Concierge services in Madrid: an exclusive service in the capital for both private use and for businesses

Hiring a concierge service in Madrid and all the advantages, as well as how it will save you time, money and a lot of stress.

Hiring a concierge service in Madrid and all the advantages, as well as how it will save you time, money and a lot of stress.


If you are going to visit the capital for business or pleasure, you must ensure that you experience the capital in all its splendour, and how? By hiring a concierge service in Madrid. The most exclusive experiences are available in Madrid thanks to the services that offer concierge, a way to make life and your stay in the city easy. 

In this article we are going to explain what it is, what this person does for you on a work level as much as a personal level, we will tell you why you need it and we will give you lots of examples of everything that can be organised.  

Because as of today, the concierge figure is present and very common, but many people still don’t know how to use this service. 

Let’s begin!

Firstly, what is a concierge?

A concierge is a personal assistant,  a luxury service that can help you to do all of your tasks. Yes, all of them. Often, this service can be associated with a butler or personal assistant, but this goes a lot further.

Why do you need a personal concierge?

At some point in our life, we all have stressful stages and many times this stress is derived from small tasks that waste time and make us lose hope.

Here is where a personal concierge comes in. Making reservations, sorting out paperwork, running errands, etc. All of this can hugely lighten the load and make life easier.

The personal concierge service is extremely professional, discrete and efficient. A select group of first-class professional concierge’s, experts in solving any problem and having the necessary contacts to speed up all the tasks that you ask them to do and satisfying all your needs.

For a concierge service in Madrid, there are no limits! And you can count on their services at any hour you need or for one off days.

What can a concierge do for you?

The answer is EVERYTHING! Because this person can take charge of all the tedious tasks for you that take up so much time and stress. These tasks could be anything from making a reservation at your favourite restaurant, to buying tickets for a concert, planning holidays or arranging everything you need for your next work meeting.

Can you imagine reaching your holiday destination and not having to unpack your suitcase, but instead starting to enjoy it from the moment you step into the hotel? Or, that someone will tidy your house for you after a few days away to avoid any mess? Or, that someone reserves restaurants, theatres, and hires cars for you? These are only some things! This is why, in this article we will give you lots of examples of everything that can be done by hiring a concierge service in Madrid.

Example of services that can be carried out by a concierge:

  • Daily tasks: personal shopping, collection and delivery of packages…
  • Cleaning and tidying the house: so that the tedious tasks don’t take away your free time.
  • Decoration: at specific moments when you would like to change the decor of your house, whether that be for Christmas or because you are celebrating a special event, trust your concierge to make your Madrid house look perfect.
  • Moving: The assistant can help you to pack, organise boxes and transport them, as well as unpacking and ordering everything.
  • Travel: tailor-made for you.
  • Secretary service: assistants can help you to save time. Do you have an appointment with an architect at your house, but you are working? Let the concierge meet them and give them the necessary instructions. 
  • Manager of last minute changes
  • House watch: is an excellent service for professionals that constantly travel. A concierge can collect your mail, water plants and even do the shopping and cleaning so that when you return your house is perfectly prepared. 
  • Planner: are you not sure where to go to eat or what the destination will be for your next holiday? Ask your concierge to search for the next events, possible holiday destinations or anything that you need. Madrid is full of plans!
  • Present buyer: The search for the perfect present can be tiresome, above all at the times of year when gifts are given to everyone. The solution? If you tell them about the gift receiver and something about what they like, your concierge can help you to find, choose and buy the perfect present. They can even help you to send it in a special way, accompanied with flowers, etc.
  • Processing and contracting associations.
  • Party planning in the capital: a concierge can help you with the details: sending invitations, coordinating vendors, ordering catering and putting up decor. 
  • House maintenance: keep your house in perfect condition by carrying out a maintenance inspection. A personal concierge can organise this and advise you on what repairs need your attention. 
  • Management and assistance in flight connections.
  • Information and coordination of entertainment: a concierge can assist you in managing tickets to functions of opera, ballet, plays, concerts, sporting events and museums, because the capital is full of cultural leisure and entertainment.
  • You can find your perfect style for attending an event, since a concierge also carries out lifestyle tasks. You can take them with you to Serrano or Gran Vía!
  • Hiring cars and limos in Madrid or in the city that you are travelling to.
  • Interpreters and translators, because the capital is full of multiculturality.
  • General information about etiquette and protocol rules.
  • Last minute reservations to the best places in Madrid or to events at full capacity.   

Concierge service for businesses

There are clear advantages of hiring this type of service in the personal plan. But what can a personal concierge do for your company? Everything! Having a business that has a concierge can be extremely useful in many ways. 

Are you organising a business trip with your employees? A concierge can take care of everything so that you only have to think about the business side of things. From booking hotels, flights and restaurants to organising events at the destination, all before you set food in the hotel. The concierge can take care of coordinating everything, solving any kind of problem that could come up during your stay and take control of the schedule and the planning as well as managing gifts, tickets or anything else you wish to give to your employees. 

In the case of the banks, the concierge can provide exclusivity and personalised services to the most exclusive customers to keep your businesses flowing as smoothly as possible. 

They can also be used in representative agencies. When the clients are sportsmen or women, artists and people at such a level, offering luxury is essential. The concierge can fulfil the request of this type for people used to travelling and to a Premium quality in each of the services that they take on. 

How will this have an effect on your brand? It is very simple: perfect results will follow and, without a doubt, your brand profile will improve and will achieve great reputation and renown. 

All the advantages!

A concierge offers you exclusivity, saves you a lot of time, does not come with geographical or language barriers, is prepared to help you with translation or to travel anywhere in the world without there being any problems, they will help you with your personal life but also can help you with the work side, as well as the job having no limit, nor a duration, and they work themselves with the aim of achieving all goals, in the fastest way possible and always taking into account that plans can change at any moment.

Cost of hiring a concierge service in Madrid

With everything mentioned, who wouldn’t want to hire a concierge service? Usually it is thought that it is a service for people who are very powerful, but the truth is that these services can adapt to all budgets, adapting themselves to all necessities of the people who hire them. 

They will usually have different types of service whether that be monthly, hourly, etc. depending on the amount you need from your personal assistant. 

The prices usually also include travel expenses and standard rates for phone calls. So, if you need to communicate abroad, have a large number of calls or travel long distances, they will negotiate any extra costs with you to find the best solution for you. 

Things that a concierge cannot do for you

While it is true that they can do everything, you have to keep in mind that there are certain limits that a concierge cannot go beyond, e.g. performing tasks that involve a risk, e.g. illegal sources, performing a violation of privacy of another person, a violation of national or international laws or unethical or immoral actions.

You have just discovered that hiring a personal concierge can even save you money, time and make your life easier, so, if you need a concierge service in Madrid – you won’t regret hiring their services!

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