Tips For Planning An Outdoor Event

There are many elements involved when planning outdoor events in Spain, aside from the right season of course. Here are the things you should think.

For the right occasion, outdoor events in Spain can be an excellent idea. Providing guests with the ideal setting where they can get fresh air and a nice view will definitely make it a memorable event as opposed to being inside the usual corporate venues.

There are many elements involved when planning outdoor events in Spain, aside from the right season of course. Here are the things you should think about when planning outdoor events in Spain:

Ensure That All Essential Amenities Are Available

Outdoor spaces may be limited with amenities when compared to indoor venues. For example, many outdoor areas don’t have their own bathrooms, or they may be too far to get to. In this case you can always opt for portable bathrooms that can be rented at affordable prices. There are also luxurious portable bathrooms that can cater to formal outdoor events in Spain.

Other amenities that should be considered include parking lots and signs to locate the actual venue, bathrooms, and other features of the event. Guests will find it helpful if you provide them with signs throughout the venue so that they can easily be directed to the places they need to go to.

Be Prepared For Unexpected Weather

Rain can dampen any outdoor event, so even if you’re planning to organize the event in the right season, it’s still important to be prepared for the unexpected. Weather and environmental elements can easily ruin the event. Always have a plan B in place, such as having umbrellas, tents, and alternative spaces indoors in case the unexpected happens. If the weather is too cold, open fires are a great way to keep guests warm. Propane heaters are also another good option to ensure your guests are comfortable.

If you are planning your outdoor event around the summer months, it can also become unbearably hot. You can help the guests feel more comfortable despite the heat through the use of portable fans, air-conditioning units, shaded areas, and other forms of ventilation.

Depending on the season, you can also distribute fans for your guests, blankets, and more so that they can become as comfortable as they can while outdoors.

Prevent The Nuisance Of Bugs

Outdoor events in Spain are great, but they can turn bad with the presence of pests such as bugs especially during the wrong season. Before the event, you can minimize the risks of bugs by having the area sprayed down to kill any bugs and pests. It’s also recommended to provide bug spray for your guests in case they get bitten.

Plan Refreshments Around The Season

The drink menu offered at any outdoor event should be tailored based on the season. During colder months, help your guests stay cool by offering water, fruit-infused water, fresh juices, and refreshing alcohol such as white wine if the occasion calls for it. On the other hand, during warmer months you can serve hot chocolate, coffee, tea, ciders, and savory cocktails. The kind of beverages available will make a big difference in ensuring your guests are cozy no matter what season you plan it around.


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