Your 20-year anniversary is approaching: The porcelain weddings, celebrate them in the north of Spain!

Your 20 years of marriage are coming: the porcelain weddings, and if you are looking for an exclusive venue to celebrate it in the north of Spain, you have come to the right place! Make a note of all of these places and fall in love even more.

It’s time to celebrate! You are about to celebrate your 20th anniversary: the porcelain weddings. So, we need to tell you about the best venues in the best cities for your anniversary!

During your next few minutes of reading you will discover 5 of the most exclusive venues found in the north of Spain. And why the north for celebrating twenty years of marriage?

Because of the contrast in its sea and mountains, the tranquillity of its landscapes, the luscious and wild nature… if you are looking for a place to celebrate your special day with these surroundings, the northern region is perfect for you!

And we’ll show you… right now!

In Guipúzcoa

Hotel Maria Cristina

Since the 19th century, when San Sebastian stopped being a fishing village and became the favourite area of the great aristocrats and nobles of the time, this city has not stopped growing, because more and more people came to enjoy bathing on La Concha beach, the sunshine, the sea, its promenade and its cafes and terraces.

San Sebastian was filled with high society and with the arrival of the Belle Époque, luxury buildings began to be built for these new residents. This is when the María Cristina Hotel was born, which was opened in 1912.

Designed by the architect Charles Mewes, this hotel overlooking the sea has 136 rooms and three palatial style rooms on the ground floor of the gallery (the Ibaia, the Elcano and the Zubia), which have made this place one of the world’s favourites.

The María Cristina has been linked to the historical and cultural life of the city, welcoming celebrities such as the regent of Spain, María Cristina, and 40 years later, celebrities of the moment such as Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Woody Allen and Susan Sarandon.

A perfect hotel to enjoy porcelain weddings among luxury, fame, glamour and elegance, whilst enjoying an exclusive selection of menus, because the occasion deserves it!

Wedding Hotel Maria Cristina
Hotel Maria Cristina

In Biscay

Hotel Convento San Roque

This old monastery built in 1666, (the monastery of Santa Clara, former convent of cloistered nuns during the seventeenth century) is located 28 kilometers from Bilbao, specifically in the town of Balmaseda and built by order of Don Juan de la Piedra (from the town itself) and Berástegui.

Today it is a small hotel with a special charm where, after its reconversion, your anniversary celebration will take place in so much beauty, thanks to its impressive architecture full of history.

Another touch of exclusivity lies in the cuisine, dishes that fuse tradition and the avant-garde with outstanding quality ingredients prepared by great professionals.

Tasty fish, delicious meat and vegetables to be enjoyed in its halls, one of them located in the old refectory of the convent itself, or in the central glass courtyard, and always accompanied by one of the most renowned wines in Spain, such as Navarros, Riojas, Penedés, Riberas del Duero, Bierzo… and with designation of origin!

To continue with the evening, you can sleep in one of its 9 rooms, which are old cells of the Poor Clare nuns who slept there in their day.

An ideal place to retreat from the world for a moment and enjoy a unique experience with your partner.

San Roque
Hotel Convento San Roque

Villa Lucía

Villa Lucía is a beautiful venue located in Laguardia, in the heart of La Rioja Alavesa, a must for wine lovers. It was the former holiday estate of the fable writer Samaniego and its origin dates back to the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century. This place is surrounded by nature: large gardens, waterfalls, streams, vineyards…

The complex is 10,000 m2 and has spacious rooms and lounges, open spaces with heated parasols overlooking the vineyards and a spectacular botanical garden.

They also organize visits to wineries, tours of the vineyards, wine and food experiences and all kinds of activities to celebrate your 20 years of marriage.

Villa Lucia
Villa Lucia

In Asturias

The Palace of Meres

This beautiful 15th century palace is located in the town of Siero and still has many invaluable artefacts inside! Such as porcelain and earthenware pieces, antique furniture, architecture… which have made it a Property of Cultural Interest in the Monument catagory

It also belongs to the Foundation of Historic and Unique Houses of Spain and Hispania Nostra and its historical archive has been catalogued in the inventory of the General Directorate of Goods, Arts and Archives of the Ministry of Culture.

Of course, it has been completely restored and refurbished so that you can be with your partner in maximum comfort, thanks to the architect D. Joaquín Cores Uría, his brother D. José Ramón Cores Uría and their descendants, who have been supervising the restoration of the palace over the last fifty years.

The Palace of Meres is surrounded by a beautiful oak-tree forest that fills the venue with charm and romanticism to be able to lavish love on your anniversary.

You will celebrate your porcelain wedding among authentic porcelain pieces!

Palacio de Meres
Palacio de Meres

In A Coruña

Pazo de Vilaboa

This magical venue is located on the ancient ruins of an old farmhouse, rebuilt by Don Alvaro de Torres Taboada in the 19th century.

It is located just 10 minutes from the city of A Coruña and its construction is reminiscent of a medieval fortress due to its square and circular towers and its chapel, where there is a neoclassical altarpiece full of paintings and votive offerings from the 18th century.

The Pazo de Vilaboa also has a restaurant that specialises in traditional food, which can be tasted among the walls, cobbled courtyards, the red room, gardens with large trees and fountains…

And spend the night! In a place as romantic as the bridal suite, to make this occasion a real second honeymoon.

Its history, grandiose architecture, beautiful views and landscapes, as well as the viewpoint overlooking the valley, make it the most special place for your anniversary celebration.

Pazo de Vilaboa - Perfect Venue
Pazo de Vilaboa

In Pontevedra

Mondariz Spa

Following our tour of the north of Spain, we arrive at Pontevedra and the Mondariz Spa, a venue with much tranquillity, luxury and charm.

The Galician spas are known as some of the most magnificent in the country and specifically Mondariz is one of the most renowned places in the region since 1873, when the Peinador brothers founded it.

Since then, for decades it has hosted countless celebrities from the world of art, politics and culture, who have not left the venue without strolling through its gardens or tasting its unique menus in one of its beautiful halls.

The main event at this venue is none other than its water, a place where you can relax at the spa, enjoy a relaxing unique thermal circuit such as the Celtic Circuit and give your body any of our thermal treatments, a very special occasion (as it is your anniversary) to calm down and recover after a few games of golf!

That’s right! Because you will also be able to enjoy one of the best golf courses in Spain.

Venue in Spain
Balneario de Mondariz

It doesn’t matter if your anniversary falls in summer or winter, because the north of Spain is enchanting at any time of the year.

At Perfect Venue we pack your bags with you so that you can enjoy the north and its gastronomy, landscapes, exclusive spaces and above all… all the love you have to give!

And we have many more venues! We have only shown you five, do you want to discover the rest? Look on our Market Place!


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