Do you already know where to organise a birthday party for children from 8-12 years old? Here are 8 ideas!

Here are the best venues in which to celebrate birthdays for children from 8 to 12 years old. If this special date is approaching, we will give you all the tips.

We know that you are here because you are looking for the best venues in which to celebrate birthdays for children from 8 to 12 years old, well you are lucky! Because in this article you will find a lot of very unique ideas.

At this age, children are already more than aware that they are the main protagonists of the day, that is why they want it to become a unique and memorable day surrounded by all their friends, they want to be the greatest!

It is also an age in which children already have a large part of their personality, tastes, hobbies, etc. shaped. So it is very convenient to take them into account when choosing the venue for the celebration.

So, next, we will share a lot of venues with you so that your little one, who is growing by leaps and bounds, can be with their friends while they learn, sing, dance, compete and laugh without stopping.

Sit down, let’s begin!

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1. At a theme park

If children hear theme park, they will automatically go crazy with happiness, well imagine if you tell them that they will also celebrate their birthday there!

This is one of all children’s favourite places, since there are not only endless attractions, but they also have food, shows, music…

Most parks, such as Madrid Amusement Park, Tibidabo or Warner Park, offer the possibility of celebrating a birthday with packs that include access to all attractions without queues or waiting and snacks for children to rest with their friends after releasing adrenaline.

2. At a water park

Is it summer and your child’s birthday? Well, don’t let the heat stop you! Everyone head to the water park!

Kids will have a blast while cooling off on slides, water fights, jumping over the waves, swimming races, etc.

Many of the water parks have exclusive packs for birthday celebrations, such as entrance to the park and all its attractions, children’s snacks with drinks and a cake with candles and sweets, and all in an exclusive area for them!

Casa del Mar - Perfect Venue
Casa del Mar

3. At the bowling alley

Bowling is always fun, so let’s all celebrate the birthday party at the bowling alley! A great opportunity to spend time with friends and also blow the candles in a different way.

The good thing about bowling alleys is that they offer a lot of services so that the little ones can celebrate birthdays and play without problems, such as the side bars and thus prevent the balls from leaving the shooting range.

4. At a museum

How? Can I celebrate a birthday at a museum? Of course! And don’t tell us it’s not unique…

In it, children can carry out workshops, games, cultural, fun and educational activities, you just have to choose the museum based on the child’s preferred theme! Art, history, science…

And did you know that children can also spend a night at the museum? Exactly, night birthdays are in fashion, and when the museum goes dark, the torches turn on and the adventure begins. And in the morning a delicious breakfast!

We are sure that no guest will forget that night.

Casa Manuel Formentera
Casa Manuel Formentera

5. At the cinema

Popcorn, drinks and comfortable seats! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a birthday this way? Well, everyone go to the cinema!

Yes, most cinemas also offer the possibility of celebrating a birthday there, a very quiet option for children to relax in the company of their friends, and then after everyone can play, have a snack and blow out the candles!

6. At the zoo

We know that animals and children get along very, very well. That is why celebrating your children’s birthday in a zoo will become an unforgettable experience when surrounded by their favourite animals and nature.

In many zoos, such as Barcelona or Madrid, they have special services so that a birthday party can be carried out in it, which include a guided tour and educational activities for children to have fun while learning about the fauna.

And how could we forget about the snacks! Of course, among the services of the zoo there is a picnic to fill the stomachs of the little ones.

7. In an escape room

An escape room is a real blast! And one of the most unique ways to celebrate your children’s birthdays.

At this venue, children will not have a single boring moment, because they will not stop carrying out activities full of surprises putting their creativity, logic and imagination to the test, since the tests to escape are usually riddles, enigmas, puzzles…until you are able to get out of the room!

The rewards? Great snacks, since these types of rooms also offer menus adapted for birthdays!

My little pony cumpleaños Las rozas
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8. Have a party at home

If your son or daughter’s birthday is caught in the middle of the pandemic, as has happened with COVID-19, and the country is faced with a lot of restrictions, it is best to celebrate it at home.

It can be just as good! Decorating everything, playing games as a family such as board games, karaoke, costume contests…as well as preparing the menu as a family with the child’s favourite dishes and making a homemade dessert. 

A good idea to spend time with the family and create decorations with the little one, through crafts, you can even make a homemade piñata!


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