Do you want a unique and original christening for your baby? Write down all of these ideas!

If you already got ideas for your fashionable baby shower and you celebrated it in one of our exclusive venues, now is the time to get ideas for the christening. Because whether your baby is about to be born, or has just been born, a celebration of this category cannot be overlooked. With the arrival […]

If you already got ideas for your fashionable baby shower and you celebrated it in one of our exclusive venues, now is the time to get ideas for the christening. Because whether your baby is about to be born, or has just been born, a celebration of this category cannot be overlooked.

With the arrival of a new family member it is difficult to dedicate the required amount of time to the preparations and the organisation of the christening, that’s why, at Perfect Venue, we are proposing a series of ideas so that you can nail the christening.

Take a look at this article! We guarantee that we will surprise you, just like you will surprise your guests when they see the christening that you are about to prepare.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Find a unique venue

How many venues can you think of to celebrate your baby’s christening party and banquet? Surely many! But…had you thought of a palace, a country house, castle, estate, farmhouse or large gardens?

Well,  let us tell you, that at Perfect Venue, we have all these venues and many more so that the unique christening of your baby is remembered, in part, for its venue.

There are venues of all capacities and types! But the best thing is that they are all over Spain, and it will fit perfectly with all of your guests because many of them also have accommodation!

This really is a christening in style!

Have you already seen the best venues for christenings in Madrid and the best venues for christenings in Barcelona? They will leave you speechless!

Indulge in the decoration!

For your baby to have a unique and special christening party, the decoration has to be really taken care of, taking into account different aspects.

You have to mainly think about the colour, as well as the theme (which we will see later). What if we break the normal established tradition and we leave white behind? Pastel tones are so fashionable that, combined with each other, they will have a spectacular result.

We recommend using green, yellow, violet, pink and blue pastels, combined with flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, etc.

The originality for christenings now is to deviate from traditions and opt for personal, different and unique tastes. For example…?

Balloons, lanterns and garlands

If you opt for any of our large venues, whether the party is indoors or outdoors, there are elements that give a touch of charm that cannot be missing, those are lanterns, garlands and balloons.

These elements, which also decorate any event that children are going to attend very well, have multiple purposes since they are very colourful and very easy to place around the venue. Of course, always matching the theme and colour chosen.

You can place an arch full of balloons, garlands that cross the ceilings, or that hold your baby’s clothes, just like the balloons can also have children’s motifs.

Find the best of themes

As we have already seen, communions and weddings are celebrated with any theme, one that goes with the personality or hobby of the child or of the bride and groom.

Therefore, why can’t we also organise a themed christening? Why does your baby have to have a conventional christening if they can have one in style? When they grow up and see the fantastic photos, they will certainly thank you.

An example of a theme could be a country christening, full of jute bunting, seating plans, white table runners on wooden tables, burlap details, wooden boxes, blackboards, etc…and if you combine these elements with mint green colours and green, you will create a trend!

Another option is to arrange a naval christening, with red and blue stripes, between anchors, nets and fabrics that simulate the sail of the ship, your guests will feel like they are sailing on the waves of the sea!

A christening with a children’s theme is also a winning bet, such as unicorns, those fantastic creatures that fascinate all little ones. You just have to have the holographic prints, figures of this animal, pink and white tones, etc.

And if not, how about a flower-themed christening, where the venue is filled with flower arches, pots, vases and centrepieces?

Choose the theme that you like the most for your baby!

Hand out unbeatable invitations

The invitation is the first contact your guest has about the christening, so it is very important that it is perfect!

You just have to capture the theme of the christening in the invitations and add original touches such as a photo of the baby, an emotional phrase…and don’t forget the place and time!

Some invitations that will undoubtedly attract attention and that are very unconventional are the DIY invitations that, if you have time, you can make in great detail and completely personalise!

Let your imagination run wild and make your little one’s party invitation amaze everyone! We are sure that when they receive your invitation, they will not be able to wait any longer for this special day to arrive.

Have a special banquet!

You already know that a celebration without good food is not a celebration, and in Spain we celebrate everything for the stomach! What kind of guest doesn’t like to attend an event and find good wine and exquisite dishes?

Whether you opt for a more traditional banquet, or if your idea is a brunch or a light appetiser, or even a buffet, your guests can’t go hungry nor can they not fall in love with the space.

So, to serve your appetisers, dishes and desserts, we will give you some idea to put them into practice.

Matching tableware

With the chosen tones and elements that allude to the theme, an exclusive tableware will allow you to complete the decoration in addition to making the gastronomic proposals that are served at a christening more attractive. Add small centrepieces to the tableware and cutlery, and that’s it!

  • Personalised centrepieces

A very original option for the centrepieces is to create an edible one. But how? By placing a tree of sweets, marshmallows or children’s biscuits in the centre of the table in a vase or basket.

This can be accompanied by flowers and candles, as well as a photo of the baby. Besides being inexpensive, it is very attractive!

  • Always a chocolate bar

Yes, we all like sweets and chocolates, that’s why a chocolate bar can’t be missing at a christening, especially if many of the guests will be children.

Set up a table or a cart full of biscuits, chocolates, cakes, cupcakes and many sweets on supports, vases, boxes, trays, baskets…everything you can think of is valid!

And don’t forget to decorate this little corner as well as God intended, like the whole venue!

  • Personalised sweets

Regardless of the theme and the tones chosen for your little one’s christening, a very symbolic and special detail is to have sweets that allude to the christening, such as biscuits in the shape of rattles, dummies, bottles, bootees, angels…

Will your guests be able to eat them or will they want to keep these sweets as a souvenir?

  • Show off with the cake

Say goodbye to the conventional white cake and opt for a spectacular cake that marks a milestone in christening cakes.

Use colours, pearls, edible flowers, animals, fondant, fruit, macaroons, dry fruit…and place your cake in the centre of the sweet treat table!

  • Make sure no one is left without a souvenir

There is nothing more traditional than giving guests a souvenir of the celebration, that is why we want to give it a twist and make it more original.

No key rings, fans, figures or little gifts that will be put into a drawer and forgotten about. Now is the time to put your craft skills to use and create useful gifts that no one has!

How about a hand-carved wooden photo frame, candles decorated by yourself with rope and fabric, a chocolate bar with the child’s photo on the wrapper, a hand-painted bookmark or some homemade jam? Of course, everything with the baby’s name and christening date on!

If you want to give your child’s christening an unusual touch, with these ideas we guarantee that you will have it, you just have to put them into practice!

And since a christening celebration is a special event, at Perfect Venue we want to help you succeed on this day. Don’t hesitate because we make it very easy for you!


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