Wedding trends of 2025: We got them! Here’s everything that’s going to be in this year

We have all the wedding trends of 2025, so if you are getting married next year, keep an eye on what will be in the wedding world.

We love knowing all about the wedding trends of 2025! And we’re sure that, if you’re here, you want to know a little more about what the upcoming bridal season has planned for us.

Well, that’s why we are here, because we have all the wedding trends of 2025 and we are going to tell you all about them so you can get married in the latest fashion and surprise all your guests.

And we already warn you that they are very, very new: weddings, like rules, are changing!

Okay, that’s it. We won’t bother anymore, take a pen and paper and write them all down! Let us know later which one is your favorite!

Here we go!

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Weddings that last several days

Yes, multi-day weddings are in fashion and we have already seen it in the weddings of several influencers. 

This 2025 the celebration will go from a pre-wedding party where a reception is held for all the guests arriving at the destination and who do not yet know each other, to a night surrounded by friends and family to celebrate the last day of singles, followed by the wedding day, and until after the big day, where everyone comes back together to enjoy a brunch to crown on a yacht, in a castle or in a villa, a magical weekend. 

Who can resist a multi-day party? It’s one of our favorite wedding trends of 2025, we love the fuss!

Outdoor celebrations 

No walls! If the coronavirus brought something “good” to the celebrations, it was to hold them outdoors, and it has been so popular that it has remained, which has caused us to feel more and more uncomfortable crammed in closed spaces. 

The good thing is that the outdoor canopies will allow guests to relax and remain equally protected from the inclemency of the weather during the ceremony, the banquet or the party, plus it is much more romantic, warm and cozy.

The weather is not an excuse! This year the “I do” is said outdoors. Don’t miss these 25 original ideas for an outdoor wedding.

Mas de Sant Llei - Perfect Venue
Mas de Sant Llei

Destination weddings

This is one of our favorite wedding trends of 2025, and destination weddings are growing in popularity, so more and more couples are choosing to celebrate a more intimate wedding on a vacation to a fabulous destination. 

Who wouldn’t want to say “I do” on a paradisiacal beach, in a golden desert, among vineyards or on top of a cliff? Well, lucky you! Because packing your bags and heading somewhere else to return home as a married couple is a trend. 

Did you know that celebrating a destination wedding has a lot of advantages? We’ll tell you ALL about them!

Live music from well-known bands

Live music is one of the options that is gaining more and more prominence, but in 2025 it will be the talk of the town because it will not only sound live, but also in different genres and with well-known groups or even with fun orchestras. There are many renowned artists who burst into the wedding with one of their songs leaving the couple speechless!

By having a concert at your wedding, you can create an intimate and perfect atmosphere to enjoy great live music, a unique experience for your guests! Don’t you know yet the advantages of having live music at your wedding?

Photo by Alvaro Sancha

More intimate weddings 

In many occasions, the bride and groom prefer to avoid traditional and formal weddings and invite only the most important people for them to share this unique moment in a more intimate and cozy way. 

Well, in 2025 these couples are in luck! Because now the trend will be to celebrate an intimate wedding. 

Do you already know the advantages and disadvantages of celebrating an intimate wedding? 

Wedding elopement

Have you heard of wedding elopement? You are probably thinking what is this, well, let’s put it in context: Elopement means to run away without looking back and not to return. This term is attributed to elopement weddings, which are those in which the bride and groom decide to elope to get married. 

And yes, you read that right: among the wedding trends of 2025 is a wedding elopement. 

More and more millennials are thinking of getting on a plane, fleeing far away and showing up in their favorite enclave, returning home as a married couple. It has endless advantages! Contact us and we’ll tell you all about them.

You will surely find interesting this article about hiring an elopement wedding planner in Spain.

destination wedding
Photo by Chris & Ruth Photography

Colored wedding dresses 

Yes, it’s to say goodbye to white, and this color is starting to take a back seat in the choice of the wedding dress, because there is nothing that gives more personality and character than a color.

Reds, blues, pinks, grays, pastels, champagne and even black – the brides of 2025 will wear it all! Do you already know the tye dye trend? It is the gradient of colors on the bottom of the dress that is gaining so much ground among today’s brides.

It’s one of our favorite 2025 wedding trends!

Slow weddings

What do you mean, slow weddings? What is that? Well, as the word dictates. Slow means leisurely, calm… and that’s exactly what will happen in 2025: Weddings without stress, without nerves, without rushing, without running from one side to the other.

It is one of the trends in weddings 2025 that we think is the best, and couples always say that the day goes by too fast because they don’t stop for a second. That’s why this year’s weddings are all about enjoying, being relaxed and having a good time with your guests.

Even if this means giving up giving gifts to relatives, speeches, changes of look… And for this, nothing better than an intimate wedding or an elopement wedding. In 2025… Keep Calm!

Finca el Portazo

Long tables

Yes, we had already seen them in some weddings, but this year they burst with more strength than ever turning the long tables into the main protagonists of the banquet.

Although in this type of tables the interaction between the guests at each end of the table will not be very fluid, due to the distance, it is true that this type of tables create a very familiar atmosphere.

The best thing is that there are long tables that allow up to 70 guests for larger weddings and long tables with a maximum capacity of 15 guests, for more intimate weddings.

In addition, these tables are very integrating and reminiscent of those family reunions where all the members sit around the long dining table. We love it!

Different floral decoration

Flowers at weddings is something that will never go out of fashion, what is happening is that they are appearing in more and more original ways. 

Among the wedding trends of 2025 are creative floral structures, no more round or classic structures; mixing types of flowers that have never been combined before and combining colors to make charming palettes with flowers.

Don’t miss this article where we tell you all about the 2025 wedding flower trends! Undoubtedly, the floral environment at weddings this year will take the breath away from all guests.

Flowers at weddings in 2025 - Perfect Venue
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Very large cakes  

This is one of the wedding trends of 2025 that the sweet tooth will love the most. And although the sweets table is already almost essential at any wedding, wedding cakes are gaining more ground than ever.

How? Well, by appearing in XXL size. You read that right, even for intimate and smaller weddings, giant and multi-tiered cakes will be the ones to wear this year. 

Nude effect cakes, full of flowers, hexagonal shapes, marble effect… It doesn’t matter how it is! All cakes will be good if they are of a big size.

Eco paper invitations

Yes, although we had already seen some sustainable details, now is the time to have a completely ecological wedding without giving up anything, just by reusing elements, as in this case the paper.

One way to help the environment and contribute to sustainability in 2025 is to create homemade invitations made by the bride and groom themselves, with elements such as recycled paper, cut out die-cuts, collected flowers, scrapbooking, lettering with ecological ink and even seed paper.

Recycled paper will not only predominate in invitations, but also in menus, tablecloths, etc. A trend that will hopefully stay forever!

Wedding Castell de Ben Viure - Barcelona
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Now that you know what the wedding trends are for next year, we just have to get ready, and at Perfect Venue we can’t wait to organize your wedding.

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