How To Choose An Unconventional Event Venue

There are many things you should take into consideration before you decide to go for an unconventional event location. Here are some tips to help you.

Most event planners hold events at locations primarily known for one purpose only: a venue for hosting events. But depending on the purpose of your event, sometimes choosing unconventional venues in Spain is a great idea.

There are many things you should take into consideration before you decide to go for an unconventional event location. Certain corporate or social events, especially if they are formal, should traditionally always be conducted in an appropriate venue. However, if you feel that the event you’re organizing can make use of creativity and out-of-the-box ideas for something more unusual will make your event original and unforgettable for all attendees, which helping your client achieve the primary goal of their event.

Here are some tips to help you choose unusual yet appropriate venues in Spain for your next event:

The Event Mission And Theme Should Always Be The Priority

It’s crucial to thoroughly understand the objective of the event first before deciding on what type of unconventional venue to hold it in. For example, you shouldn’t be hosting an advocacy event in a zoo just because the idea seems original. The venue should harmoniously tie in with the client’s overall objectives; otherwise the entire event will only come off as unusual. As an event organizer, you’ll also end up disappointing (and losing) a client because the venue you chose ended up making the event unsuccessful.

Get Creative With Traditional Venues

Traditional event venues, such as party lounges, conference halls, hotel banquet rooms, and the such can also be transformed into an unusual venue with some creativity on your part. For example, a nightclub can be effectively used to host a daytime event while saving money on location costs. When it comes to nightclubs, all audiovisuals and logistics are already in place so that’s one major aspect that you no longer have to worry about. Another added bonus when thinking innovatively about this kind of venue is that it will also probably be cheaper to book.

Another great way to get creative with traditional venues is by incorporating a unique theme based on the venue; if you’re renting out a hotel banquet space in the middle of the city, have a floral designer make it feel like the attendees are in the middle of nature through the use of flowers, discarded wood placed in the right areas, and more. When it comes to transforming traditional venues, design can go a long way.

Work With Empty Spaces

Warehouses and parking lots are great ideas for event venues especially if you are expecting a large crowd. Empty spaces can be maximized for the sheer amount of space they offer, giving event organizers the liberty to add in all the elements needed to make it unconventional. Depending on the kind of event, empty lots have the space you need to add in tents, food trucks, and a number of other massive props that contribute to the uniqueness of the overall event.

As long as you can connect the space with the objective of the event by thinking outside the box, any location can be made into an unconventional venue.


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