Everything you need to experience a fairytale picnic in Madrid is this Perfect Plan

In this article we tell you everything about this Perfect Plan so that you can have a picnic in Madrid to remember for a lifetime, we tell you everything that is included as well as all the extras that you can add.

In this article we tell you everything about this Perfect Plan so that you can have a picnic in Madrid to remember for a lifetime, we tell you everything that is included as well as all the extras that you can add.



A sunny day in the capital, blue sky and a gentle breeze. What better way to celebrate a proposal, a special occasion between friends or simply a unique moment than with a romantic picnic in Madrid?

Well, we have the Perfect Plan to make this dream come true. Since we have the best picnic organization service for both couples and groups of friends.

And the best thing is that with just one click, you can book a magical day full of gastronomic delights, comfy blankets, and the perfect company! How do you read it…

In this article we tell you everything about this Perfect Plan so that you can have a picnic in Madrid to remember for a lifetime.

The “Perfect Plan” of having a picnic in Madrid

Despite being a cosmopolitan city, Madrid has numerous parks and green areas where you can enjoy nature and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Taking a picnic allows you to enjoy this natural environment as well as a unique climate.

Yes, and Madrid has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. This means that most of the year you can enjoy sunny days and pleasant temperatures, ideal for organizing an outdoor picnic.

Whether it’s a romantic proposal, a get-together with friends or just a quiet getaway as a couple, a picnic in Madrid is a lovely way to celebrate special occasions and create unforgettable memories.

And we know the best places in the capital to do them! So, we give you all the options and you just have to choose your favorite option.

The types of picnics we offer in your Perfect Plan

Classic picnic:  A picnic with classic decoration is characterized by having traditional elements such as checkered blankets, wicker baskets… And the decoration can be complemented with flowers. Food is typically classic and refined, such as Serrano ham sandwiches, Manchego cheese, fresh fruits, gourmet pastas, and a selection of wines and champagne.

Intermediate picnic: This type of picnic goes one step further in terms of decoration, incorporating additional elements in addition to the classic elements. More decorative details can be added, such as garlands, decorative pillows, lanterns or LED lights to illuminate the area when night falls. Umbrellas are also a practical and elegant addition.

Premium picnic: This type of picnic has exclusive decoration and is a luxury experience designed for those seeking a higher level of sophistication and exclusivity. The decoration is usually more elaborate and personalized, with unique and high-quality details. Items such as linen tablecloths, crystal dinnerware, silver cutlery, candelabras and exquisite centerpieces can be used. This type of picnic takes place in specially designated and exclusive locations, such as private gardens, vineyards, farms or terraces with panoramic views, which adds a touch of exclusivity and elegance to the experience.

The decoration, included with your picnic in Madrid

Decoration always helps you enjoy the moment and remember it for a lifetime, which is why we cannot leave romanticism aside and use decorative elements on your picnic in Madrid, depending on the previously mentioned category that you choose.

Additionally, if your girl is an enthusiast of theater, circus, painting, sculpture or dancing, we will take care of decorating the picnic space chosen according to her passions. Even more memorable!

Delicious food to taste during your picnic in Madrid

As you well know, Spanish gastronomy is famous all over the world, and having a picnic is an excellent way to enjoy some of its most emblematic dishes, such as potato omelette, Iberian sausages and delicious cheeses.

But we also offer other options so that you can always choose according to your tastes, such as fruits with chocolate or cupcakes or vegan or vegetarian food.

If you wish, we can also offer you food from around the world: Japanese, Thai, American, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, French… you just have to tell us what specialty you want for the big moment.

Add all the extras you want!

Give a bouquet of flowers

Giving a bouquet brings much more romance and magic to the moment, which is why we take care of getting the freshest flowers for you to give to your girlfriend or companion during your picnic in Madrid. We will configure a bouquet full of daisies, roses, lavender, eucalyptus leaves, sunflowers, lilies, tulips… everything you imagine!

Photos and videos to remember

We always recommend that a photographer and videographer be present for each occasion, as it is a moment worth remembering for a lifetime. Therefore, consider having a professional photographer in charge of capturing each moment with its objective, as well as a videographer responsible for filming each scene to have a unique video so that you never forget what that great moment was like.

Live music

What is a special moment without music? Nothing! Therefore, the violin, the guitar, the saxophonist or the instrument that you like the most can be live to liven up the evening. Surely you have a favorite song…

Book with a click

Yeah! The best thing about each is that it is super convenient for you since you can book with a single click.

And it is not necessary to pay the entire amount of the experience. Simply make a reservation and give the rest on the day of the event. Everything is easy!

We organize your picnic in Madrid

Yes, we like everything to be perfect, that’s why we are part of your picnic in Madrid by organizing everything in advance and coordinating everything during that day. We offer the best service for organizing a proposal or a picnic with friends.

We will manage to get everything ready so that the decoration is as you imagine, that the food is delicious, that the photographer leaves nothing to capture… We are attentive to every detail!

We will prepare everything to suit you, you just have to ask us for everything that is essential for your special moment, and your wishes will become your orders!