Free pizza buffet: a growing trend for weddings in 2023

Free pizza buffet: a growing trend for weddings 2023.

More and more couples are deciding to organise a buffet-style wedding reception on their big day, and it’s quite normal! As it is a very dynamic and varied option that allows guests to move around and interact with each other, buffet banquets will be a big hit at weddings in 2023!

Buffets has evolved so fast at weddings that now you can enjoy unconventional dishes such as, for example… pizzas! Who doesn’t like this Italian food?

If you’ve come here, it’s because you’re sure that you also want to get away from the classic banquet on your big day. Therefore, you can’t miss this article where you will be convinced to offer a free pizza buffet at your wedding.

Let’s get started!

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Fast food has become a must-have

Until recently, fast food at a wedding was a daring gesture, but since the protocol has changed and these dishes have become delicacies that can’t be missed at the cocktail party or at the reception, fast food is a must. Yes, American snacks are a guaranteed hit, and especially if you choose pizza!

Fast food and pizzas will be very welcome among the guests at weddings in 2023. This dough accepts an endless number of ingredients to suit all tastes and palates, so you can choose from a wide range of flavours so that no one can resist trying it.

Buffet style is a guaranteed success

This is one of the most popular types of catering at weddings. It is characterised by serving a large number of different dishes on a large table, where different combinations of dishes are presented. In this case pizzas.

Your guests take the pieces of pizza they like best. Yes, they serve themselves the pieces they want to eat. While the team takes the pizzas out of the oven and puts them on the tables so that they are always hot.

The buffet is guaranteed to be a success at weddings in 2023!

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What is the best way to serve them?

In a specialised corner, as an open buffet, or in a food truck. Yes, this is the best and most attractive way to serve them at wedding banquets in 2023.

Due to the variety of colours, your presentation will be a real eye-catcher. You can arrange them on a long wooden table, on giant plates, on cutting boards, on small shelves… Your pizza corner will be one of the starring corners of your wedding cocktail party!

There are many ways to present the pizzas, but don’t forget to include a small sign indicating the type of pizza is being served, as there are several ingredients and it is important that your guests know what each one contains.

Complete the presentation with serving plates so that your guests can serve themselves more comfortably and move around the venue while tasting different slices.

But… What kind of pizza can we serve?

As many as you like! Yes, variety is the best way to enjoy it, and there is nothing better than offering a wide variety of pizzas to please all your guests.

You can’t miss pizza Margarita, the most classic Italian pizza; nor the Four Cheese, BBQ, Neapolitan, Diávola, Carbonara, Four Seasons, Hawaiian, Funghi…

Our mouths are watering!

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Gluten-free and lactose-free pizzas

Gluten-free pizza can be made from cornstarch, white rice flour and manioc starch, so your guests with coeliac disease will not miss out on this popular dish.

The same applies to those who are lactose intolerant, just let your caterer know so they can serve pizzas without cheese and milk.

Pizzas and weddings in 2023 are for everyone!

Professional catering

It is important to find a personalised catering service for events that has experience in preparing pizzas, who can personalise the dishes and adapt to all types of intolerances.

The professional caterer will give you advice based on their experience, guaranteeing you the appropriate quality of service. The selection of pizzas is not only based on the type or quantity you will serve, but also on how they will arrive at the table and how your guests will feel about the whole experience.

When you sit down with them to choose your wedding pizzas, share your thoughts, ideas and sources of inspiration. Tell them about your decoration theme and style and inform about the must-have ingredients for the most important day of your life.

When it comes to wedding catering, here’s everything you need to know about hiring a caterer and tips on how to choose the most delicious menu.

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Presents with the flavour of pizza

Give a personalised mini-guide with a recipe. Yes, it would be an original idea to create a mini-guide with the history of pizza, combinations of ingredients, with an easy-to-make recipe… You can also create a kit for “pizza masters” containing a personalised cutter and/or a mini rolling pin with your initials and the date engraved on it.

It’s a cheap and recurring gift that you always keep as a souvenir for a day of culinary inspiration.

No doubt weddings in 2023 will be for true pizza lovers!


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