Meet Electronic Firefly, the cello and electric violin duo that’s making waves at events

If you're looking for a cello and an electric violin, don't miss this interview with Electronic Firefly, a duo that's causing a stir.

Electric instruments for weddings are gaining more ground, and more and more couples want to break with the established and give their wedding a more powerful, differentiating but equally emotional touch.

That’s why today we bring you Electronic Firefly, a duo formed by Silvia Carbajal on the violin and Carlos Pérez-Íñigo on the cello who, with a lot of grit, strength and energy as well as sensitivity and emotion, offer a very high level of mastery of these instruments.

The best thing is that they have an extensive repertoire for the tastes of all types of couples and for the different moments that are experienced at a wedding. And, as they themselves tell us, “we can even personalize or prepare a new song.” Yes, you read that right.

We won’t make you wait any longer, find out everything that is behind this duo of the cello and electric violin for weddings and fall in love with their work as much as we do. They are in high demand at every wedding, and of course!

Let’s get started!

Electronic Firefly instrumentos eléctricos para bodas
Electronic Firefly duo of cello and electric violin

Silvia Carbajal on the violin and Carlos Pérez-Íñigo on the cello, both electric instruments. What sparked your interest and why did you decide to specialize in this? Was it something you knew you wanted to do or was it just something that crossed your path?

Silvia: As for the acoustic violin that I use in ceremonies, it was my father who instilled in me the values ​​of music and signed me up for my first music school; he is a great music lover. As for the electric violin, it is something that I had in mind when I finished my music degree in Oviedo. I have had groups like Apocalíptica, Vanessa Mae or David Garret as a reference and I dreamed of filling stadiums with great shows like them. I was also impressed by a Cirque du Soleil performance in which they raised an electric violinist on a trapeze and he played in the air. From that moment on I knew that I wanted to do something like that and I wouldn’t be happy in a chair in a symphony orchestra.

Carlos: We share that it was the family who introduced us to this world. The cello captivated me since I was little, but not only to play classical music, I always knew that I was going to use this instrument to play other styles.

Playing an instrument is not easy, it requires a lot of time, skills, attitude, discipline… How did you become the professionals you are today? What was your “gymnasium”?

Silvia: I graduated in classical violin at the Oviedo Conservatory, where I acquired a very high level of technique on the instrument. Years later I decided to move to Madrid to train in other styles, including jazz, which allows you to improvise at a very high level. And ultimately, with classical technique and jazz improvisation you can play any style of music because they are much simpler. So, combining this with the fact that I am a huge fan of rock and electronic music, I have created an explosive mix on stage.

Carlos: I studied the advanced degree between Musikene and Madrid and then specialized with a Master in solo performance. I combined my degree with a hardcore metal group as a guitarist, learning to produce, perform and record other styles.

We both share Beethoven’s opinion that an artist is 99% work and 1% talent.

Electronic Firefly instrumentos eléctricos para bodas
Electronic Firefly duo of cello and electric violin

What kind of repertoire do you offer? Can the couple choose the songs they want or do you give them the options from your entire repertoire?

We have a very wide and varied repertoire that includes all musical styles and eras. Due to the extensive experience we have in the wedding sector, we have recommended repertoires for the different musical moments of the wedding (ceremony, cocktail or party), and we can also personalize or prepare a new song outside of our usual repertoire for very special moments if the couple wishes, such as the bride’s entrance or entrance to the cocktail. With our electric wedding instruments everything is possible.

More and more couples are looking for a personalized wedding, based on their tastes, hobbies, etc. How do you hit the nail on the head with the best musical style? You’ll have to know them really well, right?

We usually arrange a telephone or video call appointment with the couple to get to know them better and adapt to the musical style they most identify with, so they can tell us all the details and why they would like to have the cello and electric violin for weddings.

Among the different types of performance you offer, what do couples hire the most?

We usually intervene with our music in three moments: ceremony, in which we exalt all the important moments to give it even more emotion, if possible, cocktail show, which we liven up for the entire duration of the show with versions of the greatest hits of yesterday and today from Lois Amrstrong or the Beatles to more current groups such as Amy Winehouse, Coldplay or even David Guetta, all with our electric instruments, and finally the party that we call the party show, which together with the DJ we work together to do three mini-shows and make the open bar reach its maximum potential with very explosive versions such as ACDC, Avicii, or even electronic remixes of Bon Jovi or Pirates of the Caribbean.

Couples usually book the ceremony and cocktail show package together, or the party show separately.


Electronic Firefly instrumentos eléctricos para bodas
Electronic Firefly duo of cello and electric violin

What would you say is what sets you apart, your hallmark?

The virtuosity, strength and energy of Silvia’s violin, combined with the stage presence, sensitivity and emotion of Carlos’ cello, is very difficult to find. We offer a very high level of mastery of the cello and electric violin for weddings and an aesthetic that is carefully thought out down to the last detail.

What is the type of performance / event / style of music in which you feel most comfortable?

In terms of music style, any that shows the interpretative ability and level of mastery of the instrument, but perhaps what we shine the most in and people are most impressed with are our rock and electronic versions. In terms of type of performance or event, there are no favorites, simply that where we are working they treat us well, there is a good vibe and that people enjoy our music to the fullest.

The bride and groom can even choose their attire for their wedding. Do you think that themed and/or personalized weddings are booming or a passing fad?

We thought it was amazing the idea of ​​some couples entering a church with AC/DC, and that the priest, a very modern Asturian, let us do it. We have also seen tattoo artists who do mini tattoos on guests who want, weddings set in films, ceremonies in which all the music we played was Disney songs, etc. We think it is a very special day, and we find it funny that there are also couples who want to get away from the “traditional” and do something more personalized and want to accompany their big day with electric wedding instruments.

Electronic Firefly instrumentos eléctricos para bodas
Electronic Firefly duo of cello and electric violin

You have worked with artists of the stature of Ara Malikian, one of the top violinists on the current scene. What has it meant to you to work with him?

Carlos: I was on a tour with Ara Malikian, we also made several recordings for television and we played together in several of his shows and events. It was a very enriching experience, he is a world reference. His way of bringing music to the public and mixing classical music with other styles really opened my mind. Working with singers like Pasión Vega or Pilar Jurado have also been experiences that have given me a lot.

Silvia: I only participated once in one of his TV programs, Pizzicato, but of course he is an example to follow and a reference in our country. On the other hand, I have recorded the solo violin in some of Pablo López’s best-known songs and participated in several concerts with him, and one of the most incredible things in my musical career is being in a hair salon, or on a bus, and suddenly hearing my violin among so many people around me and knowing that it is part of me that is playing. Without a doubt, my greatest achievement as an artist is having worked in Malta with the Cirque du Soleil company, one of the best shows in the world and a dream come true since I was little, as I have said before.

Tell us about an event in which you have performed and will remember for the rest of your life, both you and the attendees of the event.

As far as emotion is concerned, perhaps the most special moments we have experienced have been playing for the people we love the most, at family weddings where we cannot help but shed tears of joy while we play, and where the honorees never stop thanking us for having lived those special moments thanks to our music.

Electronic Firefly instrumentos eléctricos para bodas

Electronic Firefly duo of cello and electric violin

You are currently producing your first album that will include historic Rock songs as well as songs composed and produced by yourselves in a variant of Rock fused with electronics. What does the future hold for Electronic Firefly in terms of events? What are your next personal goals and challenges?

As for the future, it is expected to be full of success and work. We already have a very full agenda for 2024 and several dates scheduled for 2025, the phone does not stop ringing. We are becoming very well-known in the events sector in our country, but on the other hand we have a much more ambitious project in hand. We are currently producing a musical that we will premiere at the end of 2024, and for this we have been working hand in hand for months with Zenón Recalde, resident director of the musical The Lion King, and with the great Gaby Goldman, a highly-recognized musical director in Argentina and Spain. With this we hope to take a significant leap in our careers, since in the performance we will have to act and even dance, not just play our instrument, and also debut as producers of a great show. In addition to remaining on the podium of the best duos with the cello and electric violin for weddings.


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