The best tips for a wedding countryside free of mosquitoes, burns, heat stroke…

If you are looking for a wedding in a quiet, cool and special environment, with a luxurious backdrop, you have come to the best place, because we have the best tips for a wedding in the countryside and that everything goes perfectly

If you’re looking for a wedding in a quiet, cool and special setting, with a luxurious backdrop, you’ve come to the best place: we’ve got the best tips for a countryside wedding.

If your country wedding is in winter, you’re in luck! You won’t have to worry about mosquitoes, sunburn or scorching heat. Instead, make sure you have warm blankets on hand and a plan B in case the rain decides to make an appearance.

Now, if you decide to say “I do” in the spring or summer, when everything is bursting with life and color, we understand the concerns: bright sunshine, fluttering mosquitoes and sweltering heat can be a hassle. But don’t worry! With our tips, your worries will disappear and your guests will be more than comfortable.

Ready to make your country wedding an absolute success? Then take note of these tips and let the adventure begin!

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Tips for a wedding countryside: mosquito repellent

With just an infusion of chamomile, you can achieve a super effective remedy. And if we are talking about pampering your guests’ skin, how about a delicious lavender lotion? The skin will thank you and will look radiant throughout the wedding. And that’s not all! To keep the party fresh, a eucalyptus-based repellent is the best ally.

And, how about using the decoration to say goodbye to those pesky insects? You can arrange hundreds of candles illuminating your wedding. Not only will they create an intimate and beautiful atmosphere, but if they are citronella candles, they will be a natural mosquito repellent.

Banquete con velas de citronela / Photo via Pinterest
Banquet with citronella candles / Photo via Pinterest.

Tips for a countryside wedding: shades

In addition to protecting against the rain, tents and awnings are excellent for providing shade in key areas such as the dance floor, the ceremony area or the food tables. Opt for light-colored tents to reflect the heat and keep the atmosphere cool.

Also look for lush trees or dense shrubs at the wedding venue and place tables or seating under them to provide natural shade. This option is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also effective for protection from the sun.

In addition, you can use lightweight, permeable shade curtains or shade cloth to create additional shaded areas. These can be hung between trees, poles or temporary structures to provide additional shade when needed.

Areas con sombra en la boda / Photo via Pinterest
Shaded areas at the wedding / Photo via Pinterest.

Tips for a wedding countryside: fans and other accessories

Yes, you can offer straw hats, decorative umbrellas, pai pais or even personalized sunglasses as gifts for your guests. Not only will they be practical for protection from the sun, but they will also add a touch of style and fun to the occasion.

Don’t forget to also place individual fans or small umbrellas on the guests’ tables so they can use them as needed. These small details can make all the difference in the comfort of your guests during the celebration.

Abanicos para los invitados / Photo via Pinterest
Fans for guests / Photo via Pinterest.

Tips for a countryside wedding: water and refreshing drinks

We love this idea. You can set up a variety of refreshment stations throughout the wedding venue. For example, fruit infused water, flavored waters, iced tea, natural juices or even cocktail stations with refreshing options.

Also distribute baskets of bottled water in strategic locations around the wedding area, such as near the dance floor or in the break areas. This will allow your guests to easily help themselves when they need it.

And if the ceremony will be long or held in the sun, consider providing water bottles and make sure you have enough ice available to keep the water cool throughout the celebration.

Bebidas refrescantes / Photo via Pinterest
Refreshing drinks / Photo via Pinterest

Tips for a wedding in the countryside: sun protection

Original as well as practical! Surely you haven’t thought of placing sunscreen stations in different areas around the wedding venue, such as near the entrance, near the dance floor and in the seating areas.

You can provide different types of sunscreen, such as spray and cream, with different levels of protection as well as after-sun products, such as soothing lotions or gels.

Tips for a countryside wedding: wind at bay

Outdoor venues can also be very windy. So think about decor that can defy the wind without losing its charm. Be sure to secure tablecloths well or consider doing without them to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Don’t forget to place the candles in candle holders so they don’t end up blown out and rolling all over the field.

And pay attention to the bride’s veil, because although they are beautiful, they can be quite uncomfortable on windy days, as well as glossy lips, which can make your hair stick to you constantly and be quite uncomfortable. Go for matte!

Tips for a wedding in the countryside: the terrain

We want everyone to be prepared to make the most of your wedding in the countryside, right? That’s why it’s super important to inform your guests about the terrain and weather conditions so they can dress appropriately and take all the necessary precautions.

Just be sure to let your guests know what they will encounter, so they come prepared with the right footwear and clothing that will keep them comfortable. This way, everyone can concentrate on celebrating with you without worrying about unpleasant surprises.

Tips for a wedding in the countryside: rest areas

We know that sometimes the heat can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why it’s best to create cozy lounge areas where your guests can relax and cool off!

With comfortable sofas surrounded by soft pillows, under the shade of leafy trees or in a charmingly decorated tent. Chill out areas are not only practical, but also the perfect touch for an outdoor wedding! You can add hanging lights, colorful patterned cushions or soft blankets to make everyone feel at home.

Zona de descanso en la boda / Photo via Pinterest
Rest area at the wedding / Photo via Pinterest.

Tips for a countryside wedding: choose the right time of day

We recommend you to plan your ceremony and reception carefully, avoiding the hottest hours of the day, such as midday.

The solution: celebrate your wedding early in the morning or at sunset! Imagine a ceremony at dawn, with the first rays of sunlight illuminating the sky, or a reception at dusk, with the sunset as a backdrop!

And for these cases, a Wedding Planner can be your best ally to organize the perfect day, from finding the ideal venue to coordinating all the details so that you and your loved ones can enjoy every moment without worries. Yes.

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