Euroforum Campus Escorial

Euroforum Campus Escorial is a space that allows hosting all kinds of business, corporate and training events in a historical-artistic environment.
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A campus that allows you to have all the resources you need to carry out your corporate event, with all the services tailored to your needs which is 100% dedicated from its creation to business events and training activities.

Everything you are looking for in the same environment that consists of the main building (Infantes), three annexes (Auditorium, Victoria and Lancers), green areas and parking.

When being in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, it is hopelessly in a historical-artistic environment, whose Palace of the Infants, belonging to the 18th century, mixes innovation and history having been restored and remodeled by the architect Miguel de Oriol in 1991 and later in 2012 where it was equipped with the necessary technology to celebrate your corporate event.

Another of the buildings that are on the campus is the Auditorium Theater of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, built with exterior cladding in natural colored granite stone since this type of stone tends to acquire over time the proper tone of the Historic buildings found in San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

In addition, it is in the natural environment, which allows the participants of the event to perform different sports and cultural activities.

Weddings and events

The campus, which has a capacity of up to 1000 people, has different rooms adapted with perfect technology to carry out in all kinds of corporate events such as meetings, training content, conferences, speakers, outdoor activities, team building or cultural, etc.

All common areas are different from each other, such as terraces, lounges, halls, large patios, vaulted rooms, open bars, rest areas, networking, etc.

The Euroforum Campus Escorial also has a set design, digitalization, customization of spaces, transfers for event attendees and a variety of restoration proposals by Mario Sandoval, holder of two Michelin Stars, three Repsol Suns, three «M» of the Metropolis Guide, National Gastronomy Award and President of the Federation of Cooks and Bakers of Spain.

In addition, after the day, those attending the event can rest in the accommodation that the campus has, with capacity up to 600 people.


  • What kind of events can be organized in the space ?: At Euroforum Campus Escorial you can hold  any type of corporate event such as: company meetings, congresses, conventions, management committees, team meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, team building activities, product presentations, etc.
  • Rental price (from and to): From € 500 to € 7,000.
  • Do you have your own kitchen? What type of cuisine do you serve ?: Yes, at Euroforum Campus Escorial, we have a wide range of restoration proposals ranging from standard business menus to Michelin Star menus, under the advice of Mario Sandoval (two Michelin Stars, three Repsol Suns , three «M» of the Metropolis Guide, National Gastronomy Award and President of the Federation of Cooks and Bakers of Spain).
  • Do you have accommodation ?: Yes
  • How many rooms does it have? (Yes, you have accommodation): The Escorial Campus has 320 rooms (203 rooms in the Infantes building, 81 rooms in the Victoria building and 36 in the Lanceros building).
  • Do you have a time limit for celebrations ?: No
  • Do you hold more than one event a day ?: The Escorial Campus can be for a corporate event or several corporate events.
  • Do you have photographer / music / florist exclusivity ?: No
  • How is the payment made ?: Only one payer (one company) is billed, an advance payment is requested, 20% or 50% according to each case and the rest is paid when the event ends.
  • Do you have access for the disabled ?: Yes
  • Do you accept pets ?: No

How to get to Euroforum Campus Escorial

Euroforum Campus Escorial is a connected campus located in the center of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, just 30 minutes from the Spanish capital, Madrid, and about 45 minutes from Bajaras Airport.

  • Latitude: 40.590167
  • Length: -4.143048
  • Altitude: 1019 masl

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  • Euroforum
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  • San Lorenzo de El Escorial

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