This is what it’s like to get married at La Fortaleza Mallorca, one of the most exclusive and guarded mansions in Mallorca

This is what it's like to get married at La Fortaleza Mallorca, one of the most exclusive and guarded mansions in Mallorca.

If you dream about an exclusive venue to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca, you don’t have to look any further, because you and your partner won’t find anything more luxurious than La Fortaleza Mallorca, the most exclusive venue for weddings in the whole country.

Back in the day it was a fortress to defend Mallorca, and nowadays it is a remote and gigantic property perfect for celebrating a dreamy wedding that is also one of the most guarded mansions in Mallorca and it is practically inaccessible to the general public.

At this venue, model Helen Lindes and basketball player Rudy Fernandez, and the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal and his wife Mery Perelló got married.

Art, light, luxury and a never ending sunset make La Fortaleza Mallorca a venue that every couple dreams about, and in this article we will tell you all the details.

Photo by Pablo Laguia

It is the most privileged venue in Mallorca and Spain

All couples dream of marrying like they do in the movies, surrounded by friends and family, enjoying a celebration to remember for the rest of their lives, but if there is a place that is privileged and luxurious above all others, it is La Fortaleza Mallorca

Declared a natural park, this venue was renovated turning the old structure into one of the most exclusive hotels and resorts in Spain where various movie scenes and tv programmes have been filmed.

There is something you can be sure about which is that a wedding at La Fortaleza Mallorca will be so special that you won’t be able to find anything similar anywhere else.

A magical setting

Its amazing architecture, similar to a mediaeval castle, the nature that surrounds the venue and the incredible Mediterranean sea views make it the perfect setting for your wedding.

This impressive fortress that dates back to 1550 has all the facilities that you could need to celebrate a ceremony, like enjoying the majestic gardens, looking at the horizon from the terrace, welcoming the guests by the pool or tasting some of the exquisite dishes in the rooms.

Photo by Pablo Laguia

Getting married in a remote town

This venue from the 17th century, situated on the peninsula of Punta Avancada de Pollenca, is not actually a mansion, but a town situated on a plot of 87,350 square metres with terraces (1,427 square metres) gardens (1,100 square metres), swimming pools, private coves, heliports…in total there are seven houses with 17 bedrooms.

Its interior buildings, designed to allow you to spend one or more nights there, are around 20,000 square metres.

La Fortaleza Mallorca is a magical town straight from a fairytale with excellent sea views, stone archways and neverending gardens that no guest will ever forget.

An extremely private venue

In order to protect the flashes and maintain the privacy of the couple and the guests, the couple chose Sa Fortaleza, since it is impossible to access it without permission because it is an extremely private and controlled venue with surveillance.

La Fortaleza Mallorca ensures that nobody can disturb the most important day of your life and it guarantees the privacy necessary for this day.

Photo by Pablo Laguia

Secure against attacks from land, sea or air

In the past, in order to avoid the entry of intruders from the rearguard, only one entrance was made with a drawbridge, which is still there to this day.

Now you can reach it by three separate entrances, by land, sea and air. Sa Fortaleza has access available via motorway (camino de Formentor), a heliport and two private bays where you can dock a boat. Furthermore, the house connects to an military airbase in the town.

Meeting point for avant-garde painters

This fort was constructed in 1628 to defend the peninsula of Pollenca from Berber invasions. The Argentine artist Roberto Ramauge bought it in 1919 for 45,000 pesetas. 

Since then, it became a meeting point for avante-garde painters like Sorolla, Anglada Camarasa, Andrés Segovia, Bernareggi, Tito Cittadini, etc.

During the Spanish Civil War, Sa Fortaleza was confiscated and a few decades ago it was returned to private hands until today, as it has been converted into a glamorous venue for weddings.

Photo by Pablo Laguia

A price that is not for everyone

There are not many people that can pay the price to hire the venue for an event. One day of celebration at La Fortaleza Mallorca costs 40,000 euros. This doesn’t even include the hiring of the bedrooms, for which you have to pay a supplement of thousands of euros.

With the 40,000 euro price, the couple can use the majority of the spaces at the house, even a small hut where they can get ready for the ceremony.

Although it costs 40,000 euros, they don’t stop celebrating weddings at La Fortaleza Mallorca, because who doesn’t want to say “I do” at this unforgettable venue?!


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