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Fascinating history make the Oller del Mas Castle the perfect choice as a venue to host any type of festivity: weddings, work meetings, exhibitions
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Oller del Mas is one of the most emblematic castles in Catalonia, perfect for your wedding in Tarragona. Located in Maresa, a few kilometres away from Barcelona, it has more than 1000 years of history and was completed restored between 1981 and 2008. Portraits of various members of the Oller family, painted in the Middle Age and kept today at the castle itself, really show the historic value of this medieval fortress. Furthermore, the castle has marvelous views of the Montserrat mountains and is surrounded by impressive vineyards and forests.

Weddings and Events

The beauty of this place as well as its fascinating history make the Oller del Mas Castle the perfect choice as a venue to host any type of festivity: weddings, work meetings, exhibitions… For business events, the castle offers additional services such as attentive customer service from the hosts and even instant translations.

The different areas that the castle has, full of elegance and charm, can host any type of wedding or banquet. In its incredible landscaped gardens and vineyards you can host banquets or celebrate with an aperitif outdoors. Its impressive indoor rooms have a large capacity that can hold events for a large number of guests, which makes it even more perfect for you wedding in Tarragona.

Furthermore, Oller del Mas offers guided tours through its vineyards and wineries so that the guests get to know the history of the castle and its incredible surroundings.


  • What type of events can be celebrated in the venue? Conferences, conventions, weddings, celebrations
  • Rental price (from and to): From €500 up to what the client specifies…
  • Menu price per person (from and to): From €45 per person to however much the client needs.
  • Do you have your own kitchen? What sort of food do you serve? We have our own kitchen, we serve product-based cuisine, food from local produces and market food. We have the highest level of respect for the food that we is served, traditional but sophisticated and evolved cooking that incorporates aspects from different cuisines around the world.
  • Do you have accommodation?: Yes, from November 2019 onwards (approximately)
  • How many rooms do you have?: We have 20 villas made from wood in the forest and 20 Safari type villas in the woods too.
  • Number of guests allowed: from 50 to 300 guests (there isn’t a minimum or a maximum, the minimum depends on if they are able to pay the minimum rent). At max, we have hosted events for up to 1000 people.
  • What is the surplus charge in the case when the minimum number of guests is not reached?:  You have to pay for a minimum of 90 guests.
  • Do the celebrations have to finish at a certain time?: No
  • Do you celebrate more than one event per day?: No. Only 1 event per day. We look for exclusivity.
  • Do you have an exclusive photographer/florist and exclusive music?: No. There is no exclusivity with any provider, the client is free to choose whoever they want, but not those who would charge the venue fees. 
  • How is the payment made?: The payment is made with a down payment to get the reservation and is always paid the week before the event, you can leave the extras to be paid 30 days after the celebration.
  • Do you have access for the disabled?: Yes.
  • Do you accept pets?: Yes (depending on the pets and their behaviour…)

How to get to Vineyards Oller del Mas

Oller del Mas Castle is located in Manresa; an exceptional area of Spain 65 km north of Barcelona.

  • Latitude: 41º 43’ 35’’
  • Longitude: 1º 49’ 45’’
  • Altitude: 250 metres
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