Surf classes in Spain, an experience full of energy and adrenaline

Taking surf classes is one of the many experiences you can do with Perfect Venue.

Taking surf classes is one of the many experiences you can do with Perfect Venue.


The surf classes are a unique experience with which, as well as enjoying the sun and the sea, you can also practise sport. Whether you want to start from scratch or improve your technique, these classes are for all ages, and will fill you with energy and adrenaline! 

In addition to starting surfing or improving your technique if you already know how to surf, you will enjoy the classes while you learn to understand the sea, the currents, the formation of the waves, or the different types of water breaks. 

If you want to enjoy being on the board, getting to know the sea, managing the board, interacting with nature and gliding over the waves, this is an experience and unique course that you cannot miss, and it is as much for families as for couples or with friends! 

Continue reading because, in this article we will tell you everything about the experience of taking surf classes so that you will be more than happy in the water. 

We love the action and thrills!

Spain, surrounded by the best waves to surf

Having the opportunity to do a surfing course in one of the natural paradises in Spanish waters is, at the very least, desirable, and in our country we have unique places to take the waves.

In our country destinations stand out such as the Isle of Fuerteventura or Cádiz, paradises for surf lovers, as well as Galicia, Cantabria, Asturias, Barcelona and the Basque Country accommodating the quantity of surfers, and the peninsula is surrounded by water and waves to practise this sport! 

Amongst our favourite corners there is the beach of Somo, in Cantabria, where surfing was born in Spain; as well as the small naval town of Mundaka, which is the home of the most famous wave in Spain, considered by many to be the best wave in all of Europe; Zarautz has one of the most emblematic beaches in the Basque Country and the biggest, and the best surfers of Cantabria are made in its waters.

Who doesn’t want to surf in destinations such as these?

In Spain we have great professional surfers

In our country you will be able to learn how to surf, or improve your technique thanks to the very qualified and experienced instructors that can be found all over Spain.

Available to us are the most experienced and professional instructors, with national and international experience and qualifications approved by the European and Spanish Surf Federation, amongst whom there are specialists in rescue and first aid, so that you enjoy everything from the first day in total safety.

Fun is guaranteed! Also, the instructors can adapt to all ages and levels, from beginner level to those who are more advanced.

Beginners surf classes

If you do not have any previous surf experience, beginner classes are for you, where you will learn how to surf quickly, easily, safely and in a fun way. 

The instructors will teach you all the safety rules and how to respect other surfers, as well as about the currents, wave formation and the different types of wave breaks and tides, so that you can surf independently at any beach. 

Further, they will teach you everything you need to know before you get in the water, because it is necessary to follow a series of steps in order to confront the swim with as much preparation as possible. They will teach you stretching, warm-ups and breathing. 

You will also learn how to get up on the surfboard, paddling techniques, how to mount the waves (duck dive and eskimo-roll) and much more. 

Surf classes to advance and improve

If you have an experienced surfing level and you want to expand your range, strengthen your surfing or improve your style, what you need are surfing classes to reach perfection.

Throughout the journey, you will improve your front technique as much as your back technique, (frontside and backside), and also learn flexibility and rotation techniques to execute the maneuvers in a controlled and correct way. 

You will also learn tricks and advice to strengthen your skills in the water to the maximum and you will learn new turns, correct any faults and perfect basic manoeuvres: Reentry, cutback, floater, etc. 

Surf classes for competing

If you want to go out and compete in surfing, surf classes for competing also exist, and they are on another level! 

You will learn how to surf small, medium and big waves, attack waves with aggression and control, visualise the waves from start to finish, know how to link manoeuvres and how to have a good rhythm throughout the whole run. 

You will also get to know the correct technique when riding curves (barrels), the star manoeuvre of surfing, doing more radical manoeuvres, like in the air, power or backwards turns. 

The equipment included in the classes

When you carry out the surf classes you will have everything available to you that you need, because everywhere the best surf equipment is available to rent to those surfers that cannot bring their own, or for those who want to try new surfboards for a new experience. 

A great number and variety of surfboards, paddle surf, wetsuits etc. exist, and, of course, everything is replaced each season to ensure the perfect condition of all of the equipment.

A very “perfect” plan

If you are tired of always doing the same plans and you are stuck in your daily routine, at Perfect Venue we have lots of plans to maintain an interesting and exciting life, whether that be in a couple, a family, or with friends, we have “The Perfect Plan”.

Furthermore, as well as enjoying surf classes, you can also enjoy the service of a private chef in your villa, take yoga classes in front of the sea in Mallorca, fly in a hot air balloon, do wine tastings, spend a day with a personal shopper, fly in a helicopter and the best thing is that we adapt to each tailor-made plan, according to your tastes and preferences. 

We are at your service to listen to your wants and desires and try to offer you the most perfect plan to make all your dreams come true. Contact us so that we can start to plan your experience for the best result!

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