We interviewed Elisa, from Moments by Elisa, the wedding planner specialized in personalized weddings weddings

In this interview we introduce you to Elisa, from "Moments by Elisa", the wedding planner for personalized weddings who travels to any location.

There are professionals who exude overwhelming energy and put passion and a huge smile into every job they do. And this is the case of Elisa, the wedding planner specializing in personalized weddings from “Moments by Elisa“, and the one we present to you with this beautiful interview that she has given us.

For us, she is already one of the best wedding planners we know who lives in “la Terreta”, and even though she lives in the waters of the Mediterranean, she has no horizons and she sets off with her suitcase and her permanent smile wherever it is necessary to make a couple happy.

Elisa has an enormous ability to perfectly capture what the bride and groom are looking for, and as she tells us, “we do not have a unique wedding style that characterizes us, since each wedding we organize is personalized according to the wishes and personality of the couple.”

In this interview you will be able to learn more about her work, how she makes each wedding an experience and how she adjusts throughout the wedding planning process to all her couples.

Here we go!

Boda personalizada / Wedding Planner Moments by Elisa
Personalized wedding / Wedding Planner Moments by Elisa

Who is your target audience? You organise weddings in Spain, but you also have experience in Malta. Which destinations do you choose?

Our target audience is couples looking for an exclusive, unique and totally personalised wedding. Although we are based in Spain, we have extensive experience organising personalised weddings in Malta. We mainly travel to European destinations, but we are open to exploring new places according to our clients’ preferences. We want each wedding to be a memorable experience and tailored to the wishes of each couple.

What is your wedding style and what style of wedding do you enjoy organizing the most?

We don’t have a single wedding style that characterizes us, as each wedding we organize is personalized according to the couple’s wishes and personality. We love to dream and we dive into the couple’s mind to design according to their dream vision. We enjoy creating and surpassing ourselves in each wedding, going up a notch of creativity and imagination with each event.

When you start organizing a wedding, what is the first thing you do? What is the most important thing for you?

The first thing I do is get to know the couple thoroughly. It is essential to understand their vision, their tastes and their love story. For me, the most important thing is to establish a solid connection with them to make sure that every detail of the wedding reflects their essence and their dreams. This first step is crucial to create an authentic and personalized experience.

Boda personalizada / Wedding Planner Moments by Elisa
Personalized wedding / Wedding Planner Moments by Elisa

Previously, weddings with hundreds of guests were the norm, but now we see a lot more intimate weddings. Are your weddings usually small, large, or both?

We organize both small and intimate weddings and large and elaborate ones. We have noticed an increase in the preference for more intimate weddings, where the couple can share meaningful moments with their closest loved ones. We believe that the grandeur and glamour of large weddings can also be achieved in small weddings, as this depends on the logistics and not the number of guests. We focus on personalized, three-day destination weddings, with fewer guests but with a greater investment in quality and design.

We have seen many couples who decide to do an elopement and get married alone in a remote destination. Do you think elopement weddings are on the rise or on the decline?

Elopement weddings are definitely on the rise. Many couples are looking for a more personal and intimate experience, and the concept of eloping to a special destination to get married is very appealing. The pandemic has also influenced this trend, as many couples prefer to avoid large gatherings and opt for more personal and meaningful celebrations.

Boda personalizada / Wedding Planner Moments by Elisa
Personalized wedding / Wedding Planner Moments by Elisa

You mentioned that you don’t have a particular wedding style, but rather that they are unique and different and suit each couple. How do you manage to hit the nail on the head of what the couple wants? You will have to know them a lot, their personality, their way of being…

Exactly, it is essential to know the couple deeply. We hold several meetings and conversations to understand their tastes, their history and their vision for their wedding day. Through detailed questionnaires and brainstorming sessions, we capture the essence of what they want. In addition, we remain flexible and open to adjustments throughout the process to ensure that the final result exceeds their expectations.

Boda personalizada / Wedding Planner Moments by Elisa
Personalized wedding / Wedding Planner Moments by Elisa

Are more and more couples looking to follow the trends of the moment in personalized weddings or, on the contrary, are they faithful to their essence and do not think about “what is in fashion”?

We see a mix of both. Many couples want to incorporate some modern trends in their wedding, but most want their day to reflect their personality and unique essence. Trends can be a source of inspiration, but we always work to make the event authentic and personal for each couple.

What are the main words that define “Moments by Elisa”?

Personalization, authenticity, creativity, passion, dedication, love, imagination, elegance and madness. We pride ourselves on creating unique moments that truly reflect each couple’s story and their dreams.

What was the most complex event you have had to organize and why?

More than complex, we have had personalized weddings with a lot of level and logistics, such as one that included three music groups, fire shows and a series of surprise activities for the guests. It was challenging but also one of the weddings where we enjoyed the most, laughed and cried.

Boda personalizada / Wedding Planner Moments by Elisa
Personalized wedding / Wedding Planner Moments by Elisa

Now we will talk about an anecdote from a wedding you have carried out, a moment that caused a stir among the guests, an unforgettable scene.

At the last wedding, there were two very creative and significant moments. One was the entrance of the wedding party to the ceremony; they entered in pairs dancing, blowing soap bubbles, handing out drinks and throwing petals. The other was when we were preparing the brides for the wedding dance and suddenly a song that was not theirs started to play. All their friends appeared one by one with a white rose, surrounding them while the song, composed for them, told their story. They formed a bouquet with the flowers and threw it to a girl, who was very surprised. It was a very emotional moment.

And finally, what does the future hold for you? What is the priority and where is “Moments by Elisa” headed right now?

Who knows! For the time being, we continue to work day after day and make every effort to continue expanding our international presence and exploring new exotic destinations for personalized weddings. Our priority is to continue innovating and offering unique and personalized experiences that exceed the expectations of our couples. In addition, we are developing new collaborations with exclusive suppliers to offer even more exceptional services, and working on new services for our top clients, including even more personalized attention and highly innovative services.


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