Hot Air Balloons: The Exciting Adventure of Flying Over the Sky in a Basket

There are things that people have to experience at least once throughout their lives, such as the unique adventure of taking a hot air balloon!

There are things that people have to experience at least once throughout their lives, such as the unique adventure of taking a hot air balloon!


There are things that people have to experience at least once throughout their lives, such as the unique adventure of taking a hot air balloon!

As you already know, coming to Spain and leaving without visiting some regions and landscapes is a crime. What could be better than getting to know some of these beautiful places in Spain with your partner from above?

If you’re coming from abroad, you can take advantage of your trip to Spain by riding a hot air balloon after your wedding or during your honeymoon, even better if you both love adventure!

At Perfect Venue we provide this experience in different parts of Spain, just ask us where you would like to go! The best thing is that we also have English, Russian, French and Italian instructors.

Read on to discover what a hot air balloon trip consists of, if there is something to fear, why it is a magical experience and where the best places are to do it.

Take off!

Firstly, what is a hot air balloon?

When you go on a hot air balloon, you begin by getting into a wicker basket suspended from a bag of hot air or gas, and voila! You will suddenly soar through the skies while the wind zooms past your face.

The hot air or the gas weighs less than the air that surrounds it, making the balloon rise, and raising the basket that the passengers are in.

The hot air balloon flight begins as soon as the passengers arrive at the boarding area, where they can even be involved in the process of inflating the balloon and tying it to the basket.

After the preparations, it’s time to get on board, at which time the pilot and the crew members will explain everything related to the flight – just like flight attendants on a plane!

Then, the balloon begins to rise and fly through the fresh air and incredible views until it lands back on the ground!

But what about the landing? Don’t worry, it’s all under control!

How will the flight go? Will the basket tip over when landing? Is it going really fast? You’ve probably asked yourself these questions, but stay calm because you will always be in safe hands, since you don’t do it alone; the pilots and the crew will always be there, and you will only go when the weather is suitable!

The pilot will explain everything to you before about the flight and what are the best and safest positions for landing, it’ll be perfect!

You don’t have to worry about takeoff either, as it is very smooth and quiet. The balloon gradually gains height, without any sudden movement and is gently rocked by the wind. No one has ever been seasick in a hot air balloon for a reason!

And remember, the first thing for us is the safety of the people, the material and the landing site, so… don’t be scared!

One of the most unforgettable and interesting experiences

What an adventure a balloon flight is! While you’re in the air, the surprises never stop. Emotions, feelings, learning new things and enjoying the pleasure caused by the wind, the heights and the views.

During the journey aboard a balloon you will feel that the earth is moving instead of you. Do you think you could forget the sunset or sunrise you experience whilst suspended in the air? Of course not!

The adventure doesn’t end when you land!

Taking a hot air balloon flight also has other surprises, like ending the journey with lunch. Enjoy Iberian sausages and a range of cheeses, as well as a glass of cava.

Additionally, after the experience you are given a flight certificate, a video and a report so that you’ll always remember your great adventure.

With Perfect Venue you can fly over the skies of Toledo, Segovia or Mallorca

Hot air balloon flight over Mallorca

Are you celebrating your wedding in the Balearic Islands? Then it is your opportunity to enjoy the views over the coast and the mountain area with a unique panoramic view of Mallorca.

The flight lasts about an hour and usually takes place in the afternoon in order to enjoy the sunset, although, if you wish, you can also get up early and admire the sunrise.

You are also offered the possibility of enjoying a glass of cava on board to complete the incredible experience!

Hot air balloon flight over Segovia

Are you hoping for an unforgettable hot air balloon experience? Well, head to Segovia, a city very close to Madrid! We are sure that you will love this ride and its impressive views, as well as special moments such as the takeoff and landing.

The flight, lasting approximately one hour, is also accompanied by a glass of cava, a lunch with a selection of Iberian cheese and sausages, a diploma accrediting your experience, your flight in HD video and a photographic report.

You will always be able to look back at the photos of your experience!

Hot air balloon flight over Toledo

For an hour you will fly through the clouds at different heights and enjoy a balloon ride with the most spectacular views you have ever seen.

With a balloon flight over Toledo, you can enjoy spectacular views of the province near Madrid, so while you toast with cava and taste some tapas on board … look closely to see if you can see the capital in the distance!

Dare to fly using the oldest method in history in a hot air balloon? If so, at Perfect Venue we can organise everything for you.

Don’t forget your binoculars!