Company anniversary: ​​the keys to organize it and the best venues to make it unforgettable

Thinking of celebrating the company anniversary? We are here to tell you what are the keys to organizing it, as well as the best venues that your guests will never forget!

Just as we hope with all our might that the long-awaited wedding anniversary, a wedding or birthday, arrives, we also hope that the company anniversary arrives to celebrate it in style.

And it is that carrying out a celebration of this nature is more than a benefit, because, do you know that it is also the perfect opportunity to consolidate relations between employees and get to know some of them more thoroughly? Yes, it is also a perfect occasion to forget the odd misunderstanding that occurred in the workplace, contribute to networking and improve the work environment.

So, it is time to organize the anniversary of your company! so in this article we tell you what are the keys for you to become the best host for all celebrations. Let’s do it!

Finca Torrefiel

1. Determine your main objective, theme and event model

And, why not take advantage of the company’s anniversary celebration to achieve any type of objective at the business level? It is a perfect opportunity where all employees will come together to communicate the new business strategy, present the new brand logo or showcase a new product.

But for this, you have to think about the model of event you want to celebrate, that is: an outdoor meal, a dinner with an after party, a business trip, a brunch, linner or dunch. (We tell you that the preferred choice is nights)

And don’t forget to also think about a theme for your event! It is an original idea that will make none of your assistants ever forget this day.

2. Set the budget you have

It is another of the first movements that we have to make, and that is that knowing what the budget that is going to be allocated allows us to better understand the magnitude of the event. We may be thinking about a big event or a more intimate celebration.

Be that as it may, it produces a “Wow effect”! Also, any amount of money that goes to an event like this will be compensated in time, there are already many companies that reserve a series of funds during the year for the anniversary!

Without a doubt, the best option is to go to an event organizing company, such as Perfect Venue, since they know first-hand the best way to make the most of your investment and save money when your budget is limited.

Espacio ABC, Madrid

3. Do you already know the day and time of the event?

If not yet, it’s time to fix it. Because it is recommended to start a year in advance to organize and prepare all the details of the event, we do not want last minute surprises!

Generally, events of this nature are held during the week, since weekends are the days that employees normally rest from the work environment. Thus, Thursday or Friday would be perfect.

And don’t forget to send the invitations! In each of them you must specify the place, the time and the date, plan and send them about 2 months before! The ideal time for attendees to organize in advance and reserve that date on their calendar.

4. How many guests will there be?

It is the first question we have to ask ourselves before choosing the place where we want to celebrate the company anniversary, because it is not the same to organize a party in a space for 50 people than for 200.

It is also interesting to consider whether the anniversary will be behind closed doors or open doors or if family members or couples of employees will also be attending. And we are ready to choose an exclusive venue!

Hotel Carlton

5. Select your ideal place!

We already know the purpose of the event, the number of people who will attend, the theme of the event, the budget and the date of the event, and now is the time to choose that special space that will make nobody ever forget.

At Perfect Venue we have a large number of alternatives to celebrate your business anniversary: ​​hotels, farms, country houses, gardens, castles … and many of them offer activities for attendees! That is why we want to introduce you to some of our most exclusive spaces.

The Royal Tapestry Factory is one of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid, and is located in the heart of the capital, just a few minutes from the famous Atocha Station and very close to the Reina Sofía Museum and the Thyssen. In addition to its incredible location, the building has five picturesque rooms and a beautiful completely restored garden located inside the Factory, it has even been declared a Property of Cultural Interest for its impressive neo-Mudejar style!

wedding venue madrid
Fabrica de Tapices

La Finca Resort, ranked as the Best Golf Hotel in Spain by the World Golf Awards 2019 consists of a modern and exclusive complex with all the luxury of details for your event. In addition to its golf courses and sports facilities, this 5-star resort is also located in an idyllic setting, between the mountains, the coast and Alicante’s fields, and is very close to Alicante airport!

La Finca Resort

The Monastery of La Cartuja de Ara Christi, in Valencia, is surrounded by a completely landscaped area and has six exclusive spaces inside, perfect and adapted to the tastes and needs of customers. The complex was built in the 17th century and has been declared a Property of Cultural Interest, full of magic!

Cartuja de Ara Christi - Perfect Venue
Cartuja de Ara Christi

The Peralada Castle is located in the center of Alt Empordà, Girona. The castle, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, is a leisure oasis made up of a five-star hotel, a casino and a wonderful gastronomic offer. It is made up of an 8-hectare estate ideal to celebrate any type of event surrounded by history and nature, and it is that very close to the castle are some spectacular natural landscapes such as the famous Costa Brava or the Aiguamolls del Empordà.

Castillo Peralada - Perfect Venue
Castillo Peralada

6. Don’t forget the catering

It is one of the essential parts of your event, because people win by the stomach! Come on, that the choice of gastronomy to taste on the day of the celebration, can greatly influence its success.

If we have a small space because the event is more intimate, it is advisable to gather all the guests at the same table to promote closeness and make it more welcoming. But, on the contrary, if the guests are in a very large space, it will be better to have several tables, buffet / cocktail service, so that all the guests can move freely around the place and talk among themselves.

In the selection of food, do not forget to take into account guests who are vegetarian, celiac, allergic or with any type of food need. They will be grateful to you!

Do you know what are the best catering ideas for corporate events? Our favorite caterings are those of the Mediterranean seal!

Castell de Santa Florentina - Perfect Venue
Castell de Santa Florentina

7. The corporate image, present

Like any company, surely you have a logo or corporate image, because it is time to show it more than ever! How? Through promotional materials, such as limited editions of products, corporate videos, a digital magazine, the redesign of the website

This aspect should be considered many months in advance since it requires a lot of planning time, and more if different people from the company are involved.

8. And finally, take care of enjoying yourself!

Because there are always reasons to enjoy, do not think only about the benefits, but also about enjoying the experience as much as possible.

And we at Perfect Venue want to be part of your success! Therefore, now that you know all the keys to organizing the anniversary of your company, we remain at your disposal to carry them out.

We have the best suppliers, the experience that is needed, and all the desire in the world!


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