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Enjoy an espectacular paragliding flight over spanish sky with a professional pilot from only 120€ in Orgaña, 120 km from Barcelona
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Whether you dream of conquering the Spanish skies or just want to feel the freedom of a bird, paragliding in tandem with one of our professional instructors is a simple way to make your dream come true easily and safely. Paragliding never leaves anybody indifferent! Enjoy the smooth, fresh morning air that pushes you through Catalan valleys and brings you aloft to fly with birds.

Try this activity and discover new sensations and the pleasure of hovering! Allow yourself to be carried with a wind! Become a part of this world and enjoy the indescribable delight of rising with the thermals and corkscrewing downwards. Those who have entrusted themselves to the airflow and a competent instructor at least once will always remember their time in the sky.

Even beginners can be at ease in the hands of professionals as the glider flies up into the sky. Surprise and inspire yourself or someone special with this activity of a lifetime. Stay safe and comfortable together with our instructors who have years of experience paragliding.

Ready, Set, Go! Catalan sky awaits you. The best way to soar over the earth is paraglide in tandem with a professional pilot. No experience and special skills necessary. Just your will and commitment to do it will be more than enough.

The preparation for the flight takes 5 minutes. Our instructor will explain you the main steps, we will provide you with the paragliding equipment necessary for your flight – the paraglider, paragliding harness and a suitable paragliding helmet. You will need to bring everything else!

After you are ready, we’ll lay out the paraglider together and then you’ll receive brief take-off instructions from your pilot. Finally, you’re ready to become airborne!

Taking-off consists of a few steps (5-10 meters) down a gentle slope and before you know it, you are gliding through the sky at the attitude of 900 meters.

The pilot has a control of a paraglider during the flight, so you as a passenger should only enjoy the fantastic views over the valleys. You may bring your camera with you, but we recommend letting us take care you will have best pictures and videos from this marvelous adventure.


The flight takes 15-20 minutes. The time depends on various factors (wind, ascending air, your weight, etc.).

Physical Requirements

There are different upper and lower weight limits for tandem flights. Tandems: minimum 30 Kg (4.5 Stone); maximum 110 Kg (17.5 Stone).

You should be fit and active, have good co-ordination and an alert, reasoning mind. As well as a fair amount of running around, you will be walking up 500ft hills carrying a 15-20kg rucksack full of paragliding equipment.

Although no medical examinations are officially required you should be in generally good health. If you suffer from any medical condition such as epilepsy, fainting, giddiness, high blood pressure, heart condition, osteoporosis or diabetes you should ask your Doctor’s advice before taking part in paragliding.

What to wear?

You may have periods of intense activity (e.g. walking up the hill!) and other times where you may have to sit and wait for the right wind and weather conditions. You may have to contend with the chill factor of the prevailing wind, so it makes sense to go properly prepared. Normally the weather conditions are very good in Catalonia, so we recommend bringing comfortable shoes (no heels), t-shirt, sweater and wind jacket. The main idea is to feel yourself comfortable so then you will enjoy the activity 100%.

When do we fly?

We organize flights all year round, week days and holidays from 10 am to 8 pm. The main factor is the local weather conditions. We do notice our clients regarding the flight and weather conditions one day before the activity takes place. In case we can organize your activity the day you booked it, we can move it to another day or make a money return.

Paragliding in tandem in Orgaña (120 km from Barcelona):

Duration of the flight: between 15 and 20 minutes

Altitude: 900 meters

No experience necessary


From  120€ per person

Additionally, you may order as well:

Photo review – 15 euro

Video Review (Hero Pro)- 15 euro

Photo review together with video – 20 euro

One simple acrobatic tricks -50 euro

Two simple acrobatic tricks – 100 euro

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