How To Choose The Right Date For Your Event

When it comes to planning your event in Spain, one of the first most important steps is to choose the appropriate date.

When it comes to planning your event in Spain, one of the first most important steps is to choose the appropriate date. Many event planners underestimate the importance of choosing the right date, but it’s critical because it can play a role in the success or failure of the entire event.

Choosing an inappropriate date can conflict with vacation time or holidays of your attendees, but if you choose the right date it will complement all your marketing efforts. Here are some tips to help you choose the right date for your event:

Avoid Events Set Around Vacations

When selecting the right date for your event, don’t set it on dates when people, or children, have official holidays, political and public events, vacation seasons (summer and winter), and school days. It will make them less likely to attend your event in Spain if it’s set on these dates because it will conflict with the plans they may have for themselves or with their families and loved ones.

Check The Event Calendar Of Your Competitors

Even if your event in Spain is unique from that of your competitors, executing it on the same date can lead to the failure of your overall event. It may be a season wherein several events in the same industry will take place, so it would make sense to check which days don’t have any events so that your target group will have time to accommodate your event as well.

Choose The Right Day Of The Week

Conferences that run for several days of the week should ideally start on Wednesday or Thursday, and end on a Saturday or Sunday. Wednesdays are also good days to have an event, since it makes it easier for attendees to ask for time off work instead of taking the whole week off.

Select Relevant International Dates For Your Event Topic

If your event topic is one that is international, it would be wise to schedule it on dates related to it. Doing so will complement your marketing efforts as well as public relations, since it will be more effective in approaching public figures or officials to speak at your event, making it more enticing for attendees. For example, if you are organizing a health-related event, it would make more sense to organize it around Worlds Health Day. This way you can organize relevant campaigns that would also help get you more media exposure.

Keep In Mind The Schedule Of Speakers And Other Planners

There may be some people, whether other planners or public speakers that you would like to invite to your event. Talk to them before you set a date so that you can accommodate their schedule. It would be difficult to successfully host an event if the most important people cannot attend because their schedules don’t permit it. Find a keynote speaker as well and ask what dates work best for them. Experts in the topic of your event, or other public speakers, will help increase attendees for your event so it’s recommended to find a date that suits you both.

Once you have taken these factors into consideration, choose several days in a calendar that accommodate all these elements. Afterwards you can narrow it down until you find the perfect date for your event.


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