Flowers at weddings in 2025: These are the floral decoration trends that are going to grab all the front pages

These are the wedding flowers trends of 2025, they promise to be on the cover of every magazine!

Flowers at weddings in 2025 will be a masterpiece. Yes, this year’s floral decoration will be loaded with techniques, colors, textures and elements never seen before: rebelliousness and daring!

Flowers at weddings in 2025 are set to revolutionize to surprise all attendees, transmitting a great personality through combinations and shapes that were previously unimaginable.

Of course, regardless of the trends, it is essential to tune the design with the taste of the bride and groom and create an atmosphere that goes with you perfectly.

For this, today we want to show you the flowers that will be trending at weddings in 2025 and that will become a real sensation, they will grab all the covers!

Let’s get started!

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Unusual color combinations 

This 2025 is a year for not being afraid of color mixtures, because nowadays in the bridal world everything is allowed.  In this year strong colors and mixtures of these will be a trend in floral decoration for weddings.

Blues with browns, reds with pinks, turquoises with oranges, purples and yellows, reds with lilacs, pinks with oranges, blacks with nudes, mixing earth tones… Everything is allowed, but literally everything!

Exotic mix of flowers 

Yes, flowers at weddings in 2025 won’t be the same as always. This year, flowers that have never been mixed before will create unusual combinations.

For example, red roses combined with lavender, tulips of all colors mixed together, vibrant yellow sunflowers with purple hydrangeas, white paniculatas with blue orchids

The possibilities are endless!

Flowers at weddings in 2025 - Perfect Venue
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Creative structures

The classic structures, round or square, are a thing of the past; now we do not look for symmetry anymore, rebelliousness is what we need. How to do it? Well, by creating unequal and not at all symmetrical structures.

The creativity will be on decorating with flowers of different heights, thicknesses, on the floor, and even suspended in the air. The altars will be more original than ever!

Centerpieces with a lot of character

As with the altars and their structures, the centerpieces will also be unequal, no bouquets of flowers placed strategically on the tables. Now the flowers will appear suspended in the air as if they were a small altar. 

In 2025, florists will manage to have flowers flying over every table. We love it! And it is that it gives a differentiating, groundbreaking and very creative touch.

Cortijo Agustinos bodas
Cortijo Los Agustinos

Seasonal flowers – the best choice

As sustainability is becoming more and more important in today’s world (something that should have been the case a long time ago), more and more couples are opting for flowers that are environmentally responsible, with seasonal flowers that are produced naturally and ethically, respecting the planet, including flowers grown by the bride and groom

That’s why flowers at weddings in 2025 will be seasonal – and this shouldn’t be a trend!

XXL size vases

Giant size vases will be trendy, no more low centerpieces, now flowers will steal all the attention as they will be in gigantic vases occupying large spaces.

In addition, 3D printing is gaining prominence and large size pots and vases made with this technique are starting to appear. Modernity and design first and foremost!

Flowers at weddings in 2025 - Perfect Venue
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Flowers and Art

What? You read that right! This 2025 flowers will be placed on art structures. Can you imagine having a vase of an artist who is a great cultural reference for you? For example:

You can place your flowers inside a Frida Kahlo sculpture, in crystal and glass vases, in molded vases that look like faces, in stained glass vases, inside a head of David Michelangelo’s or on an “upside down head” sculpture and even in abstract acrylic art vases.

If you love art, this trend is yours.

Flowers go up on the walls

Flowers on the walls, why not? A novelty will also be this, to have flowers on the walls: in the form of wreaths, with branches, plants…. 

Also, vertical gardens, which consist of plants grown on walls or in small and limited spaces, are gaining popularity.

We like everything to be bursting with flowers!

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We knew you were already a flower lover… but after learning about the flowers at weddings in 2025, we’re sure you’ll be even more so! 

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