Interview: Wedding decorators in times of COVID-19

If you are looking for the decoration for your wedding and you have doubts about the effects that COVID has had on weddings, you can’t miss this interview. 

If you are already starting with the preparations for your wedding, undeniably one of the first things you will have thought about is the decorations that will flood your venue.

But we are also sure that, apart from looking everywhere for inspiration to get the decoration you have always dreamed of, you also have a lot of doubts about the effects that COVID has had on weddings and on the decoration sector.

At Perfect Venue we always want to help you with everything you need so that your wedding is as you always dreamed it and put aside the fear and uncertainty caused by the COVID situation. We are in contact with great professionals from the sector and we have asked the current most popular questions from brides and grooms!

The professionals, whom we admire for their work and ability to create unimaginable decorations, and who tell us all about wedding decoration are: Encaje & Plumeti Bodas.

You can’t miss it! Because you will stay much calmer and trust that finding the decoration of your wedding in times of COVID is nothing to worry about.

Decoradores de bodas en tiempos de Covid-19
Organización @mesapresidencial / Fotografía @diluart

  1.   In the midst of this pandemic, how is the company currently doing? 

Encaje & Plumeti Bodas: Like all companies in the bridal sector, this pandemic has been a major economic and emotional setback for us. At Encaje y Plumeti our priority is our couples, and that is why we have continued working at all times, talking to our couples, looking for alternative dates for them and helping them in whatever way we can, and we will continue like this for as long as necessary.

Mesa Presidencial: At the moment, we are trying to make it through this tough year. However, this whole situation has made us stop and think, take a look at the company, see where we are, where we want to go and what our strengths and challenges are for the future. We realised that despite it being a roller coaster of emotions, we’ll always have an exciting plan which we can use to provide a good service to many couples. The company continues looking after, helping and comforting all couples who have had to postpone their wedding. The current situation is difficult and we know how important it is for us to be there for them. We also help couples who are just starting to design their dream day, whether they are wanting to get married next year despite the current restrictions, or if they want to wait for it all to blow over while they think about their options and organise the details.

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  1.   What is the most sudden change that you have noticed at a business level? 

Encaje & Plumeti Bodas: We had planned to decorate about 30 weddings this year, and due to COVID in the end only 6 weddings have been celebrated, almost all the others have been postponed to 2021. Consequently, our income has been reduced, but not our fixed expenses like any company. In addition, we have occupied many dates that were free next year at no additional cost for our couples, and of course we will not be able to use those dates for new weddings. We have been as flexible as we can to make this situation more bearable for couples who have trusted us.

Mesa Presidencial: The sudden stop was hard to take in. We had our kicking moment, but we managed to stay open minded and look for other alternatives. Constantly complaining is useless. Before, we only did weddings, but while they are back (2021 season), we have expanded our services, making various decorations for shop windows, Christmas decorations, etc. The most abrupt change was the cancellations and postponements. When we were organising the 2020 agendas last year, we could not imagine what would happen. So it was a complicated start to the year, on the one hand trying to reassure the bride and groom who went through a very hard time and on the other hand keeping an eye on all the news and changes we were seeing to inform them and update them with the correct information.

Photo via Encaje y plumeti

  1.   Have you redesigned your business strategies or are they still the same? 

Encaje & Plumeti Bodas: Our philosophy and way of working remain the same. Making it easier for the bride and groom to decorate their wedding has always been the cornerstone of our company and now, even more so. As a novelty, we have created decorations and decorative packs adapted to those weddings with fewer guess, so that all the couples can have the perfect decoration no matter how many guests they have.

Mesa Presidencial: We have expanded our range of services. We used to only do weddings, but now, given the Christmas season, we have reinvented ourselves by offering rental packs of material to individuals for dressing Christmas tables. We have also been making Christmas decorations for people’s homes, shop windows… We have opened an online shop where we offer wedding products and elegant disposable items, and we have launched a line of sanitising gels for weddings. We have redesigned our business strategies to adapt to couples needs. We know that in many cases weddings will have few guests and many couples are choosing to have small, very intimate celebrations. The important thing is to adapt to the times we are living in, always providing the best service, in an affordable way and always “taking care” of couples. It is a very special day in their lives and it is essential that nothing tarnishes their happiness.

Decoradores de bodas en tiempos de Covid-19
Organización @mesapresidencial / Fotografía @diluart
  1.   Will the trends in bridal decorations change next year or will they remain the same?

Encaje & Plumeti Bodas: We believe that, by reducing the number of guests, the decorations will be more careful with more personalised details. Also, this bad year has increased the desire to celebrate, have fun and value what is important, and that is why the 2021 and 2022 weddings will be spectacular!

Mesa Presidencial: We think that the public is opting for more elegant weddings with golden tones, glass, mirrors… Wedding decoration trends will change, and the fundamental change is the reduction in the number of guests, so as we have already mentioned, weddings will be more intimate. This will mean couples will be able to indulge in all “those whims and tastes”, because the smaller number of guests, the more they are able to entertain each guest with care and lots of details. We will return to the natural style, with minimalist furniture and decorations. Beautiful, elegant tables, with vintage crockery designed and chosen to surprise each diner. For the lighting, we will find ceilings covered like starry skies, illuminated trees with which we will create dream corners. Chill out spaces that during the day will give the elegant and comfortable touch and at night will be transformed into very romantic spaces.

Photo via Encaje y plumeti

  1.   What new needs do you perceive in your clients? 

Encaje & Plumeti Bodas: Flexibility. Given the uncertainty we have experienced this year, our couples have greatly appreciated the alternative dates that we have offered and our ability to adapt.

Mesa Presidencial: We are aware of the couple’s visions of making the wedding beautiful and well decorated with lots of details. They tell us how much they would like to surprise their guests by using spectacular decorations. Couples who reduce their number of guests have more desires to personalise the venue, set up spectacular tables and have a special ceremony. Flexibility and willingness to change and adapt to what is happening. I know that the closeness and support that we give to couples is always fundamental, and in this period where there is so much uncertainty, knowing that we are calm, ready to change everything that is necessary gives them a peace of mind. For us this is always fundamental. The couple must feel that we are by their side to resolve every issue that may arise. That we always take care of everything, so that they can enjoy not only their wonderful day, but also the process of organising it.

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  1.   How can the decoration be arranged in the venue so that it is COVID free? 

Encaje & Plumeti Bodas: Many of our corners do not involve interaction on part of the guests. A welcome corner, a seating plan…these are corners that guests don’t usually touch, they just take photos with them. This year, in those corners such as signature tables, photocall, lemonade corners and others, we have included posters with instructions to make them safer and hydroalcoholic gel to use before and after touching the elements in that corner. And of course before and after the assembly of each one of them, we make sure to clean and disinfect everything thoroughly.

Mesa Presidencial: We are working hard on chillout corners, for the wedding cocktail and even for the dance, because right now dancing isn’t allowed. It is ideal to have different areas for different social bubbles. Hand sanitiser is important to have in every corner. One of our new products that we have developed during the pandemic is hand sanitiser, which has a simple but careful design and can be used as decoration for the guests. Excellent ventilation in enclosed spaces is essential, along with air cleaning machines; we discuss this with farms and venues to ensure that they take all the necessary precautions. We also place all the decorations so that they are not in arms reach, in order to avoid contact.

Decoradores de bodas en tiempos de Covid-19
Fotografía: @meetmeinthenorth

  1.   Do you think the wedding decoration sector will make a comeback next year?

Encaje & Plumeti Bodas: We are convinced it will. The arrival of vaccines has brought us hope worldwide, and on a personal level our couples are looking forward to celebrating and finally seeing what they have been waiting and planning for one (or two) years to come true. We will celebrate life and love more than ever.

Mesa Presidencial: I am convinced that next year we will see some spectacular decorations. Couples want to feel that their wedding is special, unique and personalized. And this year even more so. Yes, absolutely, because couples are contacting us, which confirms this.

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  1.   What would you say to the couples who want to start choosing their wedding decoration?

Encaje & Plumeti Bodas: Enjoy. We know that many couples have lost their excitement a bit, but we advise them to take some time, put aside the wedding and if they need it, get excited again and enjoy the beautiful process that it is. Their wedding will be as they want it or better, just a little later than expected. And don’t wait too long to choose the decoration supplier! Keep in mind that with the postponed weddings from 2020 and weddings in 2021, our schedule is filling up quickly and we are very sorry not to have free dates.

Mesa Presidencial: Don’t fall into the trap of decorating your wedding based on trends. Stop and think about how you would like your wedding to be. How you would like it to be set up, or where you would like to take your guests to. Something that really helps is to think of a place that makes you feel happy, such as a restaurant, a trip you took, or a cafe. Surely there are places that bring back good memories, and you can transfer those happy emotions to your decorations. I would also advise you, if you want spectacular decorations, to start working on it as soon as possible, because 2021 will be loaded with weddings, which with restrictions or not, will have incredible decorations. they should tell us all of their ideas and dreams, their tastes, everything that brings out their emotions and makes them happy. We can make it happen, with fewer guests, all the security measures and conditions that are necessary. The important thing is that they enjoy it and are happy! We can take care of the rest.

Many thanks to the Encaje & Plumeti Bodas,, Mesa Presidencial decorators for your time and availability!

Don’t hesitate to go to Perfect Venue to start your wedding preparations, get in touch with any of these professionals and find the decoration that best suits your style as soon as possible.

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