Looking for a unique experience for you and your children? Then sleep in a cabin!

Everyone likes sleeping in trees, that’s why you should sleep in a cabin with your children and enjoy together this unique experience.

Everyone likes sleeping in trees, that’s why you should sleep in a cabin with your children and enjoy together this unique experience.


Sleeping in trees isn’t just for kids! It’s something that adults love too, because who didn’t spend their childhood dreaming about a tree-house to spend nights in?

That’s why at Perfect Venue, we’ve got down to work to tell you why you should spend a few nights in a log cabin and that you can find the best ones in Spain.

Did you know that tree cabins are becoming more and more popular with parents and their kids for getaways? That’s why the number of cabins has multiplied massively in the past few years! And no wonder, because they have so much to offer to all the family. 

Keep reading and you’ll sure want to visit a cabin with your kids! 

An opportunity for new experiences with your family

In a world full of technology, mobiles, tablets, computers etc. children are hardly in contact with nature and there’s hardly any time spent as a family, which means that the relationship between children and parents gets lost overtime. 

That’s why we propose to spend a weekend sleeping in a cabin, all the family! It’s a unique experience that gives you a chance to disconnect from the city, from routines, the hustle and bustle and the noise; and spend a few days without the internet so you can have more quality time with your children. 

Accommodation perfect for children

Yes, it’s not just the parents who will love this accommodation, but it’s the children who will enjoy climbing up to the top of the cabin at bedtime. 

These unique cabins are perfect for unleashing creativity and imagination, playing lots of games and learning how to look after nature and the planet. 

With this getaway, as well as having fun, they’ll also learn, and what better way to do it than with family! 

The perfect setting

The natural environment that surrounds the cabins is just sublime, with the forest as the backdrop. 

This is perfect for relaxing and forgetting the stresses of every day, while spending time with the family and living new experiences. 

The only visitors that you’ll receive are the birds and the occasional critter. As most of the tree cabins are set away from each other, you can enjoy the silence and tranquility that comes from being in contact with nature. 

This is a great way to recharge your batteries before you go back to work or school!

Furthermore, as you’re surrounded by nature, this experience can include hiking, activities etc. as in addition to the accommodation, on many occasions, the cabins also offer activity packages and trails through the environment to discover the natural, cultural and gastronomic charms of the place with all the family. 

Cabins… for all of Spain!

Those magical and adorable treehouses that only appear in the movies… nothing at all. Because we have them all over Spain and they’re incredible! 

As you’ve read, we have loads of beautiful, ecological and original cabins in our country, which are located in the middle of the natural world. 

You can find them in the trees of Galicia, in the farms of Extremadura, in the forest of Navarra, in the viewpoints of Castilla La Mancha, in the mountains of Madrid and Catalonia, in villages, on the banks of rivers or marshes, in National Parks, between mountains, in the valleys of the Pyrenees, along the Camino de Santiago, and anywhere else you can think of. 

But, they all have something in common: the contact with the natural world, the sound of birds, the tranquility, relaxation in the heights and a lot of charm. 


So, now you know what you have to do! Forget the traditional brick buildings and go to one of these very special wooden cabins. 

Come to Perfect Venue and tell us where you want to go! Because, as always, we’ll help you with all the preparations. 

Can you count on us for your family getaway?