Unsure how to organise a corporate event for your own company?

If you are thinking of holding a corporate event to make visible and improve the reputation of your company, in this post we will tell you everything you need to know about them and the types that exist.

To help raise visibility and improve both the reputation and image of a company or brand, congresses or corporate event are taking place, and are very much on the rise.

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What is a corporate event?

It’s an event where a number of people whose interests are related to a particular brand gather together. It’s the perfect tool to motivate employees and to both attract and keep potential clients through promotional and informative talks and workshops. 

The content and information provided at the corporate event are usually related to the sort of activities that the organising company participates in, which is why this is a step within the corporate marketing plan. 

Nowadays, companies choose to hold corporate events both in person and online, and sometimes even combine the two.

Palacio Miramar, San Sebastian

What can I do to make the corporate event more profitable for my company?

Building your company’s brand or branding is a process which poses some difficulties, including various different elements, one of the most important being organising a corporate event. 

Organising a corporate event can be a key element to enhancing brand positioning and branding strategy. 

It’s imperative that you organise the event in the best way possible, following previously studied guidelines which will let you achieve a series of defined objectives and thus make it profitable. 

Finca Resort MICE - Perfect Venue
Finca Resort MICE, Alicante

Branding within the marketing strategy

The term branding has been used for a long time and is a concept which should be practised frequently, as it’s a strategy used around your brand. 

Within the brand of a company, there are the aspects which a consumer can see: creation of a logo, web design, materials, infrastructure, customer service, etc. 

This is why corporate events are another step in the marketing strategy – an event is the perfect place to showcase your company to current or potential clients, partners, suppliers, etc.

Perfect Venue - hote lUrban
Hotel Urban, Madrid

Concept of community within corporate events

The most important thing before structuring and designing an event is knowing what the point in this event is, as it’s something that will cost money, effort and a lot of time. 

A corporate event is a space where you’ll be able to create a community with common objectives. This is why it’s very important to have a clear idea as to what the event is about, so you can convey this to the community in a clear, successful way.

Hotel Santos Nixe Palace - Perfect Venue
Hotel Santos Nixe Palace, Mallorca

Advantages of corporate events

An event organised strategically with clear, concrete objectives can lead to a huge number of benefits for a company or brand:

  1. Increase in brand reputation: if the event is well organised, it will have a positive impact in the way in which people see the brand.
  2. Direct communication: it’s the perfect setup to communicate directly with people, as it usually leaves a lasting impact on the attendees.
  3. Opportunity to put yourself ahead of the competition: a corporate event gives you the opportunity to do things differently and in a more original way than other companies in the same sector, giving you an edge that makes you stand out within the market.
  4. Creating a community which shares the interests of the brand or company: the messages and information shared at a corporate event will reach people interested in their company, and will thus help them satisfy their needs.
  5. Prestige and visibility: another big advantage is that you can position your brand or company as a reference in its field of activity, and thus make it more visible.
Finca Mas Solers - Perfect Venue
Finca Mas Solers, Barcelona

Types of corporate events

There’s a huge range of possibilities and types of events which you can adapt to different communities and needs:

  • Road Shows: this is the best option to present a product to a wide audience.
  • Retreat: these events focus on creating an internal community within the company without any commercial interest. They are intended to generate team building situations to encourage and motivate team members.
  • WorkShops: these are workshops that are usually aimed at a small audience with the purpose of learning. This format is more practical than theoretical.
  • Conference: a conference usually involves an auditorium with speakers sharing your knowledge in order to teach the attendees.
  • Congress: they last more than one day, and are designed for a wider audience from the same sector or with a common purpose or interest.
  • Forums: Forums are the best way to interact, as all attendees participate. They are used to meet and exchange ideas and experiences on different topics.
  • Product presentation: these are aimed at both end-users and intermediaries, and are used to explain the functionality and how to use a product or service.


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