, tiaras, etc., which will make your low bun even more romantic and charming.

Pamelas or hats

We have already seen this accessory in past weddings, but this 2025 the most creative and innovative brides will bet on very special hats or pamelas, with details that exude personality, such as hats with a veil of lattice, pamelas full of feathers, straw or raffia hats, lined in silk, suede, etc..

They also look great with low buns, with loose hair, braids … and you can even reuse it and take advantage of it for another special occasion.

It is crucial to do a hairstyle test beforehand to make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your chosen look. So, now that you know the bridal hairstyle trends of 2025… It’s time to contact us and find out how we can make your bridal hairstyle simply perfect!


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