A most unique birthday party inspired by your child’s favourite book

If you are looking for ideas for a unique birthday party, you will surely love the idea in this post.

If what you are looking for are ideas for a unique birthday party, we are sure that you will love the idea of celebrating a birthday party for your son or daughter inspired by their favourite book.

When you think about our children’s birthday parties, you have to think about a theme that they love, and if there is something that children love, it is stories and books.

So why not throw a themed party that is inspired by a book that they read over and over again.

You already know the importance of books for children, and from their birth you have to promote their learning, memory, spelling, understanding, imagination, etc.

It’s time to think about your child’s favourite book and learn what a birthday inspired by it would be like.

Let’s get started!

Un cumpleaños de lo más original inspirado en el libro favorito de tu hijo/a
Photo by Tanya Vasiluk

What is a book-themed party about?

Well, very simple! It is about organising a birthday inspired by your child’s favourite book, where the decoration makes the guests and the boy or girl feel as if they were inside the book, where the food is characteristic of the story and where they play games that are linked to what happens in the book.

This makes the child feel like the main character and that they can live one day as if they were inside the pages of their favourite book, such as, for example, being Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Harry, from Harry Potter or Tarzan, from The Jungle Book.

The best thing is that they will not stop taking photos that will later be printed in book form so that the child can see themself as the protagonist whenever they want.

Decoration “to a tee”

The decoration plays a fundamental role in a themed party, that is why we take care of filling the venue like the scenes in which the book is narrated, so that they feel the magic of being there.

We recreate with decoration your child’s favourite chapters and the characters they like, as well as we also take care of each object in detail so that no characteristic element is missing.

If, for example, their favourite book is Peter Pan, the venue will be filled with lots of ships, pirates and ship sails on the ceiling, if their favourite is The Jungle Book, you can recreate the venue as if they were in the middle of the jungle, with lots of green leaves!

If the book they love is Momo, you can’t miss the clocks everywhere, nor instruments if their favourite book is the Town Musicians of Bremen.

Un cumpleaños de lo más original inspirado en el libro favorito de tu hijo/a
Photo by Tanya Vasiluk

Invitations are important too

For this type of party, a simple Facebook invitation, word of mouth or sending a WhatsApp isn’t enough!

You have to make personalised invitations, which are linked to the book, such as the welcome letter to Hogwarts where you invite them to the party or by delivering Willy Wonka’s golden ticket.

The characteristic food of the book can’t be missing

There are countless books that have characteristic food that makes children want to try it, so find out what this food is and serve it at the birthday party!

For example, if your child’s favourite book is Harry Potter, you can serve butterbeer or Hagrid’s cake, if it is Little Red Riding Hood you can put wicker baskets with fruit or if it is Snow White you can’t miss the apples.

Their favourite book can also be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so you can’t miss a lot of chocolate bars for dessert, as well as honey if their favourite book is Winnie the Pooh or sweets of all kinds if they can’t stop reading Hansel and Gretel.

Another very unique idea is to recreate the famous “drink me” potions and “eat me” biscuits if they love to read Alice in Wonderland.

If there is no characteristic food in the book, you can always choose to make food that is linked to books in general, such as book-shaped biscuits.

Un cumpleaños de lo más original inspirado en el libro favorito de tu hijo/a
Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, photography: Tanya Vasiluk

Fun activities linked to the book

What is a child’s birthday without fun and entertaining games or activities? Nothing at all! Therefore, there’s nothing better than organising a series of activities for everyone related to your son or daughter’s favourite book.

Costumes can’t be missing, encourage all guests to dress up as different characters from the book and recreate scenes.

They can also play trivia, with questions related to the topic, to show the person who knows most about it, it is sure to be your child!

Another very fun game is word bingo, with a hype like bingo games, but instead of containing numbers, it has words that are characteristic of the book.

And what about a storyteller? Take advantage of the late afternoon, when the children are tired from running around and jumping, to sit them in front of a storyteller, shadow theatre or puppet theatre and see if they can’t blink.

And don’t forget to make some popcorn!

Photo by Tanya Vasiluk

A unique present for guests

May no one leave without their souvenir of this great day! Surely all the guests will be very excited to receive a bookmark inspired by the book, and even more so if it is handmade!

Sit with your child a few days before and make some fun bookmarks with them to give away, it is also a great opportunity to spend time with family.

And you will encourage all the guests to read!

A book to remember with the photos of the party

After taking a lot of photos, it’s time to personalise a book with them, thus recreating your child’s favourite book, but now…they are the protagonist!

So your child can reread it over and over again and see themselves as a character in this story, imagine the face they will make when they see themselves reflected in the pages of their favourite book, and with their friends!

A unique memory that they will want to relive over and over again.

Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, photography: Tanya Vasiluk

And, as all children love to listen carefully or read their favourite book, it is time to transfer that feeling to one of the most anticipated days of the year: their birthday.

The excitement, the surprised face and fun is guaranteed!

Don’t hesitate to contact Perfect Venue, where we will give you the option of creating this type of birthday inspired by any book you tell us: +34 722476027

We make dreams come true!


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