Villa Delia

Villa Delia is a beautiful country house with a capacity for more than 500 guests, surrounded by gardens, ponds and woods
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Villa Delia a beautiful country house in the town of Picanya, just 6 kilometres from the centre of Valencia. This incredible building was built in 1829 in a spectacular neo-gothic style that doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone! Years after, the Barral Navarro family completely restored the country house, whilst still maintaining its great architectural value and many baroque details and elements from its origins. The venue has english gardens, ponds and even has a cave and woods with different types of plants.

Weddings and Events

Villa Delia has endless venues and services that are perfect for hosting any type of event or wedding. It has a chapel inside for holding religious weddings and various courtyards and bodegas connected together for celebrating civil weddings. One of its most sought-after spaces is its extensive garden with spectacular flowers and plants, ideal for aperitifs or welcome cocktails outside. Also, it has a large garden area close to the pond with a capacity for 500 guests. In 2013, as a great novelty, Villa Delia added an impressive 450 m2 glasshouse to their list of facilities, with views of the gardens that surround the country house.

In 2013, the company Ancora took on the task of developing the menus for this Villa. The kitchen is under the charge of various chefs that have Michelin stars: Nacho Manzano, Manuel de la Osa and Alejandro.


  • What type of events can be held at this venue? Social events and weddings
  • Rental price: the rental price depends on the type of event, number of guests, the spaces you use, and if you need exclusivity
  • Menu price per person: from 96 to 150 euros
  • Do you have your own kitchen? What type of food do you serve? Yes, home made food.
  • Do you have accommodation? Yes
  • How many rooms are there? 10
  • Number of guests: 500
  • Do you have a time limit on the celebrations? No
  • Do you celebrate more than one event per day? It depends on the event
  • Do you have an exclusive photographer/musician/florist? Only catering and music
  • How do you make the payment? The Monday of the week of the wedding 90% of the total bill, and the other 10% the Monday after the wedding
  • Do you have disabled access? Yes
  • Do you accept pets? No

How to get to Villa Delia

Villa Delia is in Picanya, very close to the centre of Valencia and known previously as Hort de Pla.

  • Latitude: 39º 26’ 7.427’’
  • Longitude: 26’ 9.159’’
  • Altitude: 31 metres
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