Planning Your Emergency Wedding Kit

These are just some of the things that may happen at your wedding, which is where an emergency wedding kit comes in handy.

Even though you’re already close to completely finalizing all of your wedding details, you might think that it’s time to catch up on some much-needed sleep. But before you do, we encourage you to think about any potential “what ifs” that might occur.

When planning for you wedding in Spain, keep in mind that there’s a slight chance certain things won’t go according to plan. More often than not, these situations are those that are beyond your control so it’s extremely crucial to try to consider where things may go wrong and have a back up plan for it. Some of the things you should be prepared for include:

  • Sudden change in weather
  • Too much fun in the wedding reception leads to a guest stepping on the hem of your dress, resulting in a tear?
  • Red wine spills on your beautiful white gown
  • You suddenly get a bad case of allergies during an outdoor wedding

These are just some of the things that may happen at your wedding, which is where an emergency wedding kit comes in handy. Each bride’s emergency wedding kit will be unique; you know your wedding plans the best and what you’re prone to. If hot weather gives you headaches or high heels make your feet hurt, these are things you can prepare in advance for by having medicines on hand or some bandages in your kit.

The most low-maintenance brides may be confident in the belief that nothing can go wrong. Some brides wouldn’t mind if their dress ends up getting a few stains, but in reality no one wants this to happen. As you plan for your wedding in Spain, it’s important to think about even the smallest emergencies so that you can plan accordingly. 

These are the things you should consider when planning your emergency wedding kit:

Personal Kit:

This is small enough to have everything that you need to ensure you look and feel good throughout the wedding. A personal emergency wedding kit contains hair and makeup items, personal effects (medications, feminine hygiene products, eye drops, breath mints), or some practical items such as tissue, white chalk for stains on your dress, and a copy of your speech.

Guest kit:

There are specific things that will come in handy for guests at your wedding. A guest emergency wedding kit can be placed in the cloakrooms so they can be accessed with privacy, but you can use them too. Ideally, items for a guest kit would include some painkillers, small first aid kit, insect repellant and sunscreen for outdoor weddings, mints, tissue, and a phone number for local taxis.

These are just some ideas, but you can customize your emergency wedding kit however you’d like. Just remember to be optimistic and try not to sweat the small stuff on your wedding day; sometimes the best thing you can take along to your wedding is a good attitude and everything else will fall into place.    


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